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  1. Heavily armed jihadist ‘planning attacks on churches’ is shot and arrested by French police and implicated in the murder of a dancer who was gunned down in her car

    Police found unnamed Algerian, 24, bleeding heavily in southern Paris

    They discovered an arsenal of ‘weapons of war’ in his car parked nearby

    Officers think he was planning to carry out attacks on churches in the city

    DNA analysis also reportedly links him to the murder of Aurelie Chatelain, 33, who was shot dead as she sat in her car in a Paris suburb on Sunday

  2. Pictured: The anaesthetist at centre of manhunt in Pakistan after he and colleague were charged with manslaughter of new mum nicknamed ‘Mrs Coffee’ who died after emergency caesarean (dailymail, Apr 22, 2015)

    “An international arrest warrant has been issued for an NHS doctor who is believed to have left the country after a teacher died following a caesarean.

    Dr Nadeem Azeez, 52, is thought to be in Pakistan but was yesterday charged with manslaughter by gross negligence, along with fellow anaesthetist Dr Errol Cornish, 67.

    Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust is also accused of corporate manslaughter – the first time a health trust has been charged with the offence since its introduction in 2008.

    Frances Cappuccini died within hours of her second son’s birth after suffering major complications that resulted in the loss of half her blood….”

  3. Taliban Announce Their Spring Offensive in Afghanistan (abcnews, Apr 22, 2015)

    “The Taliban said Wednesday their spring offensive in Afghanistan will begin this week, the first time the insurgents’ annual campaign against the Afghan government will take place without NATO troops on the battlefield.

    In past years, spring and the melting of snow on the mountains along the border with Pakistan marked a significant upsurge in the fighting between the Taliban and NATO forces along with their local allies. This fighting season, the insurgents will face just Afghan forces after the withdrawal of most international combat troops at the end of last year.

    A Taliban statement, which was emailed to media, said the offensive — dubbed “Azm” or perseverance in Dari and Arabic — will begin on Friday. It added that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, as the Taliban call themselves, is “determined to prolong the ongoing jihad,” or holy war.

    The statement also said that under U.S. leadership, the “crusaders” will maintain “control of our land and space” through security agreements with the Afghan government. The agreements allow NATO and the U.S. to keep a limited number of non-combat troops in Afghanistan to train and assist Afghan forces in their fight against the insurgency….”

  4. Saudi Arabia resumes airstrikes in Yemen (CNN, Apr 22, 2015)

    “Saudi Arabia resumed airstrikes in Yemen on Wednesday, less than 24 hours after announcing the end of its “Operation Decisive Storm,” a nearly month-long campaign against Houthi positions.

    The strikes returned after rebel forces launched an attack on a government military brigade not under Houthi control, security sources in Taiz said. The brigade quickly fell to the rebels, they said.

    It was unclear if the fighting represented a resumption of the operation or was a short-term resumption of hostilities….”

  5. Man arrested in France on suspicion of imminent plan to attack church (CNN, Apr 22, 2015)

    “French police have arrested a 24-year-old man who they suspected of planning an imminent attack on “one or two churches,” Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said Wednesday.

    The man, an information technology student, was detained Sunday in Paris, authorities said.

    Police found weapons and ammunition in his car and at his home and said he was also linked to the killing of a 32-year-old woman who was found dead in her car Sunday. The woman, who’d gone to the Paris region to take a professional course, was the mother of a 5-year-old girl.

    They said the man had plans to travel to Syria….”

    • Man ‘planning terror attack on churches’ arrested in Paris

      A terror suspect believed to be planning attacks on churches in France was arrested after he accidentally shot himself and called the emergency services, according to police sources.

      The 24-year-old man, an IT student and an Algerian national, was arrested on Sunday morning, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve announced on Wednesday.

      The man, who has not been named, is also suspected of killing Aurélie Châtelain, a 32-year-old fitness instructor, on Sunday in the Villejuif suburb of Paris, Cazeneuve said.

      An arrest was made after emergency services responded to the man’s call following what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Police were then alerted and were able to trace a blood trail to a nearby car that contained an “arsenal of weapons”.

      In an eerie reminder of January’s Charlie Hebdo attacks, in which 17 people were killed by Islamist gunmen, the haul included a number of handguns, a Kalashnikov assault rifle and bullet proof vests. A search of the man’s apartment later uncovered three more Kalashnikov rifles.

      DAILY MAIL – Heavily armed jihadist ‘planning attacks on churches’ is arrested by French police after accidentally shooting himself

      Police found unnamed Algerian, 24, bleeding heavily in southern Paris
      They discovered an arsenal of ‘weapons of war’ in his car parked nearby
      Officers think he was planning to carry out attacks on churches in the city
      DNA analysis also reportedly links him to the murder of Aurelie Chatelain, 33, who was shot dead as she sat in her car in a Paris suburb on Sunday

  6. Obama won’t call it Armenian ‘genocide’ on 100th anniversary of atrocity (CNN, Apr 22, 2015)

    “President Barack Obama, wary of damaging relations with Turkey amid growing unrest in the Middle East, won’t use the 100th anniversary of the massacre of Armenians under the Ottoman Empire to declare the brutal episode a genocide.

    Despite Obama’s campaign promise in 2008 to “recognize the Armenian Genocide” as president, the White House on Tuesday issued a carefully worded statement on a high-level administration meeting with Armenian groups that avoided using the term “genocide.”

    An administration official said Obama, who will mark the centennial this Friday, would similarly avoid using the word. The term angers Ankara, which denies that Ottoman Turks carried out a genocide…..

    The news came as a disappointment to Armenian-American groups, who have lobbied the administration to use the word “genocide” to describe the systematic killing of more than 1 million ethnic Armenians in 1915.

    “President Obama’s surrender to Turkey represents a national disgrace. It is, very simply, a betrayal of truth, a betrayal of trust,” said Ken Hachikian, the chairman of the Armenian National Committee of America.

    Even some of Obama’s allies decried the decision. California Rep. Adam Schiff, the Democratic leader of the House Intelligence Committee, said he was “deeply disappointed” by the decision to avoid the word genocide….”

  7. Pakistan executed 17 more death row convicts (khaama, Apr 21, 2015)

    “Pakistan executed 17 more death row convicts in different jails amid tight security on Tuesday.

    The executions were carried out in Sialkot, Gujranwala, Lahore, Mach, Multan, Gujrat and Fasalabad.

    Two convicts were hanged in District Jail Sialkot, three were hanged in Central Jail Gujranwala, three were hanged in District Jail Faisalabad and the rest were hanged in other jails.

    Most of the 17 hanged to death today were convicted of serious crimes like murders.

    According to reports Pakistan has executed 75 death row convicts after lifting the moratorium on death row in December last year.

    The moratorium was lifted after a deadly attack at a military-run school on Warsak Road of Peshawar which left around 250 people killed and wounded, most of them school children.

    Human Rights organizations condemn Pakistan for resuming the executions.”

  8. Taliban in Pakistan successfully test-fires indigenous missile (khaama, Apr 22, 2015)

    “The Pakistani Taliban group – Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has claimed to have successfully test-fired an indigenously developed missile named Omar-1.

    The group has released a video which shows the assembly of the missile and its successful launch.

    TTP spokesman Mohammad Khurasani said “It can be easily assembled and dissembled in accordance to the situation.”

    Khurasani further added that the effectiveness of the specially-designed missile would certainly surprise the targeted enemy. “With the grace of God, you’ll soon see our enemies on the run,” he said.

    He also added that the engineering unit of the TTP has the capability to develop modern lethal weapons. “We are training our fighters to get maximum results from the use of technology, including suicide vests, suicide vehicles, hand grenades, anti-jammer devices and so on,” Khurasani said.

    Claims by TTP to successfully test the indigenously developed missile comes as Pakistani government recently stepped up its offensive against the militants following several large-scale attacks.

    The Pakistani military has claimed around 2000 militants in the military offensive launched against them in the troubled North Waziristan and Khyber tribal regions last year.”

  9. 22 militants killed in fresh aerial strikes in North Waziristan (khaama, Apr 22, 2015)

    “22 insurgents were after Pakistani fighter jets targeted their hideouts ahead of Datta Khil area in North Waziristan last night, a statement issued Wednesday by Pakistani military’s Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) states.

    The aerial strike is part of the ongoing Pakistani military offensive against Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and other militants hiding in Waziristan and other tribal areas.

    According to a separate report seven Pakistani soldiers were wounded in an armed attack by TTP militants at their check point in Lara area of South Waziristan.

    Officials said eight militants were also killed during the gun battle.

    TTP has claimed responsibility for the attack.

    Waziristan is reportedly the stronghold of Pakistani Taliban, Al Qaeda, Uzbek and some other militant groups.”

  10. Two terrorists arrested, Pakistani weapons seized in Kundoz (khaama, Apr 22, 2015)

    “National Directorate of Security (NDS) – Afghanistan’s intelligence agency – have arrested two terrorists and recovered dozens of different types of Pakistani weapons from their possession in northern Kundoz province.

    A statement issued Wednesday by NDS states that the weapons were transported by the terrorist from Nangarhar province in a Saracha vehicle.

    NDS statement adds that during an operation in Zarkharid area of Kundoz both terrorists were arrested and 50 Pakistani pistols, nine AK 47 and 2,000 rounds of these weapons were seized from the possession of the terrorists.

    Terrorists who are identified as Mohammad Nasir S/O Habib and Samiullah S/O Sayedullah had planned to use these weapons and ammunition in terrorist activities, the statement states.

    NDS statement further states that a weapon depot was also seize from the jurisdiction of Bala Baluk District of Farah province.

    30 AK 47, 17 pistols and 3,700 bullets were recovered from this depot, the statement adds.

    Statements issued by NDS usually do not contain information about the exact date of the achievement but their statements come after recent activities.”

  11. 57 Afghan nationals arrested in Pakistan (khaama, Apr 22, 2015)

    “Police in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province have conducted fresh raids in which they have arrested 57 Afghans.

    Pakistani media reports that these Afghans were arrested for not having legal travelling documents.

    Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province is located on the border with Afghanistan where millions of Afghans crossed the border to escape the war. Hundreds of other crosses the border on daily basis either for treatment or visiting their relatives residing in Pakistan.

    Afghan refugees returning from Pakistan say that police would harass and arrest Afghans for petty charges and snatch their money.

    A delegation from Afghanistan’s Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation is reportedly visiting Pakistan in about two weeks to discuss with Pakistani officials the release of Afghans arrested on petty charges.”

  12. Thousands of Ethiopians march in government rally over IS killings

    Tens of thousands of Ethiopians marched through the capital Wednesday in a government-organised rally condemning the murder of a group of Ethiopian Christians by Islamic State militants in Libya.

    The official rally appeared to be aimed at channelling public anger sparked by the killings, with a huge crowd beginning to gather shortly after dawn in Addis Ababa’s huge Meskel Square. However, some demonstrators directed their anger at the government.

  13. [ Canadian ] UN official says rich world should take 1 mn Syria refugees

    Crepeau says EU inaction allowing smugglers to thrive

    Francois Crépeau, the United Nations special rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, has said that the world’s wealthy countries need to devise a plan to receive one million Syrian refugees over the next five years in order to stop migrant-boat disasters in the Mediterranean. In an interview with British daily The Guardian, Crépeau said the European Union’s failure to act was allowing people traffickers to thrive. He added that the plan could be extended to other nationalities fleeing war, including Eritreans. “We know a great number of Syrians in particular are going to leave these countries and if we don’t provide any official mechanism for them to do so, they will resort to smugglers. The inaction of Europe is actually what creates the market for smugglers,” said Crépeau.
    We could collectively offer to resettle one million Syrians over the next five years. “For a country like the UK, this would probably be around 14,000 Syrians a year for five years. “For Canada, it would mean less than 9,000 a year for five years – a drop in the bucket. For Australia, it would probably be less than 5,000 per year for five years.
    “We can manage that”.

    Crepeau’s biography on “trudeau foundation”

    “He is a pioneer in international migration law, he champions foreigners’ rights in Canada and abroad, including Palestine and Guantanamo Bay.”

  14. Refugee crisis: Only take in Christians insists Nigel Farage

    Europe should accept a small number of refugees fleeing across the Mediterranean in boats, but only if they’re Christian, Nigel Farage insisted today.

    The Ukip leader said it was “fine” to accept a few thousand Christians, but no more.

    “[If] we have to give some Christians refugee status given that with Iraq and Libya there’s almost nowhere for them to go then fine but Europe can’t send the message that everyone who comes will be accepted,” he told BBC Breakfast.

    “If it does then the numbers we are talking about here could literally be millions.”

    […]The remaining refugees should be sailed back to Libya he said.

  15. NYT – Airstrikes Hit Yemen After Saudis Declare End to Bombing
    Warplanes from a Saudi-led military coalition conducted airstrikes Wednesday in the southwestern Yemeni city of Taiz, hours after Saudi officials had announced they were ending a nearly monthlong military operation against a rebel group in order to focus on a “political process.”[…]

    Yemen: Dozens killed in Saudi-led airstrike on Taiz, despite campaign’s ‘end

  16. CANADA – Muslim files complaint after B.C. jail tells him to use towel as prayer mat

    A Muslim man has filed a human rights complaint alleging the staff at the Kamloops jail refused to allow him to practise his religion while he was behind bars.

    Andrew Monnette, 25, claims officials from Kamloops Regional Correctional Centre would not give him access to a halal diet, a Qur’an or a prayer mat – instead offering him a towel as a stand-in.

    Monnette is asking the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal to make an order that inmates of all faiths be allowed to access to their religious materials. He is also asking that he be compensated for “significant anxiety” he claims to have experienced at the jail.

    His complaint, which includes unproven allegations, claims he was discriminated against beginning in April 2014, when he was in the centre awaiting trial on a string of assault and firearms charges. He says the problems continued until his transfer to a Prince George jail last December.

    Monnette – who converted to Islam several years ago while serving time – claims he was told to “prove it” when he informed jail officials of his religion. He alleges one employee told him he was lying about being Muslim because he is white.

    He said he contacted an imam he knew from a federal jail in the Vancouver area and was eventually provided a Qur’an, prayer beads and a prayer mat.

    “I was allowed to have the Qur’an and the prayer beads, but was told that I could not have the prayer mat because, ‘If other inmates see it, they will want to become Muslim, too,’” the complaint says.

    “I was told that I could use a towel as a substitute.”

    Monnette said he appealed to jail staff on a number of levels to be allowed to use his prayer mat and was met with a number of terse replies. They included: “Not sure what this pray mat is, claims he is Muslim”; “Use your towel, complaint resolved”; and “Elaborate, decorated prayer mats will not be allowed on the living unit.”

    Copies of those appeal documents are attached to Monnette’s complaint against B.C. Corrections.

    “Islam is important to me and has changed me a lot,” the complaint reads.

    “I credit all my personal and interpersonal gains to it. It has opened my eyes to how my actions hurt myself and others.”

    B.C. Corrections has not yet filed a response.

  17. Muslim students denied prayer in Webber Academy decision describe fear

    […]“It was very challenging, because after those two weeks we would try to find any nook or cranny that we could pray in,” said Naman Siddiqui from his new home in Vancouver. “There was a lot of fear that developed during that time, because we were constantly looking over our shoulders. When me and Sarmad would go and pray together, one of us would pray and the other would serve as a lookout to make sure that nobody was coming and seeing us praying.”

    “Even outside of the academy, when we wanted to pray outside in public, we would be fearful,” he said. “And we never had that fear beforehand.”

    The second student, Sarmad Amir, agreed it was a stressful experience.

    video on the page :

  18. AUSTRIA – Turkey recalls ambassador as Austria recognizes 1915 Armenian killings as ‘genocide’

    Austrian lawmakers have recognized the 1915 mass killings of Armenians during the last years of the Ottoman Empire, prompting Turkey to recall its ambassador to Vienna back to Ankara.

    According to Austrian news website The Local, the leaders of the country’s six major parties issued a statement declaring that Austria, as a former ally of the Ottoman Empire, had a “duty to recognize and condemn these horrific events as genocide.”

    They also called on Turkey – which does not accept the highly sensitive term – to take responsibility for its role in the mass murders.

    “It is Turkey’s duty to face the dark and painful chapter of its past and recognize the crimes committed against Armenians under the Ottoman empire as genocide,” the statement said.

    The Turkish Foreign Ministry recalled Turkey’s Ambassador to Vienna Mehmet Hasan Gö?ü? to Ankara for consultations after the Austrian Parliament’s decision.

    The recognition comes amidst possibility that Germany might recognize the killings as genocide as well.

    A parliamentary motion to label the 1915 mass killings of Ottoman Armenians as “genocide,” is to be debated by German lawmakers this Friday.

    The killings of Armenians by modern Turkey’s predecessor, the Ottoman Empire, have been one of the most debated issues on the Turkish-Armenian political agenda. Armenians refer to the killings as genocide, saying 1.5 million Armenians were systematically murdered by Ottoman forces in the early years of the 20th century while Turkey vehemently rejects the allegations, saying the death toll is inflated and that Muslim Turks were also killed during the civil strife that coincided with the final years of the deteriorating empire.

  19. CNN/ORC poll: ISIS a bigger threat than Iran, Russia

    Americans see ISIS as a bigger threat to the United States than Iran, Russia, North Korea or China, according to a new CNN/ORC poll.

    Overall, 68% say ISIS is a very serious threat, compared with just 39% who say so about Iran, 32% about North Korea, 25% on Russia and 18% on China. Nearly 9 in 10 see ISIS as at least a moderately serious threat.

    The partisan divides that often drive public opinion around foreign policy issues are less prominent when Americans rate the threat from ISIS. Majorities across political and ideological lines say ISIS is a deeply serious threat to the U.S., including 68% of Democrats, 79% of Republicans and 63% of independents.

    more :

  20. Toronto house explosion: 4 gas tanks found amid debris

    Four small gas tanks have been found amid the rubble of a Toronto home where a deadly explosion occurred earlier this week, according to Ontario Fire Marshal investigators, who are looking into whether they may have caused the blast.

    Wayne Romaine, from the fire marshal’s office, said investigators found four intact tanks, similar to the type that commonly hold acetelyne, which is used by welders.

    Investigators began combing through the rubble on Wednesday, two days after the explosion obliterated the house in Scarborough and killed one man.

    Heavy lifting of what’s left over from the house is set to commence on Thursday. There are still eight homes that cannot be occupied in the area, and at least one that will have to be torn down.

    ?Investigators said despite the massive explosion, there was little fire damage, which indicates the explosion was caused by a “volatile, ignitable” fuel.

    Officials called the explosion a case of “stoichiometric combustion,” which means an explosion where combustible fuel is burned completely.

    video + pics on the page :
    Looking down at Toronto explosion scene

  21. The Ninawa division of the Islamic State (IS) in Iraq released a video of executing a Peshmerga soldier and holding the Kurdish government responsible for his death, and forcing another Kurdish captive to sit next to the dead body and plead for Masoud Barzani to rescue him and others

  22. Saudi ambassador: War turning against Yemen’s rebels

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the U.S. says Yemen’s war will turn against the rebels even as his government scales back its air offensive.

    Adel al-Jubeir says the Saudi-led coalition will respond to attacks by Houthi rebels as part of its new mission.

    On Wednesday, he suggested strikes would soon combat a three-pronged militant attack on the city of Aden.

    Al-Jubeir told a news conference, “We will not allow them to take Yemen by force.”

    He expressed doubt in the Houthis embracing peace talks, saying they’ve violated many previous agreements.

    Al-Jubeir said the battlefield was shifting because the Saudis have destroyed much of the Houthis’ advanced weaponry.

    He said Yemen’s “popular committees,” backed by Saudi military aid, would intensify efforts to retake the capital and other Houthi-controlled areas.–politics.html
    U.S. Pressed Saudis To End Yemen Airstrikes

    Senior U.S. officials pressed Saudi leaders for fear of making matters worse

    Senior U.S. officials pressed Saudi leaders in a series of messages to quickly wrap up their air campaign in Yemen for fear of making matters worse, people familiar with the matter said, before Riyadh declared Tuesday it was ending the offensive.
    Saudi Ambassador Holds Press Conference on Operation Renewal of Hope

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