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8 Replies to “A Robert Spencer speech which should be compulsory at every school in the Western world”

    • Bravo! Western people and politicians should have been all wise and clever and conscientious like the Great Hero Robert Spencer. THis is how you love your country and people and beware of your deadly enemy. You should love your your country and people sincerely not hypocritically: You love your people with empty speech but you love muslims with real sincerity and action.

      • Mr Murad, generally the idea of writing anything is to convey some meaning. I understand that English is not your first language but you might like to rephrase what you’ve written so that it makes a real point.

  1. Education has now become very important to stand in society. It must be given from the very beginning. Education helps in overall development of a person.Thanks for sharing this video. I really admire it.

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