Islamic State horror fire sale and more threats against Denmark and everything in between: Links 1 on April 19 – 2015

1. Islamic State video seems to show beheading of Ethiopian Christians in Libya

(Actual video here. While I have not watched it, its probably not for people who do not like seeing the gratuitous torture and execution of people on grounds of not being the ‘right’ religion. So I won’t watch it. INN Link on this here)

2. Speigel: The Terror Strategist: Secret Files Reveal the Structure of Islamic State

But when the architect of the Islamic State died, he left something behind that he had intended to keep strictly confidential: the blueprint for this state. It is a folder full of handwritten organizational charts, lists and schedules, which describe how a country can be gradually subjugated. SPIEGEL has gained exclusive access to the 31 pages, some consisting of several pages pasted together. They reveal a multilayered composition and directives for action, some already tested and others newly devised for the anarchical situation in Syria’s rebel-held territories. In a sense, the documents are the source code of the most successful terrorist army in recent history.

3. Twice as many UK jihadis as police thought

At least 1,600 Britons have travelled to the Syrian and Iraqi battlefields, more than double the number previously reported, foreign intelligence officials have claimed.

About 500 of these have returned to the UK, three well-placed foreign intelligence officials have told The Sunday Times.

“We believe that even 1,600 is a very conservative estimate because by the time we started picking up on the scale of [the] problem, a lot of the people had slipped through the gates,” said one official. “And we’re still seeing at least about five people leaving the UK for Syria and Iraq every week — and that’s not to count the ones we don’t know about.”

4. Moderate Malaysia: Cops hunting for two men over Facebook insults to Islam

The status was said to have contained harsh words that insulted Islam and Malay rulers as the writer seemed to be dissatisfied at the ‘Azan’ (call to prayer) which he claimed to be very disturbing.

Mior Faridalatrash, however, said initial investigation found that the 43-year-old man had a Facebook account, but he did not upload any status which insulted Islam and the Malay rulers.

5. Sexual Violence Becomes Favorite Tool Of Torture For Extremist Groups Like ISIS And Boko Haram: Report

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said 2014 was marked by harrowing accounts of rape, sexual slavery and forced marriage being used by extremists including the Islamic State group and Boko Haram.

In a report released Monday, the U.N. chief expressed “grave concern” over sexual violence perpetrated by armed groups, including those promoting extremist ideologies in Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Nigeria, Mali, Libya and Yemen.

“The confluence of crises wrought by violent extremism has revealed a shocking trend of sexual violence employed as a tactic of terror by radical groups,” Ban said.

6. Islamist extremists in prison ‘revolving door’ as numbers soar

New research shows the number of convictions for Muslim extremism has rocketed amid fears of radicalisation inside Britain’s jails

Increasing numbers of Islamist terrorists are being released from jail to commit repeat offences as Britain witnesses a new “revolving door” of extremists, experts have warned.

Terrorism convictions have nearly doubled in the last four years compared with rates seen in the previous decade, according to research by a prominent think-tank.

7. Pakistan: Husband sets wife on fire for leaving house without permission

(This outrage is a crime. And it could have happened anywhere right? Except the real issue will be what happens to these people as a consequence of their actions. The problem with islam is not that people do awful things. It is an aspect of human nature that people do awful things. Its whether or not the culture and its consequent criminal justice system allow these awful things to happen as being right and just. Whether this is a crime, or a lawful act. In Saudi Arabia it would likely be a lawful act. In Pakistan, killing someone for ‘blasphemy’ is lawful and clearly it is in Afghanistan. We shall see how the Pakistani government deals with this)

8. Police have confirmed that a series of notes threatening a new and more extensive terror attack have been found in the same Copenhagen district where a gunman opened fire on a free speech debate.

Eleven notes have been found in the Copenhagen district of Østerbro warning of a new terror attack, TV2 Lorry reported Friday.

“Denmark will soon be hit by a terror attack that will make what happened on February 14 look like a prank – look forward to it,” the notes read.

Some of the notes were placed at Krudttønden, the cultural cafe in Østerbro where Omar El-Hussein opened fire on a free speech and blasphemy event, killing 55-year-old filmmaker Finn Nørgaard.

El-Hussein later killed security guard Dan Uzan at a Copenhagen synagogue. Several police officers were injured in the shootings before El-Hussein was killed by police.


Thank you M., Richard, Don C., and many more including Tundra T. and Tommy R. from his twitter feed. More to come later on.

I feel I have to add this link to this post rather than wait for the next one.

(Is the Turkish/Ottoman mass slaughter of the Armenian Christians Genocide or not? Clearly the Ottomans felt it was as that was the stated intention)

Talaat Pasha, the powerful Ottoman interior minister during World War I, certainly didn’t disguise his objective. “The Government … has decided to destroy completely all the indicated [Armenians] persons living in Turkey,” he brusquely reminded officials in Aleppo in a September 1915 dispatch. “An end must be put to their existence … and no regard must be paid to either age or sex, or to conscientious scruples.”

Thanks antikythera for that.

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  1. The two mug shots remind me of what Buddha once said: ” One is what one looks, and what one looks is what one is “.

  2. 1/ The first 10 minutes:

    There are shots of the Kaaba, the koran, the Dome of the Rock, and some time-lapse photography of the night sky and plants growing. Then slides about the historical development of Christianity, its division into different branches, then the Crusades, leading up to:

    ‘Until there came to them CLEAR EVIDENCE’

    and then: ‘The Christians: A nation that deviated from the benevolent religion of monotheism,’

    followed by threats against Christians (and Jews) from the koran and Sahih Muslim, and this from Hanbali scholar Ibn Taymiyyah (1263 – 1328 CE):

    ‘Whoever does not consider the Jews and Christians to be disbelievers and does not hate them is not a Muslim according to the consensus of the Muslims… One’s ignorance of this does not excuse him. Rather, he is a disbelieving apostate.’

    Then at 7:08 a quote from Ibn Taymiyyah’s student Ibn Qayyim (1292–1350 CE):

    ‘Making the religion entirely for Allah includes humiliating disbelief and its people, debasing it, imposing jizyah on its people, and enslaving them, for this is from the religion of Allah. What negates this is to leave the disbelievers upon their honor and their establishment of their religion – as they would want – such that they would have power and authority, and Allah knows best.’

    This is from something called Ahkam Ahl adh-Dhimmah. There is more of it here:

    Then there are scenes of Muslims defeating Christians in battle from some historical costume drama juxtaposed with modern jihadis in Islamic State. Then another quote from Ibn Qayyim.

    The talking head is Shaykh Abu Malik Anas an-Nashwan. From the NYT:

    ‘A narrator, identified as Sheikh Abu Malik Anas al-Nashwan, says in formal Arabic that the Islamic State requires Christians living under its dominion to convert to Islam or pay jizya — the tax levied on non-Muslims living under Muslim rule in the Middle Ages. He speaks against a backdrop of lush foliage that looks more like northern Syria than anywhere in Libya, and the video shows a building and van used by the Islamic State to handle such payments in a town in the Syrian province of Aleppo.’

    • Ahkam ‘ahl al-Dhimma

      By: Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah
      Language: Arabic
      Format: Hardcover | 575 pp
      Publisher: Dar Ibn Hazm, Beirut, 2008

      Laws regarding the dhimmis: Regulations for the People of the Covenant by Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah (691/1292 – 751/1380). These writings are on the Islamic regulations for Jews, Christians, and non-Muslims living in Muslim countries.


  3. 2)

    I would recommend everyone here to read that Spiegel article… Of course there are plenty of logical mistakes of the non-sequitur type or of the false dichotomy type to be found there.

    However, there is as well plenty of very useful stuff. That much useful, that we should be aware of its existence and potential application.

    If I should pick one thing here, it would be definitely this: you better keep an eye on your local dawah office…

  4. Dear Vlad
    Is it at all possible to get the latest IS video subtitled in English?
    The explanatory comments by Don C. above are really helpful but it would be even better to have this with subtitles as this is a brilliant teaching aid for those of us who can use it to show IN THEIR OWN WORDS the true orthodox islamic nature of IS.
    God bless you and your work.

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