The world has become a sort of self winding watch: Links 3 on April 16 – 2015

1. Israpundit does excellent analysis on Obama and his feelings about Israel and Islam.

(While overall this is a very well done article, one line does stand out for me:

When a person singles out Jews or the Jewish state for things he finds acceptable in others… that’s anti-Semitism.

I think that is very well put)

2. In Palermo, 15 suspects arrested

3. Here is an unusual story I was unaware of, as I have no TV, about msn who flew an odd contraption into the capitol to try and deliver letters to Washington about campaign finance laws.

4. Jewish man run over by (most likely) muslim in Jerusalem in what police are calling a terrorist attack.

(I wonder what happened to the woman?)

5. American doctor murdered in Pakistan in what appears to be a very, ‘Homeland’ theatrical attack by people suspected of currently being branded as Islamic State type of muslims.

6. Sen. Sylvia Allen: Hezbollah terror threat on U.S.-Mexico border is real

I would like to emphatically state that there is indeed ample evidence of terrorist activity coming across the border, including activity by Hezbollah. For example, on Feb. 2, former Chief of Operations for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, Michael Braun, testified before Congress about Iran’s growing influence along the southern United States Border.

Braun testified that the terrorist group, Hezbollah, has developed strong, sophisticated relationships with Mexican drug cartels. “And by developing those relations it provides them with the ability to operate far from home in our neighborhood and – as I said earlier – on our doorstep,” he replied.

7. So the US managed to find another ‘white latino’ who vandalized a synagogue. But what happened to the one in Nashville where shots where fired through the windows a day or so ago?

8. Mark Steyn article on the writer of the irrelevant and dated comic strip, ‘Doonesbury’ which hasn’t had a laugh in it since 1985.

9. CNN Video on the refugees fleeing Islamic State attacks in Iraq and seemingly suffering more attacks within Baghdad

Thank you Dan F., M., Richard, and many more.

There is an article I was sent with short quotes from a Bibi speech given today that appears to be quite serious in nature. I will try and find a video of that speech. Here is a link to the article in the meantime which contains tweets of segments of it.

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  1. 8/ Young Canadian progressives I knew in the late 80s had turned against Doonesbury because they thought it was too conservative.

  2. 6 – The terror threat of terrorist crossing our Southern border is very real, the US is being invaded by an enemy sworn to destroy us and our government is aiding in the invasion. When the race/civil war Obama and company are fomenting starts the Islamic terrorist fighters will side against the US and by moving fighters around the nation outnumber the police in the cities where the riots are occuring.

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