More indicators of the state of Western liberalism today: Links 3 on April 15 – 2015

1. Migrant ‘invasion’ shows need for Italy to quit EU -Salvini

Northern League leader claims premier ‘has deaths on conscience’

Migrant 'invasion' shows need for Italy to quit EU -Salvini

Rome, April 15 – The upsurge in migrants trying to reach Italy is “just the latest proof that we don’t need this Europe and the sooner we knock it down the better,” Northern League leader Matteo Salvini said Wednesday. “Europe remembers Italy when it wants to fine or tax us,” he told the lower house of parliament, “but when we need a hand to block an invasion, because it is an invasion, Europe couldn’t give a toss. We don’t need this Europe”

2. Damning Report Reveals Spike in Violent Anti-Semitism in Europe

European city streets ‘have become hunting grounds for Jews,’ new report finds. Explosion of violent incidents of Jew hatred exposed.

3. Gavin Boby gave his first public appearance in some time across from Ten Downing, the residence and office of the British Prime Minister where he spoke for MARIAS

4. Blown to kingdom come: Incredible footage shows ISIS suicide bomber’s car explode in MID-AIR after vehicle is blasted skywards seconds before driver’s IEDs detonate

This is the incredible moment a car being driven by an ISIS suicide bomber detonates mid-air seconds after it is blasted skywards by an explosion on the ground.

Video shows the jihadi attempting to launch an attack on Kurdish Peshmerga forces, reportedly near Kirkuk in northern Iraq.

But as the car approaches, it hits what appears to be a roadside bomb, catapulting the vehicle at least 100ft into the air.

Just as it begins to fall back down to earth, the car detonates like a firework, either due to the explosives on board or the fuel tank igniting.

(Video at site)

5. Lars Vilks speaks in Finland.

(Lars Vilks was the central target of the attack that took place not long ago in Denmark at which dozens of bullets where fired at the Freedom of Speech meeting he was attending. Afterwards, several people were killed who were associated with a Copenhagen Synagogue later that day by the same man)

6. Yom HaShoah Report Shows Unprecedented 400 Percent Rise in Antisemitic Incidents in 2014

Since the beginning of 2014, there has been an increase of 400 percent in the number of antisemitic incidents in Europe and around the world as compared with 2013.

The data showing the increase was collected as part of a special project by Israel’s NRG news website and the Forum to Coordinate the Fight Against Antisemitism. The report, coming almost seventy years after the Holocaust and the end of World War II, shows that there is real concern for the future of world Jewry, and particularly European Jewry.

The report also said that in 2014, the lines and boundaries between anti-Israeli and anti-Zionist rhetoric and actions and antisemitism became increasingly blurred.

According to the report, the intensity and nature of the antisemitic wave that erupted in Europe last summer during Israel’s Operation Protective Edge in Gaza indicated cooperation between networks of extreme leftists and immigrants from Arab countries that hold extreme Islamist views. In the United States, the main growth came in the form of anti-Israel activity on college campuses across the country which had antisemitic overtones.

7. US Military warns its soldiers not to identify as US soldiers within the USA 

(Something is tragically and fundamentally wrong when this is the state of things in the USA)

As reported by the Washington Times, “The military command in charge of protecting the U.S. homeland has sent a message to troops, warning them to hide family information from terrorist groups that are trying to frighten them. The memo warns against using “military slang” in public and decorating a home in military items — social conduct that might make troops a target for the Islamic State, the terrorist group also known as ISIL and ISIS.”

Thank you Maria J., M., CB Sashenka, ML., Buck, Gates of Vienna,Yucki and all who sent in materials. I suspect there may be more yet this evening. Certainly Geert in Vienna.

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  1. 5. Lars Vilks: ‘The politicians have to be educated about free speech’

    This is the point. Western Politicians are not intelligent, most would not survive in a competitive industry, and are bedroom Socialists making decisions based on lobbyists’ self interest.

    The gulf wars are over the control of oil, but the USA and UK politicians and behavioral scientists do not know the politics and behavior of Mohammadans, (I’m sure the Fabians for Russia controling the gonad-excretions of those employed in Common Purpose, do), and have wiped out the Christians, the Middle Class, through rape, torture and killing by ‘what your right Muslim hand possesses’ .

    The do-good shysters and free-loader consultants to the dictators are exploiting these new opportunities and it is only a matter of time before they reveal they had secretly joined Islam, jumping from one band wagon to the next, that Communists will permanently relieve them of.

    For now, it is “Kill The Christians.”

  2. 7 – During Nam we were ask not to wear our uniforms off post if we didn’t have to, this was to reduce the fights not to avoid murder. This is so wrong, it is time for the ordinary people to move against the PC culture that is destroying the west.

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