Leftism and Islam, both creating utopia by destroying the world: Links 1 on April 11 – 2015

1. Ezra Levant has a look at the Chapstick interview of Trudeau done by the now fully leftist owned and operated VICE TV

(Ezra missed the moment at the beginning of the interview where Vice sets up Trudeau and then nods in agreement with him, that Harper is making Canada a ‘police state’)

2. Yazidi women bought back from Islamic State after being raped in public and sold to jihadis

Yazidi girls were snatched from their mothers, sold to IS fighters, tortured and even raped in public by more than two or three jihadists at a time before being freed by the Islamic State (Isis) in northern Iraq, according to harrowing details recounted after their release.

IS released 216 members of the Yazidi minority who were captured by the extremist group in the dramatic Sinjar offensive of July 2014 and brought them to the border with Kurdish-held Kirkuk, in Humayria village. Most of the hostages were old women and men, but the group also included some middle-aged women and 55 male and female children.

According to Tom Robinson of the Rise Foundation, which works with refugees in Kurdistan, the hostages were released after their freedom was paid for.

“This is happening quite a lot. A great deal of money has gone into buying back captured women and children,” Robinson said.

3. Facebook claims its spying on non-users was code doing it all by itself and doesn’t understand how tracking cookies got onto the commuters of people who had never visited facebook

4. Freed British Guantanamo Bay prisoner awarded £1million compensation after legal fight led by Jihadi John apologists CAGE is held over terror killing

A former Guantanamo Bay prisoner arrested over the terrorist killing of a top female prosecutor in Uganda had been awarded £1million in compensation by the British government following his release.

Jamal Kiyemba, 36, was detained in the Ugandan capital Kampala in connection with the death of Joan Kagezi, who was killed in front of her children days before a major trial against Islamist terror network Al-Shabaab.

Kiyemba, a Leicester University pharmacy student who grew up in London, was held at Guantanamo Bay for four years and awarded the huge payout after being released.

Arrested: Ex-Guantanamo Bay prisoner Jamal Kiyemba, 36, a former Leicester University student, was detained in Kampalaover the brutal murder of top female prosecutor Joan Kagezi

5. Multi bombing in Thailand may be linked to islamic supremacists and ‘separatists’

5a. Seven people, including an Italian girl, were injured when a bomb packed in a pickup truck exploded in a shopping mall car park on the popular tourist island of Samui, officials said on Saturday.




Thank you Buck, M., Don C., and all. More to come shortly.

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