When resources and authority prioritize fictions we have bigger problems: Links 1 on April 9 – 2015

1. Washington state Amer-Indian tribe channels Spock, convinces US government to fund construction of entire new town because whales and seals told them a tsunami was coming by 2017. No funding for the residents of Los Angeles has been announced however.

Whale song cost US taxpayers millions

Whale song cost US taxpayers millions

(H/T Tundra T who hopes to soak up some of that construction money along with the Finnish construction companies selected to do the work. I guess I was wrong on the whole global warming thing. If the whales say its true well…)

2. Over 1700 Iraqi soldiers found in mass grave in Tikrit

(Notice how they manage to blame American jails but not islam for this IS problem)


4. Warning to dog owners after cocktail sausages laced with POISON were discovered at popular walking spot

Dog walkers have been warned about deliberate attempts to kill their animals after cocktail sausages laced with poison were found at a popular walking spot.

A clutch of sausages stuffed with poisons were found on the Cuckoo Trail, a path running from Hampden Park to Heathfield near Hailsham.

The grim discovery comes after a spate of dog poisonings in nearby Brighton and Hove, and dog owners are now being warned by Sussex Police to be aware when they are out walking their animals.

(There is a similar story going on now in Mexico. Friends of ours are scouring Spanish news for us on this)

5. ‘America is the real terrorist and my boys are the best’: Boston Marathon bombers’ defiant mother rails against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s guilty verdict in bizarre rant as he faces death penalty

(Heart warming to see a mum so proud of her boys, in’t it?)

Boston Marathon bombers’ mother stood defiant in the wake of Dhozkhar Tsarnaev’s guilty verdict Wednesday, declaring in a message to a supporter that her convicted mass-murderer son is ‘the best of the best.’

The 21-year-old Tsarnaev was found guilty by a Boston jury this morning of all 30 counts – 17 of them carrying the death penalty – in connection to the deadly 2013 attacks.

But the bomber’s mother, Zubeidat Tsarnaev, continued asserting Dzhokhar and his late brother Tamerlan’s innocence. 

6. ISIS savages stone a man to death for ‘bestiality’… while ‘Assad spy’ has his throat slit before being beheaded in latest hideous executions 

  • Graphic photo reports show terrorists carrying out two brutal executions
  • They stoned one man to death after accusing him of ‘sex with animals’
  • The terror group also said the man had engaged in ‘a homosexual affair’
  • Huge crowds were seen gathered in a field to watch the brutal killing
  • A second man was seen being beheaded for being a pro-Assad fighter

7. French TV channel goes off air after ISIS hackers prevent it broadcasting for three hours… as it is revealed half of European Islamic State fighters are from France

A French television network has been hacked by people claiming allegiance to ISIS, forcing it to broadcast only pre-recorded programmes.

The hackers completely cut transmission of 11 channels belonging to Paris-based TV5 Monde and took over its websites and social media accounts for a full three hours early this morning.

The channel’s director, Yves Bigot, said the attack was continuing this morning. He told RTL radio that the network has restored its signal but can only broadcast recorded programs, not live content.

Chilling: The ISIS hackers completely cut transmission of 11 channels belonging to Paris-based TV5 Monde and took over its websites and social media accounts for a full three hours early this morning.

Thank you Buck, Tundra T. M. and all who sent in materials and there is a great deal more already today. Maybe if the counter-Jihad explained to the US government that we had a chat with the eagles and they told us Islam would destroy our way of life they would build us a new civilization on higher ground. See item 1.

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7 Replies to “When resources and authority prioritize fictions we have bigger problems: Links 1 on April 9 – 2015”

    • Dogs smell fear, philip. Muslims watch one another. Just today walking in town a white domed young man told another he was passing, “It’s not halal!” refering to the ice cream in a cone he was licking. If a prick can intimidate another person simply because he is part of a gang, how much more a dog scare the life out of them? The computer-handshake is “I submit” and the other says “fine, I’ll shag your daughter when she’s born”
      This is the dhimmi-trade off to be a Muslim. But the dog doesn’t know this. So it doesn’t know if to bite them or mount them. The dog would control the Muslim home.
      So dogs are haram. Kill the witnesses that see the Primates of Allah that is not God.

      In the Socialist’s home the dog is infantalized, another person, and sleeps in their bed.

  1. #7 It occurs to me (and probably most of you) that due to the amount of mohammedian infiltration into all institutions (with the hot and eager help of leftists), “security measures” are irrelevant and an illusion because “the fox is already in the hen house”.

    The best way to have security is to not allow mohammedians and quislings to handle sensitive information don’t you think?

    • Yep. Even the ones who aren’t planning anything, who maybe even think of themselves as loyal citizens, can flip at the drop of a prayer mat. One moment it’s your friendly co-worker, the next it’s Agent Smith. There isn’t any reliable way to guard against that that I know of. As long as they remain nominal Muslims who have not forsworn Islam, there is the danger they will get religion. It doesn’t take much and the change can appear quickly because the roots are deep and strong and never deeply buried. And if they do disavow Islam you can’t be sure it’s not taqiyya.

  2. 1/ I knew a Canadian convert to Islam, dead now, who thought the whales could speak and were trying to tell us something. Honest injun.

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