Islam is a form of decay which manifests as such in laws, buildings, respect for people and systems: links 1 April 8 – 2015

1. Investigation launched after Birmingham mosque destroyed following building collapse

(3rd world building standards ignored like 3rd world abuse of children for sexual slavery?)

A major rescue search was launched last night after the roof of a mosque collapsed without warning during restoration work.

Emergency services were called to the Masjid Umar mosque on Walford Road, in Sparkbrook, Birmingham at around 11.30pm yesterday.

Sniffer dogs and a police helicopter searched the rubble of the terraced building throughout the early hours looking for people who may have been trapped.

2. IDF’s Most Advanced Submarine to Begin Operations

(More here)

In the past few months, since it arrived from Germany where it was built, the INS Tanin has been equipped with Israeli weapons, communications and intelligence systems. It is the largest submarine in Israel’s fleet, measuring 68 meters (223 feet) in length.

This allows the sub to be fitted with special fuel tanks which enable the sub to move noiselessly and remain submerged longer than other submarines.

3. Turkey threatens Google with ban over hostage image

The threatened ban on Google was lifted after the search giant removed links to sites hosting the pictures.

(Wow! What else can we make Google do?)

4. Hillary’s Email likely hacked by Russia/China

5. This CNN clip on Afghans joining the Islamic State is quite good. This could open up a new ToT front which could be quite destructive to religious muslims.

6. Pilotless planes

(What lengths and depths will self blinded ideologues go to in order to avoid the obvious. They will fortify aircraft and make the procedures for being a passenger so unpleasant that many just chose not to go or to drive instead. They will arm marshals on board random aircraft and now they are pretending that an automated aircraft is the answer. Most certainly they can make one, its far easier than an automated car but the question is the problem. Anyone wishing to destroy an aircraft in fight would just need to be ATC or GTC at an airport or just shoot into the controls somewhere. Set a fire in the bathroom. Be one of the 250 people involved in the programming of the aircraft or that particular flight. Be one of the 200 people who likely would have to have a set of remote controls to make sure nothing goes wrong with the automatics.

These people are insane. The answer is make muslims fly their own airlines and thats the damn end of it if and until the jihad ends which it won’t do till we fight and beat them into the kind of submission we forced them into at the end of WW1)

7. Iranian cleric: Ban ‘Islamophobic’ video games to stop radicalisation

A senior Iranian cleric who acted as a peace broker over the Salman Rushdie affair has said that Britain should outlaw “Islamophobic” films and video games if it wants to prevent its Muslim youngsters becoming radicalised.

The warning has come from Ayatollah Salman Safavi, a long-time confidante of the regime, who conducted back channel talks between Britain and Iran in the wake of furore over Mr Rushdie’s novel The Satanic Verses in 1989.

A fatwa issued by the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini against the book, which many Muslims considered blasphemous, led to several attempts on Mr Rushdie’s life and forced him to have round-the-clock police protection.

And that is because Jihad or anything bad…

Nothing to do with Islam Vana2

8. Report: Body found badly beaten in Berlin may be that of 22-year-old Israeli

A man who was found violently beaten to death at the ruins of a Franciscan monastery in Berlin on Sunday may have been a 22-year-old Israeli man, German media reported Wednesday, citing police investigators.

Investigators had originally believed that the victim, discovered on Easter morning, may have been a homeless person. However, investigators subsequently discovered a pair of sweatpants in the area which had an Israeli passport in its pocket.

9. Temple Mount dump

Thank you CB Sashenka, M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, Jihad Watch, Buck, AK., and all

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  1. Re #9: Despite all the efforts Islam supposedly makes regarding cleanliness, they always seem to have an air of general shabbiness around them. I’ve observed plenty of Muslim janitors at work, but I’ve yet to see one do decent job of cleaning.

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