The West continues its move towards a war-measures society without admitting there is a war: Links 2 on April 7 – 2015

1. Homeland Security Dept.: Terrorism not suspected in DC outage

Pepco, the D.C. electric services provider, initially said it had scattered reports of outages for “unknown” reasons, and that it was looking into the matter. Government officials later pointed to an explosion at a southern Maryland power facility as the likely cause for the regional issue.

(Hey anyone notice how many Iranians study electrical engineering in the US and Canada? So many that at one point a university refused to accept them and then was forced to reverse that policy. My guess is below)

Vana WoF buy an A

2. DHS Admits: 40 American ISIS Thugs Have RETURNED to the United States

Department of Homeland Security secretary Jeh Johnson says dozens of Americans who traveled overseas to train with ISIS militants are now back in the United States.

“As I understand it, of the 180 Americans who have gone overseas to fight in Iraq and Syria, 40 have come back,” said 60 Minutes correspondent Lesley Stahl.

“I assume you’re keeping close tabs on those 40?” she asked Johnson.

“We have in fact kept close tabs on those who we believe have left and those who’ve come back,” Johnson responded. “A number have been arrested or investigated and we have systems in place to track these individuals. But you can’t know everything.”

3. Obama: Iran Deal Won’t Include Recognition of Israel

Iran too anti-Semitic to expect such a concession…

President Obama shut down the idea of requiring Iran’s recognition of Israel and its right to exist as part of the Iran nuclear deal, explaining that such a recognition is “akin to saying that we won’t sign a deal unless the nature of the Iranian regime completely transforms.”

Obama made the comments in an interview with NPR’s Steve Inskeep Monday about the controversial nuclear deal, the (disputed) framework for which was agreed upon last week. When Inskeep asked the president why the US would not require Iran’s recognition of Israel as part of the deal, Obama explained that the openly “anti-Semitic” regime could not be expected to accept a demand so contrary to their views… Here’s the excerpt via NPR:

4. UK – LONDON -Syrian Imam Sheihk Abdul Hadi Arwani ‘shot dead in London’ 

Sources confirmed it was believed to be Mr Arwani, a preacher at the An-Noor Mosque in Acton, west London.

The mosque has previously hosted the son of radical preacher Abu Hamza, and was the location for the November 2013 escape of terror suspect Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed, who dressed himself in a burka.

A police source said the mosque had attracted a number of former criminals who have turned to Islam and it was possible that a feud at the mosque had turned violent.

Mr Arwani was advertised as a speaker at an event at the East London Mosque last June and listed as speaking from Syria.

[…] A spokesman said: “At this very early stage detectives retain an open mind regarding the possible motive.”

(The last bit means they already probably know it was another muslim who shot him)

5. South Africa: Halal Food labelling: Christians turn to court

Here are a couple more important links about South Africa today:

5b. Warnings of a new genocide

(I have no doubt they will eliminate the white farmers in SA. What annoys me already is that almost certainly we in North America will be expected to, and will, make up for the massive food shortages they will cause themselves when they do it)

5c. Open letter by black South African to the President concerning what looks like an imminent genocide of the white population.

5d. 15 YO girl intercepted on way to join IS

6. Here is a site which archives a list of hacked sites. This link itself is safe so you can click on the word ‘mirror’ beside any site name you see and it will show you the actual hack that was done to the site. Notice the whole first page is Israeli sites and pretty much every hacker is a muslim hacker for islam. This link is all Islamic State hacks of other people’s sites

7. Obama appears to have given 5 reasons why his deal with Iran should be rejected.

(For once I hope congress listens to him!)


Thank you CB Sashenka, M., AM., Wrath of Khan, Richard and Yucki and so many more.

Its been quite a few years now since this Vlad Tepes Blog project has been started. Things have grown predictably worse along lines readers of this site all saw pretty clearly. Even the deniers are now saying that the world is going straight to hell, even if they are so heavily invested in their own viewpoints that they still cannot see the obvious causes of pretty much all the escalating problems we face now. Buckle up. It will get worse. But nothing is certain. Not the end of our culture or the continuation of it.

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20 Replies to “The West continues its move towards a war-measures society without admitting there is a war: Links 2 on April 7 – 2015”

  1. We may have seen those pics and footage already. The commentary down below and in the vid seems new.

    Yemen crisis: Civilians suffer amid battle for Aden (BBC, video, Apr 7, 2015)

    “Fierce fighting is continuing around the port city of Aden in Yemen, where a coalition of forces, led by Saudi Arabia, is trying to stop the advance of Houthi rebel forces.

    The fighting has got worse over the last few weeks, with more than 500 people killed, including at least 70 children.

    The Red Cross has warned there is war “on every street”.

    Mike Wooldridge reports.”

  2. UN demands access to Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus (BBC, Apr 7, 2015)

    “The UN Security Council has demanded humanitarian access to the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk in Damascus.

    One UN official described the situation for the 18,000 refugees there as “beyond inhumane”.

    The situation has deteriorated since 1 April, when Islamic State (IS) fighters launched an offensive.

    Palestinian militiamen opposed to the Syrian government and some Free Syrian Army fighters are leading the fight against IS….”

  3. That was quick! lol

    Yemen conflict: US boosts arms supplies for Saudi-led coalition (BBC, Apr 7, 2015)

    “The US says it is speeding up weapons deliveries to a Saudi-led coalition bombing Houthi rebels who have taken up arms against the government in Yemen.

    The US is also boosting intelligence sharing with the coalition, Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken said.

    Aid agencies have warned of a looming humanitarian crisis in the Yemeni port of Aden, which has seen street battles between rebels and government allies.

    Some 550 people are said to have died in the last fortnight of fighting.

    According to the World Health Organization, nearly 2,000 people have been injured over the same period.

    The UN children’s agency, Unicef, says at least 74 of the dead are children, and more than 100,000 people have been displaced…”

  4. Looks like Allah doesnt give a damn…

    Yemen says Saudi airstrikes hit school, injuring students (CNN, Apr 8, 2015)

    “Yemeni officials said Saudi airstrikes targeting a military base on Tuesday hit a nearby school, injuring at least a half dozen students.

    The information came from two officials with the governor’s office in Ibb province, where the school is located, as well as Houthi sources from the rebel group that is fighting for control of the country.

    A third source, with the Education Ministry in Ibb, said three students had been killed at the Al Bastain School in Maitam, in southwestern Yemen, as a result of an airstrike….”

  5. #1:

    It’s actually more frightening than the delightful look of the post (with the “I buy an A”)
    looks at first sight. I reckon those who miss out on a place to study “electrical Engineering” will try for their second choice: Pilot or Co-Pilot?

      • LOL (I think?).

        I was shocked recently to hear this awfull islamic yodelling by some arab females at the celebration of an Election win in Australia. Okay, it was in an erea euphemistically referred to as “multi cultural”, but it was in celebration of a clear CONSERVATIVE win. Politicians, from whatever side buy votes from where they can and soon Mozart will be declared Haram globally unless we win.

        • Shocking indeed.

          I was thinking that the modulation in pitch was getting Haramically close to song. Maybe they do it all the time and this is simply time I’ve noticed.

          Someone made the point the other day that centuries of frustrated musical talent had been channeled into koran recitation, which is why it acquired such sophisticated development.

  6. 5 – Yes the white farmers and others who can’t find the money to immigrate are going to be killed, we can take that as a given just as we can take the lack interest by the world as a given.

    • I had family there, but I trust they were sensible and emigrated.

      When I was a kid, relatives used to talk about visiting “before things blow-up”. Never did visit, but the “blow-up” was only a question of “when” – never “if”.

      • The whole African continent rich is resources wasted because it is run by stupid people. These stupid people hated whites and throw them out and then follow them to Europe because they know blacks cannot govern anything larger than a banana tree!
        Blacks should be criminalizes as destroyers of lands. Of people. Of cultures. No better than muslims they destory their own people. But not just Africa take a look at what they do to each other in America and of course blame whites.
        It all sounds racist but facts and figures, deaths and disease prove the reality of black lives. Some are wonderful people, no doubt but would you stake your children’s life on black govts and black groups doing the right thing . I could be wrong!

    • Ahhhh, Malca! You read 972?!

      It’s good someone monitors content of the Enemy. My browser won’t take me there. It must be on the blacklist of the guy who set it up.

  7. “….UK – LONDON -Syrian Imam Sheihk Abdul Hadi Arwani ‘shot dead in London’ …”

    I can’t stand the profound depth of sorrow I know that I and all who read these pages go through upon reading the dreadful, dreadful news off the death of any imam.

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