From Canada to Australia, Islam diminishes humanity in all ways: Links 4 on April 4 – 2015

1. Toronto Canada Gang issue? All have islamic names and some have islamic uniform facial hair standards.

2. Daily Mail article on the newest crime against Earth history by muslims in the Islamic State

3. Andrew Bolt, Australia’s most courageous media person, does TV op-ed on the state of Freedom of Speech in Australia (video) Also Bolta’s interview with Mark Durie

3. Islamic State takes 90 percent of Damascus refugee camp: monitor

BEIRUT (Reuters) – Islamic State has taken control of 90 percent of a Palestinian refugee camp on the Damascus outskirts where 18,000 civilians have suffered years of bombing, army siege and militia control, a monitoring group said on Saturday.

The hardline group’s offensive in Yarmouk gives it a major presence in the capital. Islamic State, the most powerful insurgent group in Syria, is now only a few kilometers from President Bashar al-Assad’s seat of power.

The United Nations has said it is extremely concerned about the safety and protection of Syrians and Palestinians in the camp. Civilians trapped there have long suffered a government siege that has led to starvation and disease.

4. In a conversation with a friend on islamic outrage and demand for control, I was informed that there was a moment of directed outrage at Nike which I was not aware of. In the islamic page linked here, notice how the site advises people to turn the audio off when seeing the proof of ‘shirk‘ (equating other entities real or imagined with allah) presumably because music is haram as the audio is just light music while the artist who came up with the Nike Swoosh shows her inspiration. Apparently Nike is guilty of making a scribble that looks like the arabic word for allah as well, and were forced to remove it.

5. Systematic dog poisoning in Mexico.

(There is something to this story. I am asking Spanish speakers to check Latin news and see if we can identify the neighborhoods this is taking place in and whether or not there are large mosques there. I would wager there is an islamic connection to the story because there is no discrimination between strays and well treated indoor pets, just like mohamed in Medina, and it seems to be quite systematic in method and area)

6. Greece draws up drachma plans, prepares to miss IMF payment

(Whatever it takes to destroy the Euro I guess. Countries that have no national currency have no nation. This is a necessary thing even if its going to bring some pain)

7. Islamic sport of goat grabbing.

(If this is the sport, Jesus H. I wouldn’t want to see the half time show)


Thank you M., Richard, Oz-Rita,  Lynx, Wrath of Khan, and all who sent in materials. There are many more items in the comments including several about Kenya which suggest that the same group is planning a similar attack in Uganda.

I would like to offer a word or two about the Mark Durie interview by Andrew Bolt in Australia tomorrow (Tonight our time in EDT)

This is a 10 minute interview where Dr Durie summarizes a lot of very important and interesting points extremely well, if perhaps over condensed for a general audience.

There is one point he made which I have been clumsily struggling with and explained to people in conversation in a somewhat laborious manner, which Dr. Durie explained in a simple sentence.

I had it that one of the main tactics of the left is to point out the flaws in everything we do now or historically, exaggerate, criticize and cause discontent with them in order to get people to destroy everything about the system to which the flaws can be seen and therefore everything crumbles and presumably some kind of communist utopia will form in its wake. One sees this in critical theory but its a general strategy used, a kind of weaponized cynicism which has worked its way as a normal vector of conversation in the culture overall.

The trick is to make people hate the totality of what we have built by making them see only the flaws. I see this as not related to religion other than a Frankfurt school trick to make us hate it overall.

Dr. Durie expressed a similar idea as, (paraphrasing) ‘Lefitsm has the idea of the perfectibility of humanity. Christianity is most deeply opposed to the idea that man can be perfected.’

What a nice pithy way of explaining that the one holds no forgiveness for humanity as it demands an impossible perfection while the other seeks to mitigate the suffering which is the result of inescapable imperfection.

In any case, its a good 10 minutes although you can’t be doing other things while listening and get the benefit of his thoughts.

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  1. 7. Islamic sport of goat grabbing.

    The game is Bushkazi. At its most fundamental, it is the contempt that the barbarian nomads has for the product of settled societies.

    When these people are allowed into the West, they have the same attitude to the fruits of our hard work

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