Israel responds to the deal and the signs of civilization cracking under islamic influence can be seen in more institutions: Links 2 on April 3 – 2015

1. Armed protesters in Yemen opposing Saudi led airstrikes

(I wonder how much it would cost to get the AK47 franchise in any muslim area? Probably not 100th as much as the insurance)

2. Two facing charges after police find cocaine, firearms in uninhabited house

Mohammed Hisham Shabib, 28, is facing firearms acharges, and drug related offenses as well as breach of probation.

Victoria Buwalda-Auguste, 20, is facing firearms and drug charges.

(There are criminals in all groups but there does seem to be an issue of disproportionality in the muslim population as represented in crime everywhere)

3. US concerned about charges of war crimes against Iraqis who retook the city of Tikrit from Islamic State terrorists.

3b. Shi’ite militias out of control and looting in Tikrit

3c. Shi’ite video: The joy of victory in Tikrit will not make us forget the martyr Mr. Abu Hassanein

4. Jewish kindergarten in Belgium deemed uninsurable.

(At least for the moment, if you ever want to know the actual truth about anything, smoking, acid rain, killer bees, the real risk of having muslims nearby, ask an actuarial. And someone did. And the answer shouldn’t surprise us. But the source should be considered as close to truth as is possible today)

A Belgian insurance company has refused to insure a Jewish kindergarten in Brussels. The company claimed the risk of a terror attack on the European Jewish Association-run institution was too high.

5. Muslim father storms into Catholic school and launches tirade at teachers who barred Islamic students from lessons for refusing to shave their beards

A Muslim father who racially abused teachers and assaulted a headmaster after two Islamic pupils were banned from lessons for refusing to shave off their beards faces jail.

Mohammad Liaqat, 34, launched into a ‘racist tirade’ at white members of staff at Mount Carmel Roman Catholic High School in Accrington, Lancashire, after 14-year-old boys were told they could not keep their facial hair, police said.

After being arrested, Liaqat was told to stay away from the school, so went to another school nearby where he continued his rant.

When Jeff Brown, headmaster of St Oswald’s Roman Catholic Primary School, asked him to move on, Liaqat shoulder barged him, Burnley Crown Court was told.

The father, who has a child at each school who were not directly affected by the case, was found guilty of racially-aggravated behaviour and assault by beating.

(My guess is the sentence will be an apology from both schools and a £50,000.00 payout to him for unlawful arrest and humiliation)

6. The J Street Challenge full movie:

(I Haven’t watched it yet but I liked the opening quite so…)

7. Netanyahu: Deal ‘paves Iran’s Path to the Bomb’

8. New York Muslim Terror Plotters: “Paradise Lies Through the Flesh of non-Muslims”.

Thank you M., ML., Richard, Yucki, and all who sent in materials. I have little to add but I do wish all in this fine community of which I am very proud to be a part, the most excellent of weekends. I hope all enjoy the time with friends and family or the peace of your own company and a chance to catch up on doing nothing that a long weekend can afford ourselves.

I am sad to say there will be more to come though. But I have had made a few of these little designs which I think make a good symbol for those who stand opposed to islamic manifest destiny. A stylized cross which was the symbol of the patron saint of the Spanish reconquest of their territory. Fighters there claimed to have seen St. James and it inspired them to push back the brutal oppression of the muslims who had been controlling them for centuries. I’m not 100% sure what to do with them, although I am thinking of offering to send one to anyone who contributes over $60.00 to the running of this site through the paypal button at the top. So far, one reader has received one and seems to think they are what I was hoping they would be seen as. I will post a photo at some time later but would welcome people’s thoughts on this. They are a sterling silver pendant about an inch and a half long and based on the cross of St. James but not exactly to proportion.

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9 Replies to “Israel responds to the deal and the signs of civilization cracking under islamic influence can be seen in more institutions: Links 2 on April 3 – 2015”

  1. Tunisia to revive Syria ties to track jihadists (BBC, Apr 3, 2015)

    “Tunisia says it plans to re-establish diplomatic ties with Syria in order to track its citizens who have gone to fight alongside Islamist militants.

    Some 3,000 Tunisian jihadists are thought to have gone to Syria and Iraq.

    Tunisian concerns about home-grown militants have been heightened by last month’s attack on a Tunis museum.

    The country – birthplace of the Arab Spring protests – cut ties with Syria in 2011, where similar unrest had provoked a government crackdown.

    Demonstrations in Syria spiralled into a civil conflict, with Islamist factions drawing in jihadists from across the Middle East and Europe.

    After the emergence of Islamic State (IS) as the most powerful of the jihadist groups, several European countries re-opened channels of communication with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

    Mr Assad had earlier been criticised by Western governments for his response to the uprising against his rule.

    Tunisian FM Taieb Baccouche told reporters on Friday that his country would not have an ambassador in Syria but would open a consulate or “put in place a charge d’affaires” there.

    He said a consular presence in Syria would help Tunisia keep track of its citizens fighting alongside the Islamist militants.

    He added that Syria was welcome to send an ambassador to Tunisia if it so wished.

    Mr Baccouche also said his country would restore diplomatic ties with Libya, which has been racked by insecurity since the violent overthrow of Col Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

    At least two of the Tunisian men who carried out a deadly attack on the Bardo museum in Tunis last month had trained in Libya.”

  2. Roadside Bomb Kills 7 Afghans East of Kabul (abcnews, Apr 3, 2015)

    “An Afghan official says a roadside bombing has killed seven people in a province east of Kabul.

    Din Mohammad Darwish, spokesman for the Logar provincial governor, says the attack happened on Friday morning in Baraki Barak district when a vehicle that two families were riding in struck a roadside bomb.

    Darwish blamed the Taliban for planting the bomb. He says four women, two children and a man were among the dead.

    No one immediately claimed responsibility for the attack but roadside bombs have been a weapon of choice for Taliban insurgents for many years. They are often used to target officials and members of the security forces but also kill many civilians.”

  3. Egypt’s Islamic State Branch Claims Deadly Sinai Attack (abcnews, Apr 3, 2015)

    “The Islamic State’s branch in Egypt has claimed responsibility for a wave of deadly attacks that killed 15 Egyptian soldiers and three civilians the previous day in volatile northern Sinai.

    A statement posted Friday on a militant website associated with the group, known as “Sinai Province,” says its fighters attacked seven checkpoints, killing “dozens of soldiers” on a main road in the Sinai Peninsula leading to the border with Gaza Strip.

    Egyptian authorities said 15 soldiers were killed and 19 were wounded in an attack on a checkpoint on Thursday south of the town of Sheikh Zuweyid. Three civilians died in near-simultaneous attacks elsewhere in Sinai, suggesting careful planning by the militants.

    The attacks were the latest in a series of large-scale assaults by the Sinai-based militant branch.”

  4. Saudi special forces help oppose Houthi rebels in Yemen, source says (CNN, Apr 3, 2015)

    “Saudi special forces assisted Yemeni fighters targeting Houthis and their allies in Aden, a Saudi source told CNN.

    The special forces were on the ground in noncombat roles “coordinating and guiding” the battle against Houthi forces and fighters loyal to former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, the source said. They also have helped parachute in weapons and communications equipment.

    Houthi rebels, meanwhile, withdrew from the presidential palace and other key parts of the southern port city of Aden following heavy Saudi airstrikes, according to the source.

    The withdrawal signaled a reversal from rebel gains the previous day, when Houthi forces seized the presidential palace. President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi, who fled the country last month, had stayed for a period of time after Houthis secured control of the capital, Sanaa, in January…..”

  5. Rochdale Labour councillor’s home raided by anti-terror police after his 21-year-old son was arrested on Syrian border with his aunt, cousins and four children (dailymail, Apr 3, 2015)

    “Anti-terror police have raided the home of a Labour councillor whose 21-year-old son was arrested on the Syrian border with his aunt, cousins and four children.

    Shakil Ahmed’s Rochdale home was searched by police last night and again this morning after his son Waheed and eight relatives – including four children – were detained in a remote Turkish border town.

    Mr Ahmed, a respected local politician, was not in as police raided the house in connection with his son’s arrest, searching computers for any links to militants in Syria….”

  6. Kenya al-Shabab attack: Security questions as Garissa dead mourned (BBC, Apr 3, 2015)

    “Kenya is mourning 148 people killed in Thursday’s al-Shabab attack on Garissa university campus, amid questions over why warnings were ignored. Kenyan newspapers say there was intelligence information of an imminent attack on a school or university.

    Locals question why security was not heightened, with only two guards on duty at the time of the attack. Four more people have been found alive on the campus, but two are suspects and have been arrested, sources say.

    One is said to be a Tanzanian national with no known links to the university. Kenya’s interior minister declared the recovery operation over. Joseph Nkaiserry identified the victims as 142 students, three police officers and three soldiers.

    “We have called off the operation after combing the whole university, all the bodies have been removed from the scene and brought to Nairobi,” he said after arriving back in the capital.

    Police in neighbouring Uganda say they have received information suggesting a similar attack is being planned there….”

  7. “… I have had made a few of these little designs which I think make a good symbol for those who stand opposed to islamic manifest destiny …”

    I would LOVE to have one and $60 seems reasonable. Would you have a moment sometime this weekend to email me pics? No hurry – whenever you’ve the time. 🙂

    Happy Easter, darls. *hugs*

  8. The world is headed for total war in the near future. Civilisation is collapsing due to the sickening worship of Islamists by the western main stream media and certain governments (USA, UK, Germany, Sweden etc.)

    • You also need to pay close attention to the worlds economy, the left has created what is very likely the perfect economic storm that will cause massive economic collapse and ensuing turmoil. Don’t forget that the reason the left pushes class warfare and hatred is to make people think that the rich are evil and need to be punished. Nothing will further this attitude like a major economic collapse.

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