If you are pressed for time, just watch item 6: Links 3 on April 3 – 2015

1. “All security council resolutions will be lifted” Iranian negotiator team leader

2. Six people arrested in Dover on suspicion of Syria-related terrorism offences

Six people were arrested at Dover this morning on suspicion of Syria-related terrorism offences, according to West Midlands PoliceSix people were arrested at Dover this morning on suspicion of Syria-related terrorism offences, according to West Midlands Police

They are currently being questioned at a police station in the West Midlands area.

Searches are taking place at a number of addresses in Birmingham and police say the arrests are part of an on-going investigation.

Officers added that the suspects, who are not a family group and were not accompanied by children, did not pose any immediate risk to public safety.

3. Can someone explain to me how this is not Orwellian totalitarianism? Or perhaps Huxleyan?

4. France says “the US caved”

5. Judicial Watch Sues DOJ for Records on Mysterious 2014 Building Explosion in Minneapolis Muslim Area

(At last! Someone is following up on that!)

Government watchdog group Judicial Watch is suing the Department of Justice to obtain records about a suspicious explosion that leveled an apartment complex in a majority Muslim neighborhood in Minneapolis, Minnesota last year.

The January 1, 2014 explosion leveled a building in the largely Muslim Cedar-Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis, but the incident was never explained to the public, nor did local authorities ever fully investigate the explosion or determine its cause.

6. Bill Whittle: No sir, I will not obey that order

7. Egypt’s Islamic State Branch Claims Deadly Sinai Attack

The Islamic State’s branch in Egypt has claimed responsibility for a wave of deadly attacks that killed 15 Egyptian soldiers and three civilians the previous day in volatile northern Sinai.

A statement posted Friday on a militant website associated with the group, known as “Sinai Province,” says its fighters attacked seven checkpoints, killing “dozens of soldiers” on a main road in the Sinai Peninsula leading to the border with Gaza Strip.

Egyptian authorities said 15 soldiers were killed and 19 were wounded in an attack on a checkpoint on Thursday south of the town of Sheikh Zuweyid. Three civilians died in near-simultaneous attacks elsewhere in Sinai, suggesting careful planning by the militants.

The attacks were the latest in a series of large-scale assaults by the Sinai-based militant branch

8. These appear to be tweets from the Israeli PM on the US Iran deal.

Thank you Buck, M., Don C., Richard and many more.

Post hoc item: RT does more comprehensive article on the cancelation of the insurance for a Jewish kindergarten due to islamic antisemitism in Belgium

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29 Replies to “If you are pressed for time, just watch item 6: Links 3 on April 3 – 2015”

  1. (your last item) Regarding the scandalous actions of this “Insurance Company”:

    What is the name of this Insurance? It should be:
    1. sued for racist discrimination
    2. Boycotted by all civilised and decent people (if there are any real Belgians left in Belgium.)
    3. The name of this Insurance should be published far and wide.

    As to some of the comments to the article you linked to, I cannot believe that these should be allowed even online.

    • Mystery:

      I posted to that link (about the refusal to insure Jewish children), a post that went through (I reposted it above). Then I read the comments on that site, some of which very about as gross and extrem in their incitement for Jew Hatred (including from Avatars representing the Nazi Swastika) and was so shocked that I commented on this.

      This was “moderated” (as in deleted). I then asked why it was “moderated”, and to make sure it was not just a glitch, I posted it again. It was moderated/deleted again.

      Does anyone know that site? Is it especially Jew-hating? (I just dont have the stomach to read any more of it, but would still be interested to know if it is me or them).

      The post that got deleted twice is this:

      “The comments of some truly vomituous individuals here are so poisenous and inciting not only hatred of Jews, but the killing of Jews, that they should be banned, if not even sued via their IPs.

      Although not Jewish, I wish all the Jewish People a happy Passover and, if you have the bad luck (as I did) to come accross some of those jew-hating vermin, be assured that any even half-way decent and civilised people have nothing but contempt for these nasty morons.”

      • I saw you and that stuff over there.
        It is RT: Russian Television.
        Did you notice their slogan?
        ‘Question More’.

        I’ve been on other publications with equally horrible comments.
        Probably not worth being a part of it.
        After all, some of them seem to be confused about food
        and barely literate:
        “You are abselotly right the Jews are pure in bread”

        Thanks for your Pesach wishes!

        • “question more” (black humour?)

          “You are abselotly right the Jews are pure in bread”

          LOL – to the sounds of penny dropping (I was puzzled): “pure IN BREAD”… someone should tell him how “in bread” is spelled correctly in case he wants to write his autobiography.
          I did not get back to that site, one can take only THAT many showers a day to clean off the sludge.

      • I think it is the site Russia Today. And yes, I did read the comments and also was disgusted.
        It is amazing that someone can take up such an extreme point of view without knowing anything about the issue, which the commenters clearly didn’t…
        The very idea that a children’s kindergarten cannot be insured because of rising anti-semitism and violence is very disturbing.
        But what I found more disturbing was that apparently a lot of people are happy about it.

        • Yes the more I look into “the net” the more I’m tempted to don googles and a breathing apparatus so big is the stench…and it seems to me, increasing. That’s why I am so grateful to VladTepes – a good place.

          While we can say “it’s only the net” I fear that this increasing number of murderous vermin spewing hatred is a reflection of real demographics 🙁

          • It is a reflection of what the majority of the Moslems really think, they are coming out from behind their masks because they think they have the numbers and powers to force us to do what they way.

      • Thank-you Rita!
        I rarely read comments, but I found yours like a pearl among swine: “pure IN BREAD”!!

        As I wrote elsewhere, I’m firm in my personal boycott of all things Belgian. Though I still dream of the odd bonbon…

        I’m extremely selective when it comes to comments, rarely read them. There’s just too much on my “must read” daily list, something has to go.

    • Chomsky’s a great one for telling audiences that if they want to know what the real realities of the world are, they should read the financial papers. “The business press is more open, more free, often more critical, less constrained by external power and external influences… Those who Adam Smith called ‘the masters of the universe’ have to understand the universe. They have to have a tolerably realistic understanding of the world that they are managing and controlling.” This would seem to be that world. Paging Noam Chomsky… white courtesy telephone please…

    • Ok:

      An insurance company, if it is operating honestly, and they have to or else they are out of business as fast as a casino that lets friends play for free, is a reflection of reality. Not only should one not sue them for reflecting reality, we should be looking at what they publish in terms of risk benefit in terms of setting policies, ergo reality planning, around what they do.

      In other words, the insurance company not offering to insure the Jewish school is not the problem. The problem is the government letting in so many muslims who clearly present a problem to Jews and doing nothing to stop them.

      If you sue the insurance company for politically incorrect reality they will just amortize the cost of that over the rest of reality. Think of it like saying that its sexist of them to charge teenage boys the same rate of drivers insurance as they do to women in their 30s and 40s with children. Clearly the second group is the safer drivers and lower risk takers. If you force insurance companies to ignore these facts then they will just adjust the cost of the insurance to everyone to cover the highest risk group by the lowest risk group. Pretty much like Obama-care actually does. The results are not pretty. No one changes their behaviour and everyone loses.

      The problem here is that the behaviour of the Jewish kindergarten is not the problem but the threat presented by the muslims in the area. This is cause for alarm and people should be flipping out and doing something. If there was a time to panic, this is it for them. Especially if Belgium won’t allow a school to operate without insurance and its a very good bet that they do not.

      But again, the issue is every other aspect of this. Not the insurance company.

      • Thank you, Eeyore for your always level-headed informative input.

        So: Class Action against the cowardly and/or collaborating Governments?

        Oh…just thinking PEGIDA…hmmmm, kneecapped before they really got off the ground. 🙁

        • The governments in the west are very busy closing off all forms of peaceful protest and peaceful attempts to protect the western cultures. They are leaving only violence as a method of saving our history and culture and think they have managed to disarm enough people and convince them to refuse to resort to violence that they are safe.

  2. 3. Nudging.

    This is the principle that people will take the path of least resistance. This behavior can be capitalized on.

    You want people to use less paper in an office, and yet everyone get what they need without shortages do you:
    1. Educate about trees?
    2. Tax the paper usage?
    3. Default printer to duplex printing?

    The behaviouralists found 3. To be the most effective.

    Nudging is seeking ways to change behaviour and not stopping it.

    With sexual activity:
    1. Educate about hiv
    2. Make people buy condoms
    3. Default duplex sex, to use both sides.

    This may be the way of maintaining one partner for longer, now that marriage has negative connotations.

    Behavioural science is the upcoming solution to maximising resources by asserting subtle pressure on its unsuspecting targets.

    It is psyops in warfare, psychology in advertising and intimidation-favor in religion and politics.

    Nudging is the soft option. The same size boxes with less content. The default checkboxes you never checked. The replacement component without screws. You might be experiencing the result of behavioral theory, group-think, Collectivist ideology.
    The individual is wasteful.
    The era of the choice-customer is out, the limited-consumer is in. Mega corporations supply your needs. Who you going to change to? Go to themarketisright.com? A rigged hand?

    If life feels like an open prison being watched and your privacy for sale, then experience the increased restrictions and permissions that you hope will come just as botherations that you can sidestep and navegate and not yet more decrees of positive discrimination that bar you way.

    It may be over population by behavioral design for an industrialised world.

    Try your hand: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dfzpgXJHT4Y

    • Cass Sunstein: The Heartlessness Of Ideas 12 Sept. 2009

      “Because people ascribe a degree of respectability to academics, intellectuals, philosophers and scholars, they can disregard the rights of the people much easier than a naked tyrant. In fact Rousseau, Darwin and Nietzsche can go places, Hitler, Stalin, Chavez and Obama could never dream.

      As “I have written many times” http://www.wnd.com/index.php?pageId=92093 that the Obama administration are the masters of misdirection and chaos theory, therefore, while the America people last week were transfixed on the resignation of green czar, Van Jones, another even more dangerous fascist from the academy quietly slipped through the portals of power.

      Last Thursday Cass Sunstein, a former colleague and mentor of Obama’s at the University of Chicago Law School, was confirmed by a Senate vote of 57-40 as the new Director of Regulatory Affairs and Information; an obscure, but powerful agency within the Office of Management and Budget. Here is what the “regulatory czar” does: He regulates laws — past, present and future. This isn’t my first “article on Cass Sunstein.” http://www.wnd.com/index.php?pageId=75718

      • Used to sleep with Lisa Ruddick, associate professor of English (‘The question driving my teaching right now is: what conduces to the feeling of aliveness?… What do poets variously say about the sense of readiness that precedes creation, and how does the adherence to form help to enable this readiness?’) then slept with Martha Nussbaum (‘In Nussbaum’s telling, Mayor Michael Bloomberg distinguished himself during the debate [about the Ground Zero Mosque], as did a stripper working in the neighborhood under the name Cassandra, whose opinion about the center serves as one of two epigraphs for the book: “I don’t know what the big deal is. It’s freedom of religion, you know?”’), now sleeps with Samantha Power, or at least they are married. These are the people who thrive in what has become of our academic culture.

        • His relationship with the foundation of Life and Womankind describes how he will scew the world and everyone else in it? Sound intellectual and nudge her his way?

          • One might construe that he climbed his way up over what is probably a pretty sweet girl who just wanted her own office and a good salary for talking whatever nonsense about her favourite poems, to the big academic player Martha Nussbaum has plainly been (looking over her Wikipedia page, including her 51 honorary degrees) to a more expressly political instrument his old friend Barry could promote to a position (like Ambassador to the UN) where he could really get nudging. Samantha Power ‘is listed as the 63rd most powerful woman in the world by Forbes.’ Not bad for bald guy who advocates that ‘the word marriage’ should ‘no longer appear in any laws, and marriage licenses…no longer be offered or recognized by any level of government.’

        • OK. Don C, are linking the character of Cass Sunstein, his rationale to his attitude and behavior, to his relationship to his mommy-fixation?

          As say, Muslims have a repressed fear and lust towards women as virgins and whores?

          The Liberals see women as intellectually quicker and smarter, which they are when you are trying to get into her pants and head at the same time by being inoffensive, that is until you find your undiscovered Gay side* and it becomes a game-changer. (*As defined by Kinsey).

          Everything then that follows become the rational argument for the irrational. Those whose identities that submit and serve – will get some more candies handed ’round.

          Conservatives in the UK once championed the individual and family values. This was exemplified in Margaret Thatcher. Her shameless successor John Major opened the door for many people like David Cameron.

          “Every police force in England and Wales will be required to record anti-Muslim hate crimes and treat them as seriously as anti-Semitic attacks if the Tories win the next General Election, Theresa May has announced.”

          With every killing by Muslims declared by these Conservatives as not an Islamic attack, the New Jews of Europe can be seen as only in the backlash as victims of “hate crimes.”. The Muslim vote is that crucial.

          Only UKIP, EDL and Britain First to alert to the rollover and die mentality of the Nation? The Brain Drain of the 1960s Labour Government hit that island hard and robbed it of its Peers.

          • You know, having read enough of your analyses of similar instances of this complicated disaster that is befalling us, I probably could have made some of those links eventually. It does offer a hint to the whole puzzle that they invariably become apologists for Islam.

  3. 3 – This is more Orwell then Huxley, and it is a sign of real nasty times to come.

    6 – I was taught that illegal orders are meant to be disobeyed, but this only works when we have a patriot in the Oval Office.

      • That is what I was trying to say, I kept running into alternative spelling, as I said the Shee/any other spelling you run into are the elves in Gaelic while the fae (pronounced fay) are the other magical creatures. There are currently many modern series that are featuring the Shee and the Fae, they run from Romance novels (about half are anti Christian) to Jim Butchers Dresden series that has various Catholic officials helping fight the evil in the world.

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