Open letter to all Danish political parties from private citizen

Translation by Liberty Dk. 

Original letter in Danish published here

Letter from a concerned citizen of Langeland, an island off Funen, Denmark

‘On Langeland we were so happy and felt safe.

Here at Langeland we are happy and satisfied and enjoying the lovely peaceful Danish countryside. In Lohals there are around 200 inhabitants which especially has helped form the basis of small safe communities.  The city has existed for over 200 years on the northern tip of Langeland, and people have mainly supported themselves by shipping and fisheries, but now it is only tourism that is the primary basis of revenue. The future, however, looks bleak  as Langeland municipality have established several detention centers and annexes several places on the island, and they have plans for many more.

As things stand now, there are about 750 asylum seekers in 5 centers over a distance of 50 km on Langeland, which has a population of about 13000 inhabitants. That is a distribution of one asylum seeker per 17 inhabitants.

At the core of Lohals city, a city of 200 inhabitants, a receiving station for asylum centers has now been established which houses 80 asylum seekers.  That is one asylum seeker per 2.5 inhabitants.  Most residents living in Lohals are elderly people.

Acording to statistics every 3rd asylum seeker is criminal. This cannot at all be handled in Lohals where the nearest police station and hospital are in Svendborg, 50 km away. It takes 45 mins. for the police to drive to Lohals, should they have the capacity to do so.  This is not a fair situation to put Lohals citizens in.

Another aspect is that a lot of money is spent on these asylum seekers. If you look at their spending money, they have, in fact, so much that they have more than what an average elderly Langeland citizen has for spending money. This makes langelands citizen and many other “Danish” citizens worse off economically than asylum seekers.  This fact can be difficult for older “Danish” citizens to be confronted with when they repeatedly experience cutbacks in nursing professions and the care of the elderly because the state and municipality must save.  It is these people, now elderly, who have, through a lifetime, helped build Denmark and made the country wealthy and with a good social safety net.

This has now deteriorated significantly, which is, in all likelihood, due to the huge expenses Denmark uses for asylum seekers and socially disadvantaged immigrants who are never going to integrate fully in Denmark.  Is it fair that our own elderly who have made Denmark the country it is, now have to pay the price, both economically and socially, for the uncontrolled immigration which costs Denmark and Europe so much money.

Now we are no longer so happy and safe here at Langeland.  We are a large group who really hope that parliament will take action toward Langeland municipality, a municipality that will not listen to its people.

It is indeed also remarkable that no local community on Funen has asylum centers.

What will the future be for Langeland; will we continue to have the opportunity to earn a living from tourism and attract new citizens, or will it become a pure asylum island, an island which tourists and Danish citizens will opt out of?

On behalf of many concerned citizens in Lohals

Kim Holst

P.S. This mail is sent to all parties in parliament.

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