Houthi basics, more attacks, planned cyber wars and more. Links 1 for April 2 – 2015

There is a lot to say today. The Houthi thing which is getting drowned out by the general cacophony of islamic horror and slaughter across the world is being looked at closely by Dr. Andrew Bostom who specializes in Islamic antisemitism. What makes this interesting is that their actual slogan includes not just the now common, ‘Death to Israel’ chants but “a curse on the Jews” as well as “victory for Islam.

Dr. Bostom points this out because the Jewish population of Yemen went from something like 50,000 people around the time of the formation of Israel to something like 45 today and who are hunted like game. The New York Times stunningly ran an oped Feb 18 2015 which details exactly this aspect of Houthi ‘culture’ and yet, despite this virtual total annihilation of an entire culture, the Yemeni Jews were quite distinct, they still make hatred of them a central focus of Houthi thought. I view it as a kind of classically Islamic evil-mirror version of a baseball team’s mascot. An evil fetishized mascotism if you will.

Dr. Bostom’s article with details on his thinking on this is published at Pajamas Media 

1. Houthi Children Threaten America on Houthi TV

2. Al Shabab attack a Kenyan university and slaughter 15 non-muslim students kidnaping a number of other Christian ones.

3. Eye witness account of Al Shabab attack

(Kenyan police offer major bounty for leader of group suspected in this attack)

4. FBI Warns U.S. Companies of Cyber Terror

The FBI is warning U.S. companies that cyber terrorists from the Middle East and North Africa are planning to conduct cyber attacks against Israeli and Jewish interests next week.

The Bureau stated in a security notice to U.S. industry on Sunday that, as of early March, “several extremist hacking groups indicated they would participate in a forthcoming operation, #OpIsrael, which will target Israeli and Jewish Web sites.”

“Given the perceived connections between the government of Israel and Israeli financial institutions, and those of the United States, #OpIsrael participants may also shift their operations to target vulnerable U.S.-based financial targets or Jewish-oriented organizations within the United States,” the FBI warning said. “Based on historical attacks, the FBI assesses that attacks which may spawn from #OpIsrael to target U.S.-based systems will likely constitute only a small percentage of overall activity.”

5. Yemen rebels clash with armed residents, local militia

6. UN report: More than 25,000 foreigners fight with terrorists

UNITED NATIONS — The number of fighters leaving home to join al-Qaida and the Islamic State group in Iraq, Syria and other countries has spiked to more than 25,000 from over 100 nations, according to a new U.N. report.

The panel of experts monitoring U.N. sanctions against al-Qaida said in the report obtained Wednesday by The Associated Press that its analysis indicates the number of foreign terrorist fighters worldwide increased by 71 percent between mid-2014 and March 2015

Thank you M., Andrew Bostom, Tundra T., Richard and all. Much more to come.

Every year the temptation to ‘Casandra’ the upcoming summer has been powerful. However if 10 years ago one was to look at the headlines as they have been this past few months one might think we were already there. Intuitively, a process which I view as the unconscious coalition of accumulated information, one suspects that events this summer will indeed affect people in the Western world in a way harder to ignore than has been the case so far.

I also have it on very good authority that many sites in the US are already being tested by islamic originating attack groups preparing for major cyber wars on Western, Israel friendly sites coming up in April and linked above. So this is indeed already under way.


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9 Replies to “Houthi basics, more attacks, planned cyber wars and more. Links 1 for April 2 – 2015”

  1. The Islamic conquest is building in intensity, the sectarian civil war in the Middle East will not slow the attacks on the west or the attempted colonization of the west.

    The intensity is growing in a large part because the western leaders are refusing to admit the danger or the cause of the danger and thus making the Moslems think we are afraid of them.

    I don’t know when the major fighting in the west will start but my best guess is sometime in the next two years. To a very large extent this will depend on the success of failure of the predicted cyber attacks.

  2. And this is a world war, likely to become the Mother of all World Wars.

    See how enriched we’ve I’ve become? We’re I’m already using their wretched turns-of-phrase.

    • It is a world war that will make the last two world wars look small, and it will last a lot longer then both of the others combined.

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