Does islamic ethical norms infect all of us in some way? Language? normalization of horror? Links post 5 April 2 – 2015

1. Muslim doctors to ‘resign temporarily’ for amputation job, Kelantan hudud panellist claims

KUALA LUMPUR, April 2 — Kelantan may hire Muslim doctors to perform amputations under its Shariah Criminal Code (II) Enactment after a group signalled their willingness to “resign temporarily” from their posts to carry out the job.

Dr Azhar Abdullah, a member of Kelantan’s hudud implementation committee, claimed that the group of Muslim medical experts had offered their services in order to ensure the punishment will be administered professionally.

“For the Muslim doctor society, they see the punishment as not contradicting to their profession as doctors, to amputate patients and convicted criminals. Because to them it is a responsibility,” Azhar told a forum here organised by the University of Malaya Muslim Students Association last night.

“If they are given the mandate, elected by the sultan, then at that time maybe they will choose to resign temporarily while they administer the punishment,” he added.

2. Blackmail the halal way in the UK

(As Qatar is the most problematic, terrorist funding state around short of Iran perhaps, I sort of wish this guy had managed to release these pics to the internet before they jailed him. Even blackmail takes a bit more brains than that chauffeur has apparently. Had he set up an auto publish that needed to be disabled and reset daily the Qatari’s would never have let the brits jail him.)

3. Terror attack over, 147 dead at Kenya university

(Video at site)

NAIROBI — Four armed terrorists stormed a university in northern Kenya on Thursday, killing 147 people, wounding dozens and taking hostages during a 15-hour siege until they were killed by security forces. Christians and converts to Islam appeared to have been the targets.

More than 550 students were evacuated and 79 were injured in the standoff on the Garissa University campus located about 90 miles from the Somali border, government officials said. The Somali-based Islamic terrorist group al-Shabab claimed responsibility for the attack — the al-Qaeda-linked organization’s deadliest in Kenya.

4. Ayaan Hirsi Aly on The O’Reilly Factor speaks to the new deal between Obama and Iran and the nature of islam.

5. May as well laugh as cry

Thank you M., Richard, Maria J., Yucki, GoV., Liberty Dk. for all the work today and many more.

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3 Replies to “Does islamic ethical norms infect all of us in some way? Language? normalization of horror? Links post 5 April 2 – 2015”

  1. FBI confirms militant Marwan’s death in Philippine raid (BBC, Apr 2, 2015)

    “The FBI has confirmed that Marwan, a Malaysian militant, was killed in a raid in the Philippines in January. Marwan, also called Zulkifli bin Hir, was a leading figure in Islamist militant group Jemaah Islamiyah (JI). He was believed to have been killed in a raid in the southern Philippines earlier this year that left 44 police commandos dead, but this is the first formal confirmation of his death. The FBI said forensic evidence had proved conclusive….”

  2. Pakistan army courts ‘sentence six militants to death’ (BBC, Apr 2, 2015)

    “Military courts in Pakistan have sentenced six men to death in their first verdicts since being announced after the Peshawar school massacre.

    Pakistan’s army chief said the six men to be hanged were hardcore terrorists involved in heinous acts of terror, manslaughter and suicide bombing.

    A seventh got life in jail. The men were named but no further details were given. They have the right to appeal.

    Critics oppose ceding power to the army and say suspects’ rights are at risk.

    The authorities say the purpose of the courts is to try terrorism suspects speedily. They have dismissed warnings that there is a danger the courts will lead to summary and selective justice as “misconceptions”.

    The military was given the power to try terror suspects as part of plans to tackle insurgents after the Peshawar massacre….”

  3. The National Post actually shows the mugshots of the Somali gang members charged in this Toronto murder.

    However, it does not contain the word “Somali” anywhere, which is odd, given that all these men are obviously ethnic Somalis and the Dixon Bloods are known as a Somali gang.

    Think about this for a second: At the very most, half of the world’s ethnic Somalis live in their actual homeland and pretty well all of the would leave if given the opportunity. Somalia has been a cesspool of crime, poverty and depravity throughout history and yet the west imports these people by the hundreds of thousands and for some reason expects that they will act differently in their host country than they do in their homeland. Would a zookeeper move a tiger into the zebra enclosure and expect that it will become a vegetarian just because it’s surrounded by animals that think and act differently? Of course not! But this is the attitude of the people in charge of our immigration.

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