Shocking figures: 84 percent of people charged for serious crimes in Copenhagen are immigrants

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From this Norwegian website

New shock figures from Denmark published in the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet showed that a full 84 percent of those remanded into custody for crimes in the Danish capital are immigrants. Ten percent of these have Danish citizenship.

Despite the debate, figures and statistics are open and accessible in Denmark, even though the Danish government tries to hide the chilling cold facts from the population.

Today the Danish newspaper Expressen revealed amongst other things that 84 per cent of those taken into custody in Copenhagen are immigrants.

High numbers

New figures show that only 1 out 10 people who go to court in Copenhagen are ethnically Danish. 9 out of 10 are immigrants and the cost to society runs into the billions.

Lower crime?

According to Danish Minister of Justice Metter Fredriksen, crime statistics are getting lower in our society and people are apparently able to be safer on the streets. But this is a truth with exceptions.

Ekstra Bladet writes the following:

“If the risk of crime has actually fallen, it is due only due to the fact that the number of burglaries has fallen”.

But reality tells us something else – the number of cases of sexual abuse, violence and drug crimes is on the rise across the country. And those behind the violent crimes are often immigrants.

According to the new figures this shows that more than 8 out of 10 who are put in detention are immigrants, out of which 10 percent have Danish citizenship.

To be kept in detention one must have committed a crime that carries a sentence of at least 18 months; in other words, those who are in custody are charged with serious crimes.

Perhaps even more remarkable is the fact that as many as 25 per cent of asylum seekers residing in Denmark have been arrested for a crime. Ekstra Bladet also points out that the number of asylum seekers has quadrupled under the Labour government led by Helle Thorning-Schmidt.

Crime rises sharply among young immigrants

In 2014, it also emerged that crime among immigrant youths has risen sharply. In 2007, 1028 of young immigrants were charged with a crime. In 2012 this figure had risen to 1661. This is partly due to the fact that the number of immigrants entering Denmark has increased. Compared with their ethnic Danish peers the immigrant youth commit twice as many crimes.

Newspaper: Government manipulates

Violent crime has risen simply because more criminal immigrants come to the country. Ekstra Bladet concludes that the government lies to and manipulates their constituents and the Danish people when they claim that the country has become safer.


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      • Hi Perfect,
        I’m getting tangled in these long threads, so may not find you again for a while.

        Here’s an article you might enjoy. There’s way too much written on the topic, but Spengler is good, always says something original. (Another gift from the discerning Baron and Dymphna of GoV.)

        Hope you found a pool and are swimming like a fish.
        Yucki, YankeeKafir

        Why Are Jews Liberal?

        • Thank you, Yucki.

          Anxiety is driving our ideologies. The individual to remain hidden in the shadows.

          Liberalism is the drive for sameness.

          Islam the drive for blamelessness.

          Communism the drive for conformity.

          These societies decay.

          Safety in approval with accountability passed to leadership or committee membership.

          These animal-fears at the lowest level expressed in sexual eroticism of bonobo monkeys for surrendering for affection, wolf pack alpha males or hyena alpha females for surrendering responsibility. Conscienceless, infantalized, the state of peace.

          Diagnosis: the population is sick, and being exploited by the most deviant. There are no Thomas Paines, Jeffersons, Franklins, et al.

          Solution: find yourself. Repent and forgive… Or take one of their three choices offered you:

          Convert your insecurity into possessions of pride and wealth,
          Let the State take care of you.
          Have dominance over all mankind and the world, if only you serve Mohammad and Allah.

          Otherwise, swimming with one hand, Yucki. x

          • This, repentence baptism and confront and forgive your traumas, is slow and releases only the intelligent, (hence the conviction of first the Jew and then the Gentile to grasp it). The other way is create a larger terror to forget your own, and never want resurface.

            Local street scene in UK:
            “What are you doing?”
            “Preaching repentance and forgiveness”
            “Repentance and forgiveness”
            “From what?”
            “I’m not allowed to say”
            “That’s difficult. What else you got?”
            “Jesus loves you?”

          • Jesus does something sure to infuriate his interlocutor: He frames his replies in phrases quoting Scripture.

            I know that tactic and it’s a miracle nobody throttled him earlier in his earthly existence.

  1. If the Danish people are not aware of the increase in crime then they are quite isolated. If they choose to believe media reports that continue to say their country will be enriched by criminals is another story.
    We moved from Southern California when we deemed that migration was affecting us in very real negative ways. We bought ourselves out of the increased crime and decreased public services
    The LA Times hated us and called us bigots every chance they got.
    The rape and street crime statistics in Scandinavian countries is truly remarkable. Why the native population hasn’t risen up to say “Stop it now!” defies me.

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