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5 Replies to “Geert Wilders speech in Austria March 27 – 2015”

  1. That BBC doc The Rise of the Houthis is very good. Credit where credit is due, even to a Muslim journalist from the BBC.

    But what is anyone supposed to take away from it, in the end? Plainly there are a lot of Yemenis who are not entirely savage. They would prefer not to see their children killed in senseless wars. But if the Religion of Peace were going to deliver peace to Yemen, it has had 1400 almost uninterrupted years to do it. After 14 centuries of chaos broken sporadically by interludes of relative stability in one part of one region or another, clearly it isn’t working.

    The Yemenis have long since killed off almost all of the area’s Christians and Jews. There aren’t any Hindus or Buddhists. There is no one left to kill but each other. No one group, even if it felt inspired, dare try transform Islam into something that actually is peaceful, because it is surrounded on all sides by other groups practicing unreconstructed Islam. Yemen is like a microcosm of the world with Islam triumphant, or Eurabia a century or two after it has entirely run out of men like Geert Wilders and yielded to the Arabs.

  2. In 1979, a year before the Saudis completed their takeover of Aramco that had begun following the Yom Kippur War and the oil crisis in 1973, the Arabian American Oil Company devoted an entire issue of its ‘bridge-building’ magazine to Muslims in Europe.


    Some kooky quotes:

    “It is a lamentable fact,” says Mr. Andrews, “that often it is the Christian, not the Muslim, who is reluctant to enter into dialogue, through deep-seated prejudice and misunderstanding…”

    Another important problem is that there are too few mosques in Europe for the growing Muslim population.

    Plans for Amsterdam’s new mosque are even more wide-ranging. It is intended to function not only as a religious, cultural and social center for the city’s 40,000 Muslims, but also as a headquarters for the 200,000 Muslims living in The Netherlands – as well as Muslim students and other visitors from abroad…

    But now, in an important step toward consolidation of effort, the London-based Islamic Council of Europe is attempting to coordinate the efforts of more than 24 Muslim organizations…. the council has been working in close cooperation with international Islamic organizations, the governments of all Muslim states and other institutions serving the cause of Islam.

    “Islam is the most misunderstood religion in Europe today.”

    “Islam is not simply a religion in a limited sense of the word,” said Khur-shid Ahmad, now Deputy Minister of Planning in Pakistan. “It is a complete way of life. It fashions the social attitude and behavior patterns of its adherents: their food, dress, marriage and family life and social relations…” Because of this, Muslims in Europe frequently face problems that other Europeans do not. Muslims, for example, prefer to separate girls and boys in school…

    He also urged non-Muslims “to examine without prejudice the religion of over 800 million fellow human beings.”

    …some changes in British attitudes are necessary. “Democracy in Britain is primarily a political democracy,” said Khurshid Ahmad. “It does not extend to cultural rights.”

    “Muslims want to live in Europe as Muslims, not as a culturally uprooted people,” argues Ahmad, “and Europeans should not expect them to imitate the West in all their dealings.”

    Specifically, he says, the Muslim community in Britain wants recognition of Islamic law and Islamic festivals, and arrangements so that Muslims can take time off to pray at work and in schools, and to attend noon prayers on Fridays in mosques.

    Furthermore, spokesmen say, Muslim girls should not be compelled to wear short skirts or leotards during physical education lessons in schools, public land should be allotted to build mosques and separate cemeteries should be established in areas of Muslim concentration. Last, Muslim spokesmen say, the government should provide abattoirs where meat animals can be slaughtered according to the requirements of Islam.

    None of those requests, according to Ian Percival, a member of a parliamentary committee set up to study Muslim demands, presents insuperable problems…

  3. What a man and what a speech! Truly a lion of a man,that we had many like him,no,that we had LEADERS like him.God bless you,Geert and may God protect you wherever you go,I pray for your safety every day.

  4. Geert is doing his best to alert the west to the danger and lead it in resistance to the Islamic conquest, I hope he succeeds as well as Churchill did during WWII.

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