Increasingly, high profile muslims are exposed as having a sharia and anti-West agenda: Links 1 on March 29 – 2015

1. Revealed: ‘Walter Mitty’ Tory vote fixer exposed by MoS wrote jihadi pamphlet calling on warriors to create Muslim state in Europe

(The beard and closely trimmed mustache is a good indicator of a jihadist ideology. But lack of it is not proof of a liberal democrat)

The Tory Election candidate exposed for plotting with far-Right extremists to stir up racial hatred is a former member of a fanatical Islamic sect that believes the Nazis were misunderstood and that Jews control the world.

Afzal Amin, who resigned after The Mail on Sunday published undercover recordings of him meeting the English Defence League, joined the Birmingham wing of the Murabitun, a fundamentalist cult which questioned the Holocaust and praised Hitler.

In 1992 when Amin was 18, he left the group, founded by Scottish hippy Ian Dallas, after becoming disillusioned. 

In the pamphlet Amin – described last week by a colleague as a ‘Walter Mitty character’ – demeans women and calls for restaurants that serve alcohol to be burned.

The book, which is entitled Ian Dallas: The Shaykh Who Has No Clothes, criticised the group for not being radical enough. 

2. This comment my Ox AO may show a link to islam by the copilot who killed all those people as well as this one

3. British double agent ‘plotted to kill his MI5 handler and attack UK’ after infiltrating jihadist group in Syria

An MI5 agent was allegedly recruited by a terrorist mastermind in Syria and sent back to Britain in a plot to launch a devastating attack against his handlers.

The agent was recruited by MI5 as an undercover informant within the radical Islamic community and he then travelled to Syria where he became part of a jihadist group.

But he apparently double-crossed his British handlers and returned to London with plans to launch an ‘insider attack’ in the capital.

The Mail on Sunday has been aware of the alleged plot for more than a year but agreed to previous requests from the security services not to publish the story for ‘national security’ reasons.

Parts of the plot were reported in a story in The Mail on Sunday last year, in which we revealed that the jihadist, who has a British passport, had plans to attack Central London and that David Cameron had been briefed about the details.

4. The baroness, Islamic extremists and a question of free speech

[…] The truth, however, is that these distinguished bodies and people have been conned. Both Mend and YouElect are clever fronts to win political access and influence for Islamists holding extreme and anti-democratic views.

When not giving reassuring interviews, Mr Rashid is a director of the London-based Muslim Research and Development Foundation, the think tank of one of Britain’s most notorious hate preachers, Haitham al-Haddad, an extremist cleric and Sharia judge from east London.

Haddad describes democracy as “filthy”, regards music as a “prohibited and fake message of love and peace”, states that Jews and Christians are the “enemies of Allah” who will “all go to hellfire” and advises Muslims not to “integrate?…?as simple as that”.

5. M has assembled some links about the PEGIDA march in Montreal this weekend.

I have not gone through them fully but here they are:

Leader of PEGIDA Quebec Not Attending Protest After Facebook Threats

some pics on this twitter account: 

PEGIDA anti-Islam protest today in Little Maghreb

6. Boko Haram blamed for decapitations

(This link has some decent videos showing the extent both of the barbarity of this Islamic group and its attempt at an African Caliphate, but the gains they have made.

One can’t help but wonder if the double standards the average Western mind now has for conservative Vs. leftist, black Vs. white and so on, allows that because Islam has made corruption an actual virtue so that any sign of it in non-muslim systems is seen as a reason to not defend it while a system based entirely on racism, thuggery, corruption and an inversion of  principles of human decency is secretly thought of as defensible as it is true to itself)

Suspected Boko Haram gunmen decapitated 23 people in a raid on Buratai village in northeast Nigeria’s Borno state, residents and a politician said Saturday.

Scores of attackers invaded the village at 11 p.m. Friday when residents were mostly asleep and set homes on fire, hacking residents who tried to flee.

“?The gunmen slaughtered their 23 victims like rams and decapitated them. They injured several people,” said Ibrahim Adamu, a local politician who fled.

“They burned a large part of the village and we are afraid some residents were burnt in the homes because most people had gone to bed when the gunmen struck,” said Adamu, a ward councilor in the village.

A paramedic ?at a government hospital in the nearby town of Biu said 32 people from Buratai were taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds and burns.

“The injured victims said a lot of people were beheaded by the attackers,” the paramedic said….”

7. New York Times Oped: To Stop Iran’s Bomb, Bomb Iran

In theory, comprehensive international sanctions, rigorously enforced and universally adhered to, might have broken the back of Iran’s nuclear program. But the sanctions imposed have not met those criteria. Naturally, Tehran wants to be free of them, but the president’s own director of National Intelligence testified in 2014 that they had not stopped Iran’s progressing its nuclear program. There is now widespread acknowledgment that the rosy 2007 National Intelligence Estimate, which judged that Iran’s weapons program was halted in 2003, was an embarrassment, little more than wishful thinking.

[…] The inescapable conclusion is that Iran will not negotiate away its nuclear program. Nor will sanctions block its building a broad and deep weapons infrastructure. The inconvenient truth is that only military action like Israel’s 1981 attack on Saddam Hussein’s Osirak reactor in Iraq or its 2007 destruction of a Syrian reactor, designed and built by North Korea, can accomplish what is required. Time is terribly short, but a strike can still succeed.

8. Shot dead as they try to swim for their lives: Al-Shabaab video shows civilians being forced into the sea, brutally gunned down and left to rot on the Somali beach

The Somali extremist group Al Shabaab have released a new video, showing civilians being forced into the sea and murdered in a hail of gunfire.

Entitled ‘In Remembrance 2’,the video show Al-Shabaab coldly executing civilians with machine guns before leaving the bodies to rot on the beach.

The chilling video is the second part of a two episode series by Al-Shabaab’s main media branch, al-Kataib Foundation.

(Could this have been King Canute’s mistake? He didn’t fire AK47s at the sea?)


Thank you Bill, Ox AO., M., Wrath of Khan, Yucki, and to all readers, the comments have some interesting auxiliary information. Bill has added a link to a classic antisemitic site which says the Copilot was an anti German Jew and blames various counter jihad sites for claiming he is a muslim when he isn’t. Of course the facts are a haze still. But speculating wildly when they are has fueled pernicious attacks.

More to come shortly.

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