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3 Replies to “Ret. US general. In Iran negotiations, the light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train”

  1. That is a must see video, he is as pessimistic as I am but thinks the problem will take longer to reach full danger.

    • I just read Iran is sitting on Israel’s borders.

      Till now the Lebanese border was occupied by Hezbollah, too busy fighting IS and al-Nusra to bother Israel much. Of course the tunnel work has continued unabated.

      Just beyond the Syrian border there were skirmishes among various FSA groupings, al-Nusra and Shia militia. Israel established a hospital there for wounded militants and civilians caught in the crossfire. You could see fighting, but the border remained almost as quiet as it had been for the previous four decades under the Assads.

      These were two separate fronts for as long as I remember. The IDF reckoned them separately, an important distinction as of a few months ago.

      Now there’s one big, fat poisonous spider straddling both positions in the north. Iran keeps arms pouring in, really advanced stuff. There’s considerable exchange of communications and matériel.

      This is very bad.

      • I know, Iran is moving troops, local militia and Hezbollah into position, things are going to get nasty, probably before Obama is out of office.

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