Geopolitical crisis breaks out like a rash: Links on Tunisia, Iran March 18 – 2015

1. Tunisia attack The Budget Neighbours Kate Middleton Solar Eclipse Jeremy Clarkson

Tunisia Parliament attack: Live updates (This is an ongoing live and escalating event with hostages and dead victims. Check link)

The Guardian – Eight reported dead in terror attack at Tunisian museum – live updates

2. Magic wand: U.S. intel egregiously whitewashes Iran in latest threat assessment

Times of Israel picked up today on the fact that the latest Worldwide Threat Assessment from the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), James Clapper, has effectively de-listed Iran as a state sponsor of terrorism.  It has eliminated references to Hezbollah as a terrorist group as well.

And ToI‘s finding is clearly accurate, as a perusal of the 2015, 2014, and 2013 Worldwide Threat Assessments confirms.

3. Senior ISIS commander killed in Libya

One of Tunisia’s most wanted men, a senior commander of ISIS militants in Libya, has been killed fighting with Libyan forces near the city of Sirte, Tunisian security sources said on Tuesday.

The death of Tunisian militant Ahmed Rouissi, who was fighting in Libya’s ISIS ranks, confirms the growing importance of foreign fighters in the Libyan conflict, where two rival governments and armed forces battle for control.

Western governments and Libya’s North African neighbors are increasingly worried about Islamist militants, especially ISIS allies, extending their foothold in the chaotic country just across the Mediterranean from Europe.

“According to the information we have, we can say Rouissi has been killed in the most recent fighting in Sirte,” a Tunisian security source said.

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  1. Tunisia attack: Gunmen kill tourists in museum raid

    At least 19 people including 17 tourists are killed after gunmen target the Bardo museum in central Tunis
    Polish, Italian, Spanish, German and Tunisian citizens are among those killed
    Prime Minister Habib Essid says there were up to five attackers and that 22 tourists and two Tunisians were injured
    Parliament has now been evacuated and the bulk of the operation is now reported to be over
    However the security forces are continuing to combing Tunis for more attackers, Mr Essid says

      • 17:27 Mr Kerry goes on to say: “We commend Tunisian authorities’ rapid response to today’s wanton violence and their efforts to resolve the hostage situation and restore calm. The United States stands with the Tunisian people at this difficult time and continues to support the Tunisian government’s efforts to advance a secure, prosperous, and democratic Tunisia.”

        • The Latest: Poland reveals Tunisia gunmen attacked tour bus

          Poland’s prime minister has revealed that some of the Polish victims of Tunisia’s museum attack were on a tour bus in front of the building when the gunmen opened fire.

          Ewa Kopacz refused to give the precise number of Polish victims, saying figures were still being confirmed. Earlier Wednesday, the Foreign Ministry said that three Poles were injured, while Polish diplomats in Tunis were working to confirm unofficial reports that four Poles had been killed.

          Kopacz did say 20 Polish tourists are safe and sound.

          And Piotr Henicz, deputy head of Polish tour company Itaka, said 36 tourists on a package holiday to Tunisia were visiting the museum when they came under attack.

          Tunisian state television says the death toll in an attack on a prominent museum has risen to 22, including several foreign tourists and two gunmen.

              • A video uploaded on youtube on March 17 announced the attack :
                In Italian : Ecco il video che annunciava l’attentato terroristico a Tunisi

                Spunta un filmato – caricato ieri – in cui il leader di Ansar al-Sharia sostiene: “I giorni a venire saranno pieni di avvenimenti”

                www ( ) ilgiornale ( )it/news/mondo/ecco-video-che-annunciava-lattentato-terroristico-tunisi-1106638.html

                in French :
                Un leader d’Ansar Chariâa adresse un message aux jihadistes avant l’attaque du Bardo

                www ( ) businessnews ( ) com ( ) tn/un-leader-dansar-chariaa-adresse-un-message-aux-jihadistes-avant-lattaque-du-bardo,520,54422,3


                Tunisia Bardo Museum siege: Isis tweet ‘predicts’ deadly terror attack

                A tweet, sent from a pro-IS account, seems to predict the attack hours before it occurred.

                “Coming good news to Tunisia’s Muslims, and a shock to the disbelievers and the hypocrites, especially those who claim to be cultured,”

                Other pro-IS accounts celebrated the attack and the symbolic importance of the targets: the Tunisian parliament, centre of the country’s new democratic government and the Bardo museum, centrepiece of the Tunisian tourism industry.

                “The selected location has great impact upon the tyrants & crusaders, parliament & museum; heart of sovereignty and tourism,” wrote one.

                www ( ) ibtimes ( ) co ( ) uk/tunisia-bardo-museum-siege-isis-tweet-predicts-deadly-terror-attack-1492538
                the video ( in Arabic )

  2. Almost all mosques destroyed in C African Republic conflict

    Almost all of the 436 mosques in the Central African Republic have been destroyed by months of vicious fighting between Christians and Muslims, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations said Tuesday, calling the devastation “kind of crazy, chilling.”

    Samantha Power spoke to reporters after a Security Council visit last week to the country. She expressed concern about an upcoming possible security vacuum as European Union and French forces pull out and a U.N. peacekeeping force is still not at full strength.

    At least 5,000 people have been killed since Central African Republic exploded into unprecedented sectarian violence in December 2013. Nearly 1 million of the Texas-sized country’s 4.5 million residents have been displaced. Many of those who have fled are Muslim.

    Power said 417 of the country’s mosques have been destroyed . She visited the one remaining Muslim neighborhood in the capital, Bangui, and described the residents as “a terrified population.”

    Some Muslim women, afraid of leaving the community while wearing their veils, are choosing to give birth in their homes instead of hospitals, the ambassador said.

    U.N. peacekeepers, French forces and a European Union military operation have tried to calm the violence. But Power said the last of the EU force of about 750 troops left the Central African Republic over the weekend, shortly after the Security Council visit.

    “That’s a big dropoff in capability,” she said. Meanwhile, the French forces have announced a “substantial drawdown” by the end of this year. France had sent 2,000 troops to its former colony.

    The U.N. peacekeeping force remains at about 80 percent of its planned strength of about 10,000, Power said. The U.N. secretary-general last month asked for more than 1,000 additional peacekeepers, and Power said the council is “very favorably disposed” to the request.

    She said the combined forces have “averted a worst-case scenario,” but the country’s roving armed groups remain armed.
    The ambassador called that a deep cause for concern and said disarmament is a “huge priority.”

  3. The tomb of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein is destroyed in fighting near Tikrit between Iraqi forces and Islamic State militants.

  4. Israel election: US concern over ‘divisive’ rhetoric
    Breaking news

    The White House says it is deeply concerned at what it called the “divisive rhetoric” in the Israeli election, which ended in a surprise win for Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party.

    During campaigning, Mr Netanyahu said he would not allow the creation of a Palestinian state if re-elected.

    The US, UN and EU have all urged him to continue with the two-state solution.

    Mr Netanyahu aims to build a new coalition government within two to three weeks, his party says.

    White House: United States is deeply concerned by divisive rhetoric in Israel that seeks to undermine Arab-Israeli citizens – @Reuters

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