10News.dk update: “Dutch researcher: Geert Wilders is right” – etc…

Copenhagen: One month after Islamist organisation celebrated terrorist, local government approves mosque

Denmark: Saudi Arabia’s ambassador “tyrannising” hospital, put other patients in danger

Mysogynic hysteria: Muslims block building of kindergarten to avoid having female pedagogues

Denmark: Elite soldiers patrol Copenhagen in full combat gear

Denmark: Muslims celebrate Omar the dead terrorist “This is Islamic law … this man, as a Muslim, we support”

Dutch researcher: Geert Wilders is right

Danish newspaper: Muslim inbreeding costs millions

Denmark: 160 percent increase in reported “honor violence” in 5 years

UK report: Muslim men 200 times more prone to rape children than non-Muslims…

Denmark: Arab-looking robber breaks 15-year-old girl’s skull in Muslim dominated area

One Reply to “10News.dk update: “Dutch researcher: Geert Wilders is right” – etc…”

  1. “Geert Wilders is right” says:

    Major interests and many jobs are at stake. It’s not so much about the politicians’ jobs, but about those people working in the immigration, integration, and asylum sector. The successful, multicultural society is allowed to cost a lot of money, and many are making a good living because of its existence.

    Hadn’t thought about that set of vested interests. The immigrant infrastructure must be not only bloated and costly, but also affiliated with powerful unions. Few politicians dare cross a union position.

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