From Canada to Australia, lots of Islam means a decaying quality of life in every way: Links 5 on March 4 – 2015

1. Concordia dean to meet with Muslim student group over library controversy

(For those that do not know, the controversy can be understood by watching this)

University prayer room activity. Permission for study hall in mosque denied however

Concordia University’s dean of students has called for a meeting with leaders of the university’s Muslim Students Association to discuss a television report that suggested the association’s library contains books and videos by “extremist preachers.”

The report, which aired on TVA on Friday, said the library, located in the Muslim Students’ Association building on Mackay St., “is in a modest setting but nonetheless has cutting-edge software that allows users to consult online books, (among which) TVA news found dozens of works by radical imams.”

2. Hillary Clinton: “I did not have sex with that cell phone”

3. If the US federal debt was one solid gold bar, how big would it be?

4. Long exchange between Sam Harris and Graeme Wood, who writes the The Atlantic on the subject at hand.  Graeme wrote that 10,000 word article on the nature of The Islamic State which has signaled a true change of the narrative in the USA.

5. Saudi Arabia executions now at ‘unprecedented rate’ after kingdom kills four more in two days

The rate of executions in Saudi Arabia has reached “unprecedented” levels, a charity has warned, as the kingdom killed four criminals in two days on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Amnesty International said the latest state-sanctioned deaths took its tally of executions for the year so far in Saudi Arabia to 39 – almost three times the equivalent number for this time last year.

Local media say the Saudi authorities have attempted to hail the killings as an example of the government’s commitment to “maintaining security and realising justice”, a crackdown in response to the rise of extremism and the threat of Isis.

But Amnesty’s Saudi Arabia researcher Sevag Kechichian said the growing number of executions was all the more worrying because of the lack of “rhyme or reason” behind it.

6. 9 year old jihadi executed with around 20 shots by Shiia militias. (video)

7. Scottish schools withdraw references to Palestinian terrorism.

(We can now safely say that no, the winners do not write history. The losers do so that they can turn it around on the winners)

8. Al-Aqsa Mosque Address: May the Muslims Wage War on America, and Raid It on Its Own Land

9. Israel: female soldiers in flash-mob hip hop dance amid tanks

(One might argue that a love of music and life and dance is a fundamental attribute of any decent society. The exact opposite also holds)

(ANSAmed) – TEL AVIV – A video showing dozens of female Israeli soldiers in a merry flash-mob style dance at a military base in Neghev is going viral in Israel.
Inspired by Purim – the ongoing Jewish carnival – the soldiers from the ‘Yael’ battalion gathered in a square of the Zeelim base that simulates a Palestinian town (with two minarets in the background) and started dancing to the hip-hop rhythm of Flo Rida.

10. Light scrutiny of islamic charity fund raisers in Holland lead to a heavy list of speakers not in accordance with Dutch values or laws.

Two such soirees, ostensibly being staged to raise money for humanitarian aid to Syria, Palestine, and elsewhere in the Middle East and Asia, have raised controversy in the Netherlands in recent weeks. Nicknamed “jihad galas” by local media, both events have been forced to revamp their programs and venues after the government raised concerns about several of their invited speakers.

In the process, heightened focus on the two organizations has helped unveil a web of secrecy and deceit behind many such endeavors and the people who support them.

The first event, tentatively scheduled to take place in Utrecht on March 1, aims to raise funds for World Wide Relief (WWR), a Dutch-based organization that supports children in Syria, among others. The other, originally set for March 8 in Rijswijk and now planned as a live-stream event to be broadcast from an undisclosed location, will benefit Holland’s Rohamaa Foundation, a self-described “Islamic-inspired” charity that aids communities in Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Southern Turkey.

But according to a number of reports, the two groups, which claim to have each raised hundreds of thousands of euros from Dutch Muslims, have links to Salafist preachers and supporters of ISIS and al-Qaida.

11. Blast from the past. 100 years ago, a jihad attack in Australia

12. This is a really interesting article on the geopolitics of the Iranian deal where Iran, Obama’s admin, China etc. are properly placed in their analogies. It is not flattering to the USA but it strikes me as exceedingly well researched and presented.


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  1. Edward Snowden warns Canadians about Harpers Bill C-51, the “Anti-Terror” Bill

    For once I agree with Edward and the CBC along with a growing number of opponents to this dangerous piece of legislation, opponents like former Supreme Court of Canada judges, ex Prime Ministers, and many many many others……

    These are dangerous times.

    This is very dangerous legislation.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  2. #4 Very interesting, but still depressing to see two obviously very knowledgeable people peddling the idea there is a line drawn between ‘islam’ and this invented fantasy of ‘islamism’. this only serves as an invented comfort blanket for westerners, because the truth – there is only islam, and that is the problem – is too much to contemplate.

  3. #2 I would love to say that this is going to kill Hillarys political career and land her and others in the pen like they deserve, I would love to but I am afraid that once again the Dems will willfully break the law and get away with it.

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