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5 Replies to “Brave Muslim Warns of ISIS’s Apocalyptic Mission”

  1. Another Pakistani/Indian blaming the Arabs they despise for the evil they want to pretend can be taken out of Islam. Ignorant or lying or lying to herself or some combination. Where are these alternative interpretations she alludes to? One notes she is at Georgetown like John Esposito.

  2. Ever heard of a “cafeteria Catholic?” This woman is a cafeteria Muslim. Just to reinforce Don’s take, where does she get her alternate interpretation? She doesn’t/can’t. What she does is pick and choose a non-violent interpretation which is fine by me. But the facts remain that any literal reading of her holy book advocates violence of the worst sort repeatedly. And the belief in the 12th imam, the Mahdi, is just the cherry on top.

  3. First, she is a woman, so her opinions are of no consequence

    The second point is that she wants the kuffar, that ISIS ios not a the real Islam, and Muslims are not a threat.

  4. It is written in the Quran that those most hated by Allah are the people, like the woman in the video, who interpret His message in a figurative, analogous, allegorical way. The Quran is meant to be read as-is and literal, not as a starting point for a bunch of questionable musings. How this “expert” can possibly not know that is beyond credibility. The inescapable, terrible, most-inconvenient truth is that a Quran with all the evil parts removed is a blank piece of paper…

    Mohammad Abdallah was a very, very serious criminal and “moderate Muslims” who follow him today should stop being defensive and argumentative for a minute and take a good hard honest look at the facts. Mohammad would get the death penalty or life without parole if he were arrested in most countries today. Why are you worshipping a man like that? Why? Is it only because you are afraid of what the other Muslims will do to you if you break ranks? Or is it because you’re an evil bugger who just can’t wait to slit someone’s throat, steal his money, sell his children into slavery and rape his wife?

    • They really have invented an academic specialization for themselves, Studies in Islam Can Be Reformed or something, with their own publications and conferences and community outreach, and courses for the non-specialist, and programs for students who want to make this their concentration. And advanced degrees like this lady will hold if you want to lecture in it. It’s entirely fraudulent, but must have its Believers as well as Pretenders, as much as it strains credulity that they could manage to be ignorant of the most basic principles in Islam. Irshad Manji would be another example. And Daniel Pipes, who’s been milking this cow since at least 2002.

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