Geopolitical earthquakes and WW3, or perhaps WW1 V2.0 ramps up: Links 1 on Feb. 28 – 2015

1. Confronting the ideology of Islamic Extremism – Tulsi Gabbard

(The Democrats are breaking ranks. Perhaps reality is stronger than fiction for those with integrity)

2. Douglas Murray: Scrutinize CAGE

I wonder if any scales have fallen from any eyes in the last 24 hours?  I do hope so. Cage is, after all, a group which has for years been introduced on the BBC, Channel 4 and so on as ‘the human rights group Cage’. Or if you were Peter Oborne writing in the Telegraph last summer, the ‘organisation’ which ‘has done more than any other to stand up for alleged terrorists’.

Peter has been a long-time supporter of Cage.  Yet as I wrote in the Telegraph in a reply to Peter’s love letter last summer, Cage ‘does not just “stand up for alleged terrorists”. It also stands up for actual, convicted terrorists’.

 ‘For example, Cage is animated about the case of Aafia Siddiqui, jailed for 86 years in the US for attempting to murder US officials in Afghanistan and assaulting those who tried to stop her. Siddiqui had wide-ranging links to al-Qaeda and wasmarried to a key plotter behind the 9/11 attacks. At the beginning of her trial she said that jurors should be “subject to genetic testing” to see if they were Zionist or Israeli. She is no terror suspect – her guilt was proved in a court of law. Yet Cage’s profile on Siddiqui – which misses literally all this out – says it has “dedicated itself” to freeing her.

3. Violent clashes break out during anti-Islam march in Newcastle city centre with hundreds of far-right protesters met by MP George Galloway leading a rival demonstration

There were violent clashes on the streets of Newcastle today as hundreds of demonstrators from controversial anti-Islam group Pegida were met by a 2,000-strong counter-protest.

Around 400 people from the far-right group were shouted down by the counter-demonstration, with scuffles breaking out as the rally made its way through the city centre, leading to five arrests.

The rival demonstrations against the anti-Islam march were led by Respect MP George Galloway who spoke at the pro-Islam rally, branding the far-right protesters a ‘German Nazi group’.

4. Egyptian court designates Hamas as a terror organization, state media says

(Once again, is there anyway Americans can impeach Obama and get Al Sisi?)

Cairo (CNN)An Egyptian court has ruled that Hamas is a terrorist organization, according to an Egyptian state-run media organization.

Hamas, the Islamist group which dominates the Gaza strip, has been at odds with the Egyptian government since the country’s former President, Mohammed Morsy, was ousted in a coup in the summer of 2013.

Morsy was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist political organization that shares deep ties with Hamas. The government formed after Morsy’s ouster designated the Brotherhood as a terrorist group in December 2013; since then, many of its leaders have been charged with supporting terrorism.

Much much more to come. Liberty.Dk translated an interview with Mullah Krakar that will make many people’s blood run cold. It is educated, honest and sincere. It needs to be countered however, but like that article in the Atlantic which seems to have been somewhat of a Sea Change in US mass media, this may also help bring many to their sense even if it drives many more to jihad or sympathy with the islamic position.

(I apologize for losing track of those of you who sent in materials for the 2nd post in a row. New email system combined with frantic busy has made it harder than normal to keep track. But know you are appreciated and doing good things for the Enlightenment.)

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35 Replies to “Geopolitical earthquakes and WW3, or perhaps WW1 V2.0 ramps up: Links 1 on Feb. 28 – 2015”

    • I know it’s bad because the leaders of the organizations that serve the Diaspora are being roundly critized in Israel. Maybe these agencies have been around too long, aren’t listening right, or need to be re-configured.

      • The agencies have gone dhimmi.

        It’s very clearly the case in the U.K. where nobody’s playing defense. Douglas Murray mentions it in the most tactful remonstrance: “the bar is set so low” for leadership.

  1. @4No we aren’t going to be able to impeach Obama, he has committed many crimes that deserve impeachment and then trial and imprisonment but none of the three will happen.

  2. Yes some Democrats are braking ranks to help preserve the US, their actions will be remembered when the Dems as a whole try to destroy them and any career they want after they leave office.

    • Nice, she’s been in combat – for us a novelty – for Israelis, not so unusual, also nice. 🙂

      But Chick won’t say – “Yes, of course I’ll go to the speech” –
      that chick ain't worth spit.

      • These people will continue to say it is extremist islam. This is wrong and a pointless waste of time . It is islam. All Muslims are guilty by association. All Muslims should be deported. If they don’t wish to leave then they can be imprisoned for life.
        Would these politicians argue there where extremists nazis or extremist thieves or extremist rapists? Of course not! Yet they still bang on about moderate muzzies! Nonsense and the sooner we rid the west on liberals and muzzies the better! No more dialogue, no more muzzies!

        • Hi HKtony,
          “…the sooner we rid the west on liberals and muzzies the better!”

          I can’t agree more. The traitors and the violators. When The West was fighting Hitler, the Communists won the war and million suffered the spying and persecution of the police.

          So the mental prisons of the Far Left and Far Right have to be exposed as their methods to blind with terror, Hate Crimes and submission.

          The solution is to identify Multiculturalism as a Trojan Horse to destabalize The West, so as to arrest and put on trial those who used immigration as a weapon against it’s host population. A person is a person. You don’t have to import them from around the world as though they must represent a proportion of your country because it is “too White.” Education to encourage rational thought and not The Narrative. Fags artistically mocking Jesus are fags artistically mocking Jesus. How cool is that? It is what it is. No Hate Crime. Free interpretation and expression. Live, and let mock.

          “No more dialogue, no more muzzies!”

          Civil War, is the final solution to the end of The West as predicted by methods employed by the Frankfurt School. This has taken years of privately educated entitlement perverts conditioned as children. The Chinese and Russian would walk in as Peacemakers.

          Dialogue is what we need, and enough wit to wake the Useful Idiots and Moderate Muslims heading down their paths into the hands of sociopaths and psychopaths.

          Just sayin’

  3. Pentagon Scrubs Major Attack on ISIS [ in Mosul ]

    Just days ago, the generals were trumpeting plans to knock ISIS out of its most important stronghold in Iraq. Now, those plans are on indefinite hold.

    The U.S. military’s goal to retake Iraq’s second largest city from the self-proclaimed Islamic State has been pushed back several months at least, defense officials told The Daily Beast. That’s a major shift for the Pentagon, which recently announced that the first major ground offensive in the war against ISIS could come in the next few weeks.

    Defense officials once hoped that Iraqi troops could move into Mosul by the Spring and reclaim the city from ISIS. Now, those officials say, Fall is more realistic. And even that date was tenuous.

    “It is an Iraqi decision but we don’t want to do anything until they are ready and can win decisively,” a military official explained to the Daily Beast. “They cannot now.”

    It’s another sign that the U.S.-led campaign against ISIS isn’t going nearly as smoothly as the American government had hoped. At the Pentagon Friday, Defense Department spokesman Rear Adm. John Kirby shied away from any kind of timeline, saying: “I can’t put a date certain…nor say April is out.”

    more on the page :

    from 9:00 on this video :

    • 1) We don’t have enough combat ready forces that are combat ready. 2) Obama has given away the military equipment our troops would need to succeed. 3) Obama won’t let the US destroy any Islamic group.

  4. QUEBEC – HIJAB – Online campaign nets $20,000 for Quebec woman told to remove hijab in court

    A crowdfunding campaign in support of a Quebec woman who was refused her day in court because she was wearing a hijab has raised more than $20,000 in its first day.

    Two Vancouver residents launched the campaign on Friday to help Rania El-Alloul buy a car.

    It’s in response to a judge’s refusal to hear her case against the Quebec automotive insurance board, which had seized her vehicle.

    […]The campaign surpassed its goal of $20,000 within twenty-four hours.

    The fund’s administrators will leave the site open, with additional donations going towards El-Alloul’s legal fees.

    A separate gofundme campaign for legal fees has been started by a California resident.

  5. GERMANY BREMEN – Detentions, arrest in connection with Islamist threat in Bremen

    Fearing an Islamist attack, police in Germany’s northern port city of Bremen have swooped after adopting “security measures in the public arena.” Apart from detentions and an arrest, an Islamic center was searched.

    Federal authorities had been receiving tip-offs since Friday evening about the activities of potential Islamists, the police said, without clarifying whether it was a terrorist threat.

    People in Bremen were said to have remained relaxed despite the apparent threat. A Bundesliga match between Werder Bremen and Wolfsburg at the Weser stadium went ahead as planned.

    In the evening, police searched an Islamic cultural center near the railway station, refusing to give any details of the operation for the moment. Heavily armed police were sighted in the city throughout the day, protecting places of special significance such as Jewish community sites, the town hall and the marketplace.

    A police spokesman revealed on Saturday evening that “some persons have been detained.” There had been an official arrest as well, he added. Again, the spokesman did not give any details, merely referring to a police statement released earlier in the evening, in which the talk was of a “security net” which had been set up to cover the city center.

    The statement also mentioned protective steps of a preventive nature which had been taken to enhance the security of the Jewish community of Bremen. The search at the home of a suspect and at the Islamistic Culture Center (IKZ) were in the course of a running investigation, the statement said.

  6. Pakistan ‘killers’ of Nanga Parbat climbers escape jail (BBC, Feb 27, 2015)

    “Two militants on trial for killing a group of climbers at a base camp of Pakistan’s Nanga Parbat mountain in 2013 have broken out of prison.

    Police said they were searching for the pair. Another militant who had fled with them had been killed and a fourth was captured.

    Taliban militants raided the camp in June 2013, forcing 10 climbers to kneel before shooting them.

    About 20 people were arrested and face trial for the attack.

    The assault was the worst attack on foreigners in Pakistan in a decade.

    At least 15 gunmen dressed in the uniform of local security forces carried out the attack…..”

  7. Italy anti-immigration rally draws thousands in Rome (BBC, Feb 28, 2015)

    “Thousands of supporters of Italy’s Northern League have poured into one of Rome’s biggest squares for a rally against immigration, the EU and Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s government.

    League leader Matteo Salvini accused Mr Renzi of substituting the country’s interests to those of the EU.

    He also criticised the government’s record in dealing with Romanian truck drivers, tax, banks and big business.

    A large counter-demonstration against Mr Salvini was also held in Rome.

    Opinion polls suggest that Mr Salvini is rapidly gaining in popularity….”

  8. US Drone Strike in Yemen Kills 3 Suspected Al-Qaida Fighters (abcnews, Feb 28, 2015)

    “A suspected U.S. drone strike Saturday in central Yemen killed three men believed to be al-Qaida militants, security officials said.

    The officials said the attack took place in the town of Bihan in Yemen’s Shabwa province and that the nationalities of the men killed had not been established. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to brief journalists.

    The U.S. has launched several strikes in recent weeks, reflecting Washington’s resolve to keep fighting the militants despite Yemen’s political paralysis. A Shiite rebel power grab forced the president to flee the capital and run the country from the southern city of Aden.

    Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, as its Yemeni affiliate is known, is considered by Washington as the network’s most dangerous franchise….”

  9. More drones hover over Paris; authorities investigate (CNN, Feb 28, 2015)

    “More drones were spotted flying over Paris overnight, the city prosecutor’s office said Wednesday.

    The unmanned aerial vehicles were spotted above Rue de Vaugirard, the Assembly, the city’s east train station, Porte de Saint-Ouen and Porte de la Chapelle between 11 p.m. Tuesday and 2 a.m. Wednesday.

    Authorities are investigating…”

  10. NorwayPost: Record-high number of immigrants deported in October

    Norway Just Deported 824 Muslims, Every American Needs To See What Happened Next
    Violent Crime Dropped By 30%
    That’s right, whopping 30%, and it’s all because a couple of politicians decided to enforce the laws that they already had. What a world we live in where that is a shocking thing to do in a government.

    Norwegian authority claims that 824 people were deported in October, for such a small country, that’s a record breaking number. The authorities attributed the change to “portfolio priorities” which have essentially made it easier to deport people back to Nigeria & Afghanistan.

  11. First I thought this was the same group as the one from couple of days ago. However, it quickly turns out these guys are not Central Asians but from the Balkans!

    U.S. suspects accused of sending military supplies to terrorists in Syria, Iraq (CNN, Feb 28, 2015)

    “Six suspects linked to terrorist activity referred to Syria and Iraq as “the beach,” and used other coded language to avoid detection in the United States, authorities say.

    The Bosnian immigrants, including a husband and a wife, were arrested this month in Illinois and St. Louis, according to court records released Friday. Three of the suspects are naturalized American citizens.

    A federal indictment alleges they communicated via social media and conspired to send money and military equipment to terrorists in Syria and Iraq. They allegedly shipped firearms accessories, military uniforms and combat boots through intermediaries in Turkey.

    Suspects named in the indictment are Nihad Rosic, Armin Harcevic and married couple Ramiz and Sedina Hodzic, all from St. Louis, along with Illinois residents Mediha Salkicevic and Jasminka Ramic.

    They face various charges, including conspiracy to kill, and sending money and weapons to terrorists, the indictment shows.

    Also named in the indictment is Abdullah Ramo Pazara, who allegedly traveled to Syria and Iraq to support terrorists.

    To support Pazara, the suspects sought out backers in the U.S. and used the money to purchase military supplies, which they sent to him, the indictment said…..”

  12. DENMARK – Denmark looks to ban Hizb ut-Tahrir

    Danish politicians are once again making a push to ban Hizb ut-Tahrir, the Islamic group that openly supports the establishment of a caliphate and that has been at the centre of numerous controversies in Denmark.

    A political majority is calling on the nation’s public prosecutor office (Rigsadvokaten) to explore the possibility of banning the pan-Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir, which is already banned in neighbouring Germany and a number of other countries including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, Russia and China.

    Politiken reports that Justice Minister Mette Frederiksen is leading the charge to get the group barred from Denmark.

    “My own opinion is that the organization should be broken up. And as soon as the public prosecutor says there are grounds to break it up, it will happen,” Frederiksen told the newspaper.

    Hizb ut-Tahrir has campaigned since 1953 for the establishment of a global Islamic caliphate, although unlike groups such as Isis and Al-Qaeda, it claims to reject the use of violence to establish its goal.

    Active in some 40 countries around the world, it runs its Scandinavia chapter from Copenhagen. Although it is listed as one of five Muslim extremist groups operating in Denmark, a 2008 attempt to ban the group failed when the public prosecutor ruled that there were no legal grounds to do so.

    Hizb ut-Tahrir has often been at the centre of controversy in Denmark. Following the twin shootings in Copenhagen two weeks ago, Hizb ut-Tahrir said that the Danish society should bear the blame for the actions of gunman Omar El-Hussein.

    “Danish politicians and media should condemn the policies that have created the circumstances that lead to hate, threats, violent attacks and in the most extreme cases death,” fliers distributed by the group said, telling Muslims it was “vital” to not distance themselves from the attack.

    Junes Kock, the Danish convert who serves as the group’s media spokesman, also derided Denmark’s new anti-radicalization strategy last month, saying that it is not Muslims who need help, but young Danes who need rescuing from a “sad Western culture” and its “capitalist existential void”.

    In December, Hizb ut-Tahrir held a ‘Proud of Sharia’ rally in Copenhagen to denounce what it called “an attack against Islam and Muslims” by city officials.

    more on the page :

  13. AUSTRALIA – Terrorists threaten Senator Jacquie Lambie with beheading unless she helps introduce sharia law

    POLICE are investigating a poison pen letter claiming that terrorists plan to behead Tasmanian Senator Jacquie Lambie unless she helps introduce sharia law in Australia.

    The letter warns that “you are the enemy of Islamic State, therefore, I will take the honour in beheading you”.

    It includes graphic images of a man having his head sliced off by a knife.

    Her office conceded the letter could be a fake threat, linked to opponents of a new mosque in Adelaide, but said that they were taking the threat seriously and had referred the matter to the Australian Federal Police.

    It claims to have been prepared by the “Adelaide Islamic State Mujahideen” and makes references to plans to build a mosque in Adelaide, suggesting that the development would represent a celebration of Lindt gunman Haron Monis’s efforts to expand the Islamic State’s philosophy.

    • “POLICE are investigating a poison pen letter…”

      The capitulation of The West is because their language is ineffective and no longer coherent.

      Muslims don’t write poisoned pen letters. Period. There is no glee. They tell so you have had the chance to submit to Mohammad and his Creation. This is as it’s always been. Therefore to plant the imagination of a petulant neighbor corresponding or to tell the Australian Public that this is so, is the betrayal and lie that will defeat them.

      There is no negotiation, no sharing of hurt to kiss and make up. They don’t need respect and validation, because they already have superiority, so to suck up has your willingness of debasement only justifies more of the same and does not appease as it would feed the psychi of a Communist. If Australians do not know their enemy, then yet a another ‘disgruntled citizen’ turns into a lone wolf yet as if by magic and the population continues grazing. Their beautiful people, hated by The Left for using free speech, are taken out one by one. Murder by proxy. The intellectual deficiency of fearful emotionalism in life, verses the nihilistic submission for release in death.

      You just have to know what insanity you are dealing with. Alkaline or acid in order to neutralize it.

      Islam is Waco on a huge scale. But so today is Socialism… imprinted everywhere to self-restrain speech and thought. The outraged have a free pass. The poisoned letter therefore, (you all know it), was the recipient’s fault.

      And the Moderate Muslims and the Liberals, each in their own special way both know they were right in determining that the victims deserved it. See 9/11.

      Move along, nothing to see here.

      • Not the right cure for the illness somehow.

        ‘In the United States, the novel was first published under the title The Children of the Sea: A Tale of the Forecastle, at the insistence by the publisher, Dodd, Mead and Company, that no one would buy or read a book with the word “nigger” in its title, not because the word was deemed offensive, but because a book about a black man would not sell.

        In 2009, WordBridge Publishing published a new edition titled The N-Word of the Narcissus, which completely excised the word “nigger” from the text. According to the publishers, the offensive word may have led readers to avoid the book, and thus by getting rid of it the work was made more accessible. Although praised by some, others denounced the change as censorship.’

        • I get it, Don C. The illness of seeing what you want to see,

          The Islamic Jihad letter simply needed another title… Mmm… The Poison Pen letter… from a crackpot….

          And they’ll buy that if she’s killed.

  14. 1. ‘If we have American boots on the ground it only fuels Islam to believe it’s a holy war.’

    She said she feared the Moderate Mohammadans are going to get involved to defeat a Infidel Crusade, or to that effect.

    Like Vietnam, the Muslims have won the psychological battle. Give Peace A Chance. Because they know they have the superior mind that controls the American’s, and can recruit on the back this windfall of admission, a Democratic (collectivist) concept. The Islamic Spring continues apace.

    And at the end, the joy of marrying the guy that was porking her, the radience to conflicted embarrassment at half understanding courtship and a long fulfilling partnership, that every Musselma wishes she wore a veil to hide the sadness of a male too into her and unable to lead her out of the animal into the spiritual.


    • Arming Muslims to fight against the Caliphate is like marrying to save a relationship: you weaponize the female-nurtured. And they will abandon their position and run into the arms of a more charismatic rumple silk-skin, who will explain the purer Islam because it is sweeter than the less moral.

      The whole American Military might of shock and awe, an ideology of freedom, is enfeebled, like Samson, by removing the head of its hair.

  15. 3. Violent clashes break out during anti-Islam march in Newcastle city centre with hundreds of far-right protesters met by MP George Galloway leading a rival demonstration of Stalinist genocidal totalitarian protesters.

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