The polemic on islam starts to move towards reality and Quebec takes more action. Links 3 on feb. 27 – 2015

1. NYT: Putin Foe Is Shot in the Shadow of the Kremlin

MOSCOW — Boris Nemtsov, a prominent Russian opposition leader and former first deputy prime minister, was shot dead Friday evening in central Moscow in the highest-profile assassination in Russia during the tenure of President Vladimir V. Putin.

The shooting, on a bridge near Red Square, under the towering domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral, ended Mr. Nemtsov’s two-decade career as a champion of democratic reforms, beginning in the wake of the Soviet Union’s collapse in 1991, and just days before he was to lead a rally to protest the war in Ukraine.

2. Madonna says France ‘feels like Nazi Germany’ and claims anti-Semitism ‘is at an all-time high’ in Paris radio interview

(I post only because pop culture has influence. If Kim Kardouchian wrote something reasonable on her stunningly average loins I would have to post that too if it meant people might wake up to the reality of the influence of islam. But in this case Madonna is an ill informed idiot. She is trashing the only political party that plans to do anything about the Nazi like antisemitism in France. The muslims. And now even Jewish groups, famous for suicidal politics, have endorsed Le Pen. Madonna stick to falling off your shoes and leave politics to people who get it)

3. Norway isn’t all bad

4. Former refugees face losing residency in Canada if they return to homeland

(At last! a sensible idea from Immigration Canada! If they were in such danger in their nation of origin that they had to flee for their lives and qualify for refugee status here there is simply no excuse that they get to vacation back at home every six months as many do)

Ottawa has slowly — and quietly — stepped up efforts to strip permanent resident status from former refugees who were granted asylum in Canada and later returned to the country where they once faced persecution.

Wielding new powers that came in with changes to immigration law in 2012, the federal government is now actively pursuing reopening asylum files under what’s known as a “cessation application” and forcing refugees whose circumstances have changed to leave Canada.

The number of people who had their protection “ceased” in 2014 was almost five times the number in 2012 — rising from 24 to 116 — according to the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB), which is mandated to decide if the individuals are still refugees or not.

An internal document obtained by the Canadian Council for Refugees under an access to information request showed the Conservative government has set an annual target of 875 applications to strip refugee status.

5. Daily Mail does proper expose on the man who calls ‘jihadi John’ a kind beautiful man.

(Of course by all that he meant that he was a jihadi who beheaded people. But we all knew that already, didn’t we?)

6. Hawaii Democratic rep. takes on Obama on his absurdities concerning the Islamic state

Thank you WTD., Yucki, Richard, Wrath of Khan,

7. CNN’s ‘religion expert’ has absolutely NO IDEA why ISIS is targeting Christians

8. FOX: Former Muslim: ‘If I were a Muslim today, I would be a member of ISIS’

(Video debate on whether or not islam is the problem with muslims or if muslims are just very likely carriers of rabies or distemper and its a coincidence that 65% of muslims in the UK all believe in killing people for drawing the pirate mohamed etc. Sarcasm aside, the video is excellent and the guest is dead on the money and deserves our attention)

9. Oklahoma has its first ever ‘muslim day’. Not everyone is thrilled

A lot of wonderful people sent links in and offered their thoughts in the comments today. There is a serious amount of shifting in the general state of things. More and more islamic subversion and penetration is being revealed especially in Quebec but elsewhere also, and the mass media narrative is becoming worth observing. In this post alone in item 7 you see a CNN spin doctor who sounds a lot like Obama’s appointee to the head of NASA to force it to do muslim self esteem utterly confounded by the reasons that the Islamic State, and by extension muslims who support it around the world, would do the things they do. He offers a cookie for those who might know a thing or two so he sounds reasonable a bit but his narrative is basically the old, ‘look up in the sky trick’ Trudeau was so famous for.

Then we have a truly excellent explanation by an ex-muslim in item 8 who’s interview is so lucid and complete it is practically a course. You would never have seen this on TV even a few months ago. Quebec today busted a major library issue at Concordia where it was found that islamic literature of the kind Canadians like to think doesn’t represent islam was making it to 4000 muslim students and it was shut down. I hope to have that video in English tomorrow. So all in all, this is a good time to observe the world carefully.

I would also like to welcome a number of new commenters to the site. I hope you like it here and make yourselves at home.

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  1. 5/ It is a service to our side that Cage has made this tactic available for public sampling in such a concentrated form. No matter what evil a Muslim does it is our fault. We have pushed him to it. If we accommodated Islam more this wouldn’t happen. It’s leaving a very bad taste this time and hopefully people will remember.

  2. 8/ If there is authoritative scholarly support for the contention that the last suras of the Koran to be ‘revealed’ to the Pirate Mhd only apply to 7th c. Arabia, where is it? Until it materializes, perhaps miraculously discovered in a wall in a 9th c. mosque in northern Yemen, the only reasonable assumption about those ‘moderate Muslims’ in Western countries who make this claim for contextualization is that they are lying.

    And why would they lie about this critical issue, instead of addressing the problem honestly? Because they have the same end in mind as the kinetic jihadis, implementation of shariah, only by a stealthier and more gradual process of Islamization. Al-Azhar’s Sheik Al-Tayeb knows Islam is unreformable (in any positive sense) better than anyone, and he is lying too.

    • That’s how I see it, I’m sorry to say. Let’s face facts. Muhammad was an evil bastard more along the lines of a Mexican Zeta drug lord than any kind of religious figure. Without a hint of exaggeration, Mo was an armed robber, a murderer, a pedophile rapist, and a genocidaire, and somehow the Muslims take him to be the perfect example of the perfect man and the role-model that they all must pattern themselves after, so what does that say about the character of the average Believer? I’m sorry to be so blunt, but there it is. It’s like going around worshipping Jack the Ripper and then getting in a big huff when anybody raises an eyebrow. Gee, what does that “JtheR” on your tie-clip stand for? The 20-year-old me would kill me for saying this, but I do believe they are all brainwashed Jihadis on one level or the other, and that the “moderate” ones simply favor throttling down the approach-speed a little bit. I think they all – the males, anyway – share the dream of a world in which they reign supreme and Infidels live to serve them as slaves and Dhimmis, with big-breasted blond chicks pawing eagerly at their belt buckles and white guys dutifully keeping all the machines going, as they tremble in fear and say, “Yes, Efendi. No, Efendi…”. And they’ll call it “The Second Golden Age”.

      This is what I think. Is it now illegal to think this? Am I required by law to think something else?

      • I don’t see any way around it. We have the so-called ‘cultural Muslims,’ who are supposed to be uninformed of how evil their religion/ideology truly is, but just keep up some of its less destructive practices from habit or to please family or whatever. But we don’t see them on the streets in their tens of thousands in free countries repudiating the evil done daily in Islam’s name. If the evil in Islam truly were shocking and repellent to them, it would be a simple matter of making a Youtube or two based on the sira and hadith literature, all properly referenced, and every cultural Muslim who saw them would spend a weekend researching his religion and then repudiate it. Problem solved. That this doesn’t happen (to put it mildly) should tell us something.

  3. #7

    I think the Saudis have been using their abundant free money to play a game of “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” with the religious authorities of the West. Literally, that Christian in the video probably has a lunch date next week with a couple of extremely nice Muslims from some “Interfaith Outreach” program, or whatever, and it would be just too awkward to have to explain “unhelpful” comments spoken in a CNN interview. Don’t you hate the word “unhelpful”?

    Money talks in this world, and the Saudis have an ocean of it – untraceable, unaccountable, unknown in quantity, and free as the air and the sand and the sunshine. How many millions have they spent on the “Middle Eastern Studies” program at our local university? And they fund them all over the world – supply the textbooks too. They’ve “donated” billions by now, I would think. What did we do to deserve such generosity from so far, far away?

    • If I read that correctly, Navy Seals captured over a million documents in OBL’s safe house in May 2012 and so far we have seen 17 + 8 = 25 of them. Makes you wonder what is in the other 999,975.

      • That it does, however everything they tell us they tell the terrorists who are right now wondering if their info was part of the documents seized or were they missed?

  4. Egyptian court rules Hamas a terrorist organisation

    The Cairo Court for Urgent Matters on Saturday ruled Hamas a terrorist organisation, a month after the group’s military wing, the Al-Qassam Brigades, was also designated a terror group by the same court.

    The verdict resulted from two separate private suits filed by Samir Sabry and Ashraf Said, both lawyers, against the de facto rulers of the Gaza Strip.

    The relationship between Egypt’s authorities and the Islamist group has soured since the ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi in July 2013.

    Hamas is the Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestinian sister organisation.

    Egypt’s cabinet declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group in December 2013, and the authorities have since charged many Brotherhood members with offences including support for terrorism.

    Egypt has accused Hamas of meddling into its internal affairs and supporting Islamist insurgents in Sinai, accusations that the group has repeatedly denied.

    Cairo has kept the Rafah crossing to the Israeli-besieged Gaza Strip closed for extended periods since Morsi’s ouster.

    The court’s reasoning on Saturday for designating Hamas a terrorist organisation mirrored its January Al-Qassam ruling.

    In January, the court said that Al-Qassam’s and Hamas’ “support and financing of terrorist attacks in Egypt show that they have swayed from their original cause of fighting the Israeli occupation.”

    In recent months, the Egyptian government has been strengthening penalties for acts of terrorism in its penal code.

    Last week, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi has also signed a sweeping new anti-terrorism legislation to counter “Terrorist Entities”.

    It is not yet clear how these court decisions would affect Egyptian traditional efforts to mediate peace talks or cease fires between Gaza leaders and their Israeli counterparts.

  5. That refugee thing is great! I wonder how many Somalis they’ll nab after having taken their daughters to the old country to get their labia sawed off?

  6. BANGLADESH – Explosives, bomb making materials recovered from Chittagong

    Three persons were arrested during Friday’s night-long raid, RAB-7 commander Lt Col Miftah Uddin Ahmed said.

    Thirty types of bomb making materials, 150kg of explosives, half kilogramme gunpowder, 76 crude bombs and 24 rounds of bullets were found at the house, RAB Director General Benazir Ahmed told reporters in the port city on Saturday.

    Besides, gloves, flasks, and equipment used by security forces were also recovered from the Halishahar house.

    Charters of Islami Chhatra Shibir and documents relating to Islami Chhatri Sangstha were found at the house the arrestees rented.

    Shibir and Chhatri Sangstha are BNP’s key ally Jamaat-e-Islami’s student fronts.

  7. DAILY MAIL –Venezuela president claims to have captured U.S. pilot accused of ‘recruiting citizens to stage a coup’

    ‘Pilot’ with ‘Latino roots’ detained in Táchira, border with Colombia, in the last few days, President Nicolas Maduro claims
    5 other U.S. nationals and 4 missionaries have been detained recently
    All accused by Venezuelan government of ‘espionage’ and ‘recruitment’
    Comes as tensions rise between the two nations, Maduro accused the U.S. of trying to overthrow him
    There has been a recent surge in anti-government protests in Caracas

    VENEZUELA – Maduro announces Venezuela detained a U.S. pilot

    • He can claim what he wants because we all know Obama isn’t going to try and undermine a communist government anymore then he will try to undermine a Moslem one.

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