Quebec steps up to the plate, muslims deny promoting ‘extremism’ and more Links 2 on Feb. 27 – 2015

1. Adil Charkaoui blasts decision to suspend leases to his Montreal Muslim schools

One of six young Quebecers who may have joined jihadist groups briefly attended courses offered by Adil Charkaoui’s school.

MONTREAL—Adil Charkaoui is blasting a decision by two Montreal junior colleges to suspend leases granted to his Arabic schools.

The schools suspended the contracts Thursday in the wake of reports that six young Quebecers left the country in mid-January and may have joined jihadist groups in the Middle East.

One of the schools defended the decision, saying a video circulating online suggested the activities of the school and the college’s values were at odds.

2. Brian Lilley on Obama’s Net Neutering

3. ‘Secret Swedish Asylum group’ plans 400,000 new immigrants

(I have no idea how accurate or reliable the above website is. It comes in Via GoV from a Good Bye Sweden! Please do not flush the Danes down the toilet with you when you finally hit the trap door switch. To mix a metaphor a little)

4 BREAKING: Quebec court backs judge who refused to hear case of woman in hijab

MONTREAL — The Court of Quebec is standing by the decision of one of its judges who refused to hear a woman’s case unless she removed her Islamic headscarf.

Court spokeswoman Annie-Claude Bergeron said Friday that despite widespread public criticism, Judge Eliana Marengo will not bow to public pressure and Tuesday’s court ruling stands.

“There is really no question of letting (public) pressure change the decision,” Bergeron said in an interview.

Marengo told Rania El-Alloul inside a Montreal courtroom she had to remove her hijab before the court would hear her case against the province’s automobile insurance board, which had seized her vehicle.

The judge said her courtroom was a secular space and religious clothing of any kind is inappropriate.

Marengo cited Article 13 of the rules of provincial court, which reads that “any person appearing before the court must be suitably dressed.”

The judge interpreted the rules to include religious headscarves.

5. Adil Charkaoui says no students came to him asking about radicalization

6. Copenhagen shootings: Third alleged accomplice arrested

Police gave few details, but said the “young man” would face a custody hearing on Saturday.

Two other men were charged shortly after the attacks with helping the gunman, Omar El-Hussein.

El-Hussein was shot dead by police after targeting a free speech debate and a synagogue.

The shootings left a film director and a Jewish man dead and five police injured.

7. Ezra on ‘Root Causes’ of islamic torture.

Thank you Yucki, Richard, M. Wrath of Khan and all who sent in materials.

(One has to wonder about that family which killed their child or possibly children with poison gas they brought home from Pakistan. I hope someone is inks ooking into how the kids fit in at school and what kind of politics the parents had. Cause really, no matter how good a union the pest control guys have, it has to be cheaper to call them than a couple of tickets to Pakistan and a box of Zyklon B)


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19 Replies to “Quebec steps up to the plate, muslims deny promoting ‘extremism’ and more Links 2 on Feb. 27 – 2015”

    • France isn’t France anymore, it’s filthy, disgusting and it’s a shame that they let so many muslims into what was once a beautiful country. Well done to the French Government, you welcomed them in, now you can say bye bye to your country and Hello to more bombings, shootings and terrorism. Muslims have no room in Democratic countries, they say they flee their countries and sharia law, but want to bring it here…..LOL… the stupidity of politically correct idiots.

    • No nation is what it was before the left decided to destroy all borders and the cultures that build Western Civ, we are now paying the price for letting the useful idiots give the left so much power. Now we are in a war of survival and the left and its sycophants are busy telling us no war is occurring.

  1. I want to see the pakistani parents of the posioning case charged, importing a dangerous substance, childendangerment, manslaughter, etc…if a white,yellow, red, brown, or black Canadian of long standing did what these inbred morons did it would be jail time for sure.

    • For a normal, non-muslim that is, person losing a child or two would be punishment enough. But when its religious muslims, and we do not know if thats the case as our news media feels its important to deprive us of the information that actually leads to an informed opinion if its not the one they want us to form, then one has to wonder:

      Did they import this stuff really for a terrorist attack

      Did they actually want it to kill their children and not the bedbugs in some sort of islamic honour killing.

      Now many would be horrified at these questions and perhaps they are right to be. But given islamic law in these matters and current events around the world, they are not unreasonable questions even if they have horrible implications.

    • Exactly….. you are so right. Bringing chemicals from Pakistan…. just shows how easy it is to bring dangerous chemicals into Canada. Well done Canada Borders.

  2. It’s about time someone stood up to these muslims. If they don’t like our laws, then don’t come here. But stupid Canadians will raise money for her probably, just you watch. Idiots !! Let homeless people starve and live on the streets, let our veterans kill themselves because the Canadian government wont help them. Shame on any Canadian who agrees with this muslim. We need more people like this Quebec Judge, she isn’t afraid to stand up to immigrants and stand behind our law, just like mussies do with their barbaric, archaic sharia law. This is CANADA not and islamic state. Wake up you stupid Canadians.

    • We cannot cover our faces or heads in a court of law. It’s the way it is, we all have to do it. So to the muslim woman crying on tv, shut up or go back to your backwards country. We don’t need that shit here. Our laws our ways.

      • Good for Judge Marengo, but what is she going to do when a Sikh shows up in a turban? And I see that once again, Canadian Sikhs are already leaping to Islam’s defense:

        She could either identify Islam as the specific issue here and say she is not having Islamic symbols in her courtroom, or say she doesn’t want bizarre and foreign religious headgear of any kind in her courtroom, which I would also support.

        • Umm, is there a taboo in seeing a Sikh man exposed with his hair uncut? Is he a Musselma, where to see his locks brings shame/blame from every follicle?

          Standing in court a person does not represent a gang, but the deeds of their own actions. Accountability.

          Many Christians foolishly believe they will be wearing the Blood of Christ on Judgement Day. Hoping for the dispensation of one law for them and one law for others.
          Though this actually happens for Muslims, in their own lands and within Socialist courts who apply a preference of their own Politically Correct apartheid Sharia, this is not Divine.
          And the Hebrews too once legislated for crimes which strangely were lenient on themselves and harsh on the goyem. The Judaic Shariah.

          Wherever there is a superior elite, (religious faith/sexual preference/social sheep), there is discrimination against the unintoxicated. The Law for them is not used for justice, but only for compliance. The Human Rights Act is nothing about the scales of reason but social engineering.

          Before a judge, the dock should be a sanctuary from the world where a human being will still be considered an individual and their association with the mind of others as their weakness.
          The dress code of the judiciary is in keeping with being out of place and fashion so that they bring no tribal and religious stupidity with them either.

          It is not the dehumanization of shaved heads and orange jumpsuits of Gitmo’ – so mocked by ISIS by going further down that path – that brings enlightenment, stripped of dignity of their individuality, but the very releasing of those headscarfs of being less than a male and the uniforms of proud collectivists that erode uniqueness. If fighting a war against Islam, wear the five K’s with pride so if a Sikh is attacked or raped by them come to their aid. But for today the uniforms of valor or submission are not being judged. YOU are. Silence in court.

  3. 1/ ‘“I think to fight radicalization and terrorism we don’t need just laws. We need collaboration of communities, of imams, of schools, of all the society,” he said. “It’s not just with very hard laws that we can fight radicalization. Radicalization is a consequence, not a cause.”

    ‘The problem is not unique to Quebec, but the province does have its own particular hostilities that might inflame the grievances of those prone to radical Islam…’

    The Jihadi John defense. If only the kuffar weren’t so cruel to Muslims in the dar al-harb, Muslims wouldn’t have to cut their heads off. What Stephen Coughlin recognizes as battered wife syndrome to the extent we go along with it. ‘Don’t make me hit you again.’ And what temerity this one has be advising Muslim parents even now not to go to the police about their jihadi children.

  4. 2/ The Obama-voter I argued with yesterday knows this means government control of the internet and wants it, because the opposite of leviathan is behemoth, mega-corporations, and they are the real evil. Leviathan better than behemoth.

    • The left longs for the days before the net when they c0ntrolled over 90% of the news services, back then the conservatives had a hard time getting their message out and the left had a good shot at making the US a one party nation.

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