Quebec makes serious efforts to deal with the cancer which is Islam in our society today: Links 2 on Feb. 26 – 2015

1. Turkish Teacher: Get ‘Harassment Teams’ to Intimidate Girls

(Does anyone even remember what feminism was for the last 50 years?)

A high-school teacher in Turkey has called on male students to sexually harass female students in order to intimidate them into compliance with the school’s dress code.

The deputy principal of the Kepez Atatürk Anatolian High School in the southern province of Antalya reportedly suggested the formation of so called “harassment teams” at a meeting about school uniforms on February 9. She said that “male students could follow girls who wear short skirts to make them feel uncomfortable, after which the students would eventually have to dress ‘properly.’”

2. “This Generation Will Be the One That Conquers Rome”

(This is the Gates of Vienna post on the horrific video out of the Islamic State that we titled and published yesterday, although it is a separate upload with a minor font error corrected on a couple of the explanatory titles)


I found this video more disturbing than those that depict mass executions, beheadings, snipers, bloody surf, and all the other grisly forms of violence so lovingly chronicled by the Islamic State. This is a celebration of a form of violence that is inflicted on the hearts and minds of children.

Some of these boys are very young, and probably can’t remember much of their life before the Syrian “civil war” began four years ago. If it hadn’t been for the “Arab Spring” and the jihad against Bashar Assad — brought to you courtesy of Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and EU Inc. — these kids might have been able to have a more or less normal childhood and grow up to lead more or less normal lives. Normal by Syrian standards, that is: rough, backward, and sometimes brutal, but nowhere near as brutal as the rule of the Islamic State, which has become the new normal in large swaths of Syria and Iraq.


3. Six muslims (who have likely been living off of the largesse of the state of Quebec), leave to join the Islamic State.

(Additional video at this link. Apparently there is no factor linking them all!)

4. EVERY mobile phone user is ordered to have their fingerprints taken in Pakistan as part of country’s new anti-terror laws 

Every mobile phone user in Pakistan is being ordered to have their fingerpints taken as part of the country’s tough new anti-terror laws.

Every citizen who wants to use a device must make sure their name, phone number and finger prints are on record in order to keep their SIM card.

Since the new measure was announced earlier this year, Pakistanis have been lining up at mobile phone stores and in front of vans and kiosks to have their fingerprints scanned so their identities can be verified, meaning they can keep their phones.

People line up in front of a street trader in Islamabad to have their SIM cards verified by giving their fingerprints

People line up in front of a street trader in Islamabad to have their SIM cards verified by giving their fingerprints

5. This appears to be ‘Jihadi John’s’ Youtube channel

Jihadid Johns youtube channel. The number 1061658 is his student registration number at Westminster university…

(I am having significant trouble with downloading YT videos today. Please try and grab as much of this as possible for those of you that can for posterity before YT scrubs it)

6. Australia: Bendigo councillor Elise Chapman tweets graphic female genital mutilation photos

A VICTORIAN councillor has tweeted graphic female genital mutilation photos to a supporter of a controversial mosque development.

Bendigo councillor Elise Chapman has been outspoken against Islam in her campaign to stop a $3 million mosque development approved by Bendigo City Council in June 2014.

A mosque supporter had sent a message to Chapman on Twitter saying she hoped the mosque would get built soon.

“It’s great to see someone who cares about all Bendigo residents and their religions,” the supporter tweeted.

Ms Chapman responded with the image showing five babies with bloody wounds.

“Oh, we could have this here too? Would you like your fanny sliced off,” she captioned the photo.

(More on that here)

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7 Replies to “Quebec makes serious efforts to deal with the cancer which is Islam in our society today: Links 2 on Feb. 26 – 2015”

  1. CBC – Quebec judge wouldn’t hear case of woman wearing hijab

    Judge Eliana Marengo is heard telling Rania El-Alloul courtroom is a secular place in audio obtained by CBC

    A Quebec court judge has told a woman appearing in her Montreal courtroom she would not hear her case unless the woman removed her hijab.

    In an audio recording of the proceeding obtained by CBC, Judge Eliana Marengo is heard telling Rania El-Alloul on Tuesday that the courtroom is a secular place, and that she is not suitably dressed.

    “Hats and sunglasses for example, are not allowed. And I don’t see why scarves on the head would be either,” Marengo says in the recording.

    “The same rules need to be applied to everyone. I will therefore not hear you if you are wearing a scarf on your head, just as I would not allow a person to appear before me wearing a hat or sunglasses on his or her head, or any other garment not suitable for a court proceeding.”

    El-Alloul was in court to apply to get her car back after it was seized by Quebec’s automobile insurance board, the SAAQ.

    The car was seized after police stopped El-Alloul’s son for driving with a suspended license. In such cases, the board keeps the car for a month. If someone wants it back sooner, they have to appear before a Court of Quebec judge to make a request. That’s what El-Alloul was trying to do Tuesday afternoon.

    When El-Alloul first appeared before Judge Marengo, the judge asked her why she had a scarf on her head. El-Alloul replied that it was because she is a Muslim. The judge then said she would take a 30 minute recess.

    When Judge Marengo returned, she told El-Alloul she had a choice: remove her headscarf immediately or apply for a postponement in order to consult a lawyer. El-Alloul replied that she couldn’t afford a lawyer and that she didn’t want to postpone the case. Judge Marengo then adjourned the case indefinitely.

    ‘I felt that I’m not Canadian anymore’

    In an interview, El-Alloul said she couldn’t believe what was happening.

    “When I came the first day when I made landing in Canada, I was wearing my hijab,” she recalled.

    “When I swore by God to be a good Canadian citizen I was wearing my hijab, and the judge, I shook hands with him the same day I became Canadian. I was really very happy. But what happened in court made me feel afraid. I felt that I’m not Canadian anymore.”

    El-Alloul said she’s speaking out because she doesn’t want what happened to her to happen to any other Muslim woman.

    “When she insisted I should remove my hijab, really I felt like she was talking with me as… not a human being. I don’t want this thing to happen to any other lady. This is not the work of a judge. She doesn’t deserve to be a judge.”

    Judge Marengo did not respond to CBC’s request for comment.

    Annie-Claude Bergeron, spokesperson for the Chief Judge of the Quebec Court, said she was aware of the case, but that it’s “up to the judge to apply or interpret the law the way they see it.”

    Regulations make no reference to headscarves

    During the proceeding, Judge Marengo cited Article 13 of the regulations of the Court of Quebec. That article states: “Any person appearing before the court must be suitably dressed.”

    Article 13 makes no specific reference to headscarves or any other garments.

    Sameer Zuberi is a board member with the Canadian Muslim Forum and a graduate of the law program at l’Université du Québec à Montréal. He says he’s flabbergasted.

    “This is really just a no-brainer,” Zuberi said.

    “The judge should have known better. It’s not the first time somebody walks into a courtroom with a religious dress. Jews, men who wear the kippa, have been here for decades and they’ve certainly been involved in a courtroom setting.”

    El-Alloul says she would like to file a formal complaint but she’s not sure how to proceed.

    Complaints against judges of the court of Quebec can be filed with the Conseil de la Magistrature du Quebec, which is responsible for supervising the conduct of judges appointed by the province, as judges of The Court of Quebec.

    The website of the Conseil suggests that there are many reasons someone might make a complaint, including if “a judge is impolite, aggressive or ridicules a person appearing before him or her, or if a judge becomes impatient for no reason.”

  2. 6/ From the hadith collection Jami at-Tirmidhi (Darussalam)

    Chapter 80. What Has Been Related: When The Two Circumcised Organs Meet, Ghusl Is Required.

    108. ‘Aishah narrated: “When the circumcised meets the circumcised [then indeed] Ghusl is required. Myself and Allah’s Messenger did that, so we performed Ghusl.”

    It is the saying of most of the people of knowledge among the Companions of the Prophet. Among them: Abu Bakr, ‘Umar, ‘Uthman, ‘Ali, ‘Aishah – and the Fuqaha’ among the Tabi’in and those after them, like: Sufyan Ath-Thawri, Ash-Shafi’i, Ahmad, and Ishaq. They say: When the two circumcised organs meet, Ghusl is required.


    The scholars are agreed on the basis of this Hadith that the ejaculation of the semen is not the only necessary condition for the obligation of a bath; in the above mentioned form of sexual contact, even if ejaculation did not occur, taking a bath becomes obligatory.

    I.e. it’s taken for granted that little Aisha has been genitally mutilated. Ghusl is full body ablution.

    • Re: Ghusl

      Chapter 106. What Has Been Related About A Man Going To All Of His Women With One Ghusl

      140. Anas narrated: “Allah’s Messenger would go around to his women with one Ghusl.”



      1. The Ummah is agreed that taking a bath is not necessary for having sexual intercourse again, yet it definitely makes one more active and strong.

      2. The Prophet would do so after returning from journey or beginning a new turn, otherwise he would usually go to his wife whose turn it used to be. Though following and setting the turns were not compulsory for him, yet he would take care of it greatly.

  3. 2/ I can’t see the video, but looking over the transcript and comments at GoV it seems the salient point is that this is mere Islam, only a stronger, more classical dose of it. In a culture in which it was fine for 51-year-old-men to molest six-year-old girls (and rape them at nine), boys the same age wouldn’t have been sheltered in some special preserve of childhood, far from the rampant blood-letting. That gory and immensely popular Ramadan TV special a few years ago about Omar (the second righteous caliph) was family viewing. Any Muslim kid reared on a diet of Koran and Sunnah is implicitly prepared for this sort of thing, even if he hasn’t been told the whole story.

    Someone told me once that he had turned down a job in a high school in Saudi Arabia when he was informed that his duty between classes would be to patrol the corridors stopping the older boys from molesting the younger ones. There is little truly novel in that department either for these boys now in jihadi school, I would guess.

  4. The various warlords in Africa have shown that grabbing the kids young and raising them to be fighters for their cause gives them troops that will follow any order and commit any crime.

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