Geopolitics of Islam and Western submission to its norms: Links 1 on Feb. 25 – 2015

1. YEMEN – French development worker abducted by armed men

(My God Yemen is now nearly as bad as Marseille)

2. Finland: National radio to read Koran ‘cover to cover’

The country’s public broadcaster, Yle, has divided the reading into 60 half-hour segments, including a discussion between two experts on the context and meaning of each part. Beginning on 7 March, the project is “intended to increase people’s knowledge of the Koran and Muslim culture in Finland”, Yle says on its website. A leader from Finland’s Muslim community, Imam Anas Hajjar, will discuss each section with Professor Jaakko Hameen-Anttila, who translated the text into Finnish

(The article goes on to discuss interpretation, showing that none of the parties know or will admit to the fact of legal interpretations of koranic passages called ‘tasfirs’ which would solve the issue but not in the way the imam wants I suspect)

3. Jordan furious over Pentagon leak on secret anti-Islamic State training camp

The Pentagon let slip that one of its training camps to help fight Islamic State terrorists is in Jordan — information the pro-U.S. kingdom had specifically requested be kept private, and the latest gaffe in a series of sensitive leaks coming out of the Department of Defense.

(Robert Spencer explains this as politics. He is being kind. I add this to how they leak every Israeli move for solid defense reasons in a manner which may force an Israeli-Syrian war no one wants and I get a pattern that doesn’t look good for the USA)

4. 25% of muslims in the UK. feel that drawing the pirate mohamed, founder of islam, should be rewarded with decapitation. 

(But wait till you see how the BBC spun the results of that poll in the headline. And no speculation on what percentage of those who refused to answer either. So I will. 100% agree with the 27% who admit it)

5. Daily Mail link on the Saudi sentenced to death for apostasy which includes his video

(Once again the Daily Mail shows it is one of the last men standing in terms of media telling the truth and showing the news. When they manage to take that down, the debate will move to a whole new level)

6. Sweden: Rape Capital of the West

(Actually I believe it is third in the world after South Africa and Botswana)

Forty years after the Swedish parliament unanimously decided to change the formerly homogenous Sweden into a multicultural country, violent crime has increased by 300% and rapes by 1,472%. Sweden is now number two on the list of rape countries, surpassed only by Lesotho in Southern Africa.

Significantly, the report does not touch on the background of the rapists. One should, however, keep in mind that in statistics, second-generation immigrants are counted as Swedes.

In an astounding number of cases, the Swedish courts have demonstrated sympathy for the rapists, and have acquitted suspects who have claimed that the girl wanted to have sex with six, seven or eight men.

7. Iran attacks replica US ship in military drill

Iran’s armed forces launched a speedboat attack on a giant model of a US aircraft carrier on Wednesday as the Revolutionary Guard staged military exercises in the Gulf.

The aim of the drill was to practise how to sink an American carrier, at least two of which patrol the Gulf at any given time.

8. Swastikas and Bullets Found on Cars in Montreal

On Monday night, swastikas and death threats were left on four cars in a Montreal apartment building’s parking garage, frightening the residents living there.

Daniel, one of the residents whose car was damaged, described the scene: “There were four cars with swastikas on them, and five cars with envelopes on them, and on the white envelopes there were swastikas on them. The swastikas were huge. They covered pretty much the majority of the hood.” He also said a neighbor’s car’s windshield was smashed and a pickaxe lay next to the car.

(SUN Link here has a better photo)

9. Feds’ relocation of Somali refugees stresses Minn. welfare, raises terror fears

The State Department has helped to relocate tens of thousands of refugees from the war-torn African nation of Somalia to Minnesota, where they can take advantage of some of America’s most generous welfare and charity programs.

But the effort is having the unintended consequence of creating an enclave of immigrants with high unemployment that is both stressing the state’s safety net and creating a rich pool of potential recruiting targets for Islamist terror groups.

In the fiscal year that ended in September, Minnesota welcomed 1,118 Somali refugees arriving directly from Africa, most of them without family ties to the state, according to State Department statistics. Overall, more than 30,000 Somalis live in the midwestern state comprising the nation’s largest concentration of Somali immigrants, according to U.S. Census data.

Thank you M., Draculea, antikythera, Oz-RIta, Richard, and all. More to come.

Many people have sent in a number of links about what seems to be synchronized drones over French landmarks at night. I haven’t posted them because I am still thinking about it. Anyone can google for it and get them of course but I remain puzzled. If this was a muslim plot to attack, why not attack? Once they have them in the air and in location it doesn’t make sense to do it again for real as countermeasures will surely be in place and jamming digital radio signals cannot be that hard. Also I am reluctant to add to anti-drone hysteria as its one of the last fun and useful things that Joe Public can do both for fun and aerial photography and videography, and like many things it has potential in the wrong hands to do damage, the problem cannot be in the tools it has to be in the culture of those that would pervert the tool to an evil purpose.

So long as governments, encouraged mostly by the left side of the aisle typically, continue to feel the solution to social problems is allow the most pernicious of people to roam among us while defanging the entire population to prevent bad events, we walk eyes open into totalitarianism where the most thuggish will, not might, will, set the rules for all of us.

We can already see that taking place in areas where muslims form a large minority, such as the UK and parts of France. The governments disguise this new totalitarianism with euphemisms about ‘cultural harmony’ etc. but removing magna carta and the freedoms of the Enlightenment are what they are no matter what you call it.

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  1. Regarding the drones in Paris, RFI has just announced that 3 Al Jazeera journalists have been arrested in France. I have no more info on that at the moment, just a notification from my RFI app.

    • Three Al-Jazeera journalists arrested for flying a drone in Paris after French capital was put on terror alert because remote control gadgets had been seen flying over landmarks

      The reporters were allegedly operating the drone from a suburban park
      There is no suggestion they were involved in a recent spate of sightings
      Unmanned aircraft were seen flying over tourist hotspots in French capital
      Appeared in ‘at least’ five locations in the city in early hours of Monday
      Security officials were unable to catch the operators of the drone aircraft
      Civilian drones are thought a serious security risk and are banned in Paris

      • Paris police arrest Al-Jazeera journalists over drone (BBC, Feb 25, 2015)

        “Three Al-Jazeera journalists have been arrested for the alleged illegal flying of a drone in Paris after being spotted by police in the Bois de Boulogne area.

        A spokesman for prosecutors said there was “no relationship for the moment” between the arrests and mysterious drone flights over the city at night.

        Al-Jazeera said the journalists had been “filming a report on the city’s recent mystery drones”.

        Drones were spotted over city landmarks for a second night running on Tuesday.

        Flying drones over Paris without a license is banned by law.

        The offense carries a maximum one-year prison sentence and a €75,000 (£55,000; $85,000) fine.

        A judicial source told AFP news agency of the three people arrested: “The first was piloting the drone, the second was filming and the third was watching.”

        The names and nationalities of the journalists have not been released. Al-Jazeera is a Qatar-based satellite TV channel.”

  2. The drones over Paris may be harmless or they may be some people trying to discover how sensitive the French are about drones, or third they may be trying to desensitize the French so that an attack could be carried out.

    Personally despite the man who put a sub-machine gun on one of the drones and made a video of it I don’t see much outside of intelligence gathering around purposed targets that the drones could be good for.


    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has turned down an invitation to meet with Senate Democrats, politely informing them that meeting with one party alone “could compound the misperception of partisanship regarding my upcoming visit,” according to Reuters. It is a response that reprises Democrats’ complaints about the speech Netanyahu is to deliver before a joint session of Congress on March 3–and turns their own arguments against them.

  4. Inside an ISIS Handbook for Foreigners Running to the Islamic State

    A new 50-page e-book released this month by ISIS gives directions to would-be jihadists and women wanting to join the Islamic State on everything from securing a safehouse in Turkey to packing enough underwear for the trip.

    Maps in the book suggest flying into ?anl?urfa, Turkey, for a nearly 80-mile overland trip to Raqqa, Syria, the capital of the “caliphate.”

  5. Over the past several decades, some persons of Arabian descent who claimed to be Muslims have committed terrorist acts against the United States. Those events, plus conflicts in the Middle East, media labeling terrorists as Muslims, the Taliban’s treatment of women, and a history of conflict between Christians and Muslims, have created a number of myths.

    The most dangerous myth is that Islam condones terrorism. Another myth is that Muslims are mostly Arabians. A third myth is that in Islamic teachings, men are allowed to terrorize women. A fourth myth is that Islamic teachings allow a government to force everyone to be Muslims.Islam prohibits terrorism. Islam prohibits a Muslim from attacking innocent civilians. (Al-Islam)

    “Islam does not support terrorism under any circumstances. Terrorism goes against every principle in Islam. If a Muslim engages in terrorism, he is not following Islam. He may be wrongly using the name of Islam for political or financial gain.” (USA Today)

    “Muslims throughout their history never allowed the killing of civilians, even in the midst of wars such as the Crusades. There is no respected Islamic scholar here in Saudi Arabia or anywhere else in the Muslim world who would support such a fatwa.” (The Guardian – Khashoggi)

    Hamza Yusuf, an Islamic scholar, has made several comments about Islam and terrorism. “The Prophet Muhammad said, ‘Do not kill women or children or non-combatants and do not kill old people or religious people….'”

    “Suicide is haram in Islam. It’s prohibited, like a mortal sin. And murder is haram. And to kill civilians is murder.”

    “The Prophet also said that there are people who kill in the name of Islam and go to hell. And when he was asked why, he said, ‘Because they weren’t fighting truly for the sake of God.’

    Muslims Against Terrorism requests media not use phrases such as “Islamic Fundamentalists” or “Muslim Terrorists” regarding terrorist attacks “Because such things do not exist. Islam is the religion of peace, love and mutual respect. Islam is the religion of moderation. Islam is the religion of human value and dignity.” They ask that religious affiliation not be mentioned in terrorist attacks.

    • I wonder if you’re aware that pretty much everybody on this site is quite aware of the Revelation of Abrogation, and therefore equally aware of the difference between a “Mecca” verse, and a “Madina” verse. Not all Kafirs are too stupid and lazy to pick up a Quran or a Hadith and simply read it…

      And besides, they’re executing a guy in Saudi Arabia right now for the crime of quitting Islam, so don’t even think about saying that it’s a myth that Islam enforces membership. Stop lying. I can tell when you do…

      • Thanks Chris. I really didn’t have the strength to write back to another one of these today.

        She is right about one thing sort of. The largest muslim country in the world is I think Indonesia which is not Arabic. But islam is enjoying a renaissance in the islamic sense there as well and yuo see more and more sharia laws and enforcement even to having young couples stopped on the street and the woman being arrested or fined for being with the wrong person or wearing the wrong clothes.

        Frankly it is pretty gauling that Halima thinks we are that stupid. Alternatively, she might be that stupid and not actually know anything about her religion or the world.

        • “Alternatively, she might be that stupid and not actually know anything about her religion or the world.”

          I thought the same thing – maybe. But Islam and Christianity do have different takes on the “truth”. While Christians tend to “believe” in the truth and treat it as a fundamental principle on its own (which it damn well is!), Muslims are taught that a little lie here and there, especially if it’s “for your own good”, is quite acceptable, and sometimes obligatory. Mohammed was quite a practical fellow in his way…

          What Muslims need to do is quit en masse. Their religion is no good and it’s making everybody in the whole world hate them. How can anybody want that? Why can’t they see that? What’s the matter with them?

          • Stunningly, the pirate mohamed anticipated that people who followed his rules would be disliked for it and those who dug into it would come to detest the rules that made them behave that way and so he wrote that the muslims should never take non muslims as friends as they are only friends to each other.

            So in other words, he made the muslims out to be victims of the reaction they caused in others right from the starting gate.

            Freaking amazing.

            • Yes, it is amazing, and it’s the one thing that our side fails to grasp 100% of the time. The Islamists always use some variation of the “human shield” tactic in order to confuse the enemy and break their focus. In essence, they are always holding a machine gun in one hand and a baby in the other, even if that baby is one of theirs. We have to learn that uncovering conspiracy theories is not necessarily a sign of insanity – especially when dealing with the Religion of Peace. They conspire constantly…

      • I wonder if you’re aware that pretty much everybody on this site…
        Reminds me of Israeli’s reaction when they hear that we’re spying on them: They’re hurt!
        “Do you think we’re not good counter-spies? How could you!”

    • ” Islam is the religion of peace, love and mutual respect. Islam is the religion of moderation. Islam is the religion of human value and dignity.”

      Unfortunately I get the impression you cannot make the distinction between reality and fantasy.

      Islam’s followers SAY it is the religion of ‘peace’, SAY it is the religion of ‘love and mutual respect’, SAY it is the religion of moderation and SAY it is the religion of ‘human value and dignity’.

      Unfortunately 5.5 billion people they share this planet with do not agree with them. They observe what muslims do to each other and the the cultures they infest – and come up with a common observation. Muslims prove by their own actions that they are NOT peaceful, certainly no more so than tribal animists living in the African Congo. Islam is a religion of fear and duress.

      The god of islam is islam itself.

  6. French Court Hears Claims Police Frisk Based on Race (abcnews, Feb 25, 2015)

    “A Paris appeals court heard a racial profiling case on Wednesday brought by 13 men — all black or of North African origin — who claim they’ve been victims of numerous, unjustified police identity checks because of their ethnicity.

    A lower court rejected their claims in 2013, ruling that police officers didn’t overstep legal boundaries.

    The case has been billed as the first effort in France to tackle racial profiling by police. The issue was at the forefront of fiery 2005 riots in French housing projects where police have a notoriously bad relationship with youths, often of immigrant origin.

    “We are optimistic” about winning, said Slim Ben Achour, an attorney in the case. But, he added, “we don’t know when.”

    The appeals court verdict is set for June 24. If his clients lose in then they will take the case to France’s highest court, and on to the European Court of Human Rights if need be, Ben Achour said.

    In addition, similar cases will be opened in other parts of France, he said.

    In France, the law allows for widespread police checks on people deemed suspicious. There is no written trace of an identity check, making it difficult for the person concerned to file a complaint. Opponents say police have too much discretion.

    The case may have had a boost from a report by France’s Rights Defender, Jacques Toubon, whose office forwarded observations to the court and notably said that objective criteria, not gut instincts, should guide the practice known as stop and frisk, considered as a crime-fighting tactic. The state-appointed Right’s Defender was represented at Wednesday’s hearing by an attorney.

    The chance of being checked by police is six times higher for blacks than whites, and eight times higher for those of Arab origin, according to a study conducted in Paris by France’s National Center for Scientific Research and the Open Society Justice Initiative, one of eight organizations backing the legal action.”

  7. Morocco Bans Import of Drones Citing Security Concerns (abcnews, Feb 25, 2015)

    “Morocco’s Interior Ministry has announced a ban on the import of drones and remote-controlled flying objects in general, citing security concerns.

    The statement Wednesday said the ban had taken effect two days earlier and was due to threats to security and property and the invasion of privacy. There have been no reports of drone incidents in the country.

    The statement said illegally imported drones will be seized while those purchased before the ban must be authorized. Companies or government institutions requiring a drone must obtain permission.

    The order comes as French authorities are investigating a spate of incidents involving drone seen flying over Paris.”

  8. US Supreme Court appears in favour of headscarf claim (BBC, Feb 25, 2015)

    “A majority of US Supreme Court justices appear to be supportive of an argument that Abercrombie & Fitch discriminated against a Muslim teenager.

    Samantha Elauf argued she was denied a job because her headscarf conflicted with the company’s dress code.

    Abercrombie disputes the allegation, arguing Ms Elauf did not ask specifically for a religious exemption.

    Questions from some of the justices were in favour of Ms Elauf, but their final decision will be made in May.

    The clothing retailer has since changed its policy on headscarves but continues to fight the case in court.

    In a statement on Wednesday, the firm said it had a “longstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion” and had “granted numerous religious accommodations when requested, including hijabs”.

    US law requires that employers must “reasonably accommodate” an employee’s religious beliefs, as long as it does not provide an undue hardship to the business.

    The US high court seeks to answer the question of whether a prospective employee must explicitly ask for a religious exemption…..”

    • Great article! And very true. It doesn’t make any difference if he’s a Manchurian candidate or not, he’s doing the same amount of damage either way. How true. He’s going to leave office with a nuclear Iran and the beginnings of a worldwide nuclear arms race in the making. Quite honestly, I don’t think he is a Manchurian candidate, I just think he’s a Bill Ayers/Saul Alinsky/ Marxist with a huge hate on for the Western World in general and the United States of America in particular, which actually describes the average brainless Democrat hippy radical quite nicely…

      Oh… I don’t believe he’s a Christian because there is no fatwa out on his head for apostasy and no mention of his “seeing the light” and converting to Christianity. Right? He’s lying about that for sure. The entire Muslim World seems to know that…

    • CNN – Adam Perlmutter, the attorney for one of the men alleged to have attempted to join ISIS, says his client should be presumed innocent and there is a rush to prosecute Muslim men in America.

  9. #5
    (Daily Mail link on the Saudi sentenced to death for apostasy which includes his video)

    Wouldn’t it be cool if the young people of Saudi Arabia all hit the streets at the same time and demanded that their government cut the bullshit and stop oppressing them and making them live in a Medieval nightmare instead of a real country? How can killing someone for having a crisis of faith be right? How can one person ever have the authority to tell another person how they should believe in God? It’s just not right, and anybody can see it. They should rise up like the people of Egypt and send the Sauds off to their villas in France to live out their lives in perfect luxury…or they could hang them naked from meat hooks…:)

    • Dream on, kind benevolent space aliens landing and helping is is more likely then the kids raised in a fundamentalist nation revolting.

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