Police press meeting for the ‘Toronto Peace Tunnel’

I like where the police spokesman says something like, ‘it isn’t a crime to dig a hole’.

In Toronto it probably costs $15,000.00 and takes 14 months to get a permit to build a back deck for your BBQ. and that would be on your own fully owned private land. So building a concrete reenforced tunnel with heating and gas generators with no permits etc. etc. in a public park or whatever that is, I am pretty sure would cause the municipality to wrap its collective heads around parking meters trying to get a compile list of laws and regulations broken. Unless of course they are muslims. Then it was a public service project no doubt.

I mean if that concrete heated gas powered tunnel with lights etc. is “digging a hole” then you Toronto people can easily build a granny suite over your garage and just call it piling up some sticks.

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7 Replies to “Police press meeting for the ‘Toronto Peace Tunnel’”

  1. Probably a homeless guy building somewhere to sleep, a former engineer made redundant by lower paid workers happy tg work for $20 lesss per hour – brought in by a rampant mass immigration program.

  2. No one goes through that kind of expense and effort just for fun and games. It could possibly be used for a stash for arms by radical jihadists, or to gain entry to the Rexall center and perpetrate mass carnage. The Poppy and Rosary could have been planted to to cast guilt or blame elsewhere. The authorities should be very concerned.

  3. My guess is that it’s a good, old-fashioned, Ann Rule-style serial killer planning to take an athlete – Maria would be perfect – and stick her in the hole. Then he can taunt the police, secure in the knowledge that he has her sealed up right under their noses because he’s so, so smart and clever and they’re all so dumb…

    The police appeared to be extremely concerned about this.

    Oh, and the rosary and the cross are just more serial killer hallmarks. He’s hoping they call him “The Crucifix Crucifier”, or “The Jesus Whacker” or “The Prince of Pieces”, or something… I’ll betcha!

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