Mystery tunnel found near Pan Am Games venue

Toronto Canada

From CBC

National security officials have been notified that an underground tunnel was discovered near a venue for this summer’s Pan Am Games in Toronto, CBC News has learned.

The tunnel was dug in the woods near Toronto’s Rexall Centre and York University’s Keele campus. It was large enough for a person to stand in, at around 2½ metres in height, and was about seven metres long. The tunnel had lights inside, powered by a generator, and the walls and ceiling were reinforced.

Interior image of mystery tunnel near York University

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(I wonder what group in the world likes to build illegal tunnels?)

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10 Replies to “Mystery tunnel found near Pan Am Games venue”

  1. Until someone disproves it, I’m going with the theory that Earth is facing an imminent invasion by hostile aliens from a nearby star system. Western astronomers detected the massive fleet in the mid ’70s. The starships have been decelerating as they near the end of their thousand-year journey and will soon enter the solar system. In order to train our security services and harden our populations against the slaughter of the coming war, our wise and forward-looking leaders allowed hundreds of thousands of Muslim savages into civilized countries. The policy looks suicidal, but in fact it is mankind’s only hope. Seen this way everything makes sense.

    • Don

      The figure is more in the region of tens of millions of Muslim savages.

      The rest of your thesis needs careful consideration. I can now see why halal slaughter has been fostered, as it lets us get used to the idea of rivers of blood on the streets.

      Mass gang rapes is a way to get us used to the idea that the aliens will be abducting females for breeding purposes. This assumes that only fighting fit alien males will be on the starships. After a long jouirney, they will be mightily frustrated.

      FGM is to stop human females getting any sexual pleasure with aliens.

      This is all making sense.

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