Geopolitics of islam and the US: Links 2 on Feb. 20 – 2015

1. Very interesting report on FOX about Iran’s weapons distributions networks in the region. Video is quite informative.

2. French police just let illegal migrants go at Calais

3. Military response to Obama’s summit: ‘We are aiding and abetting the enemy’

A newly-minted U.S. senator and a retired lieutenant general appeared on Fox News Channel’s “The Kelly File” Thursday and expressed their disbelief at the Obama administration’s disclosure of its plans to re-take the city of Mosul, Iraq, including timetable and troop numbers.

Revealing battle plans in advance has “now become a matter of policy” and amounts to “aiding and abetting the enemy” they said.

“If a private in Iraq had revealed this kind of planning inadvertently by leaving a plan in the chow hall or a gym, he might have faced a court martial,”

(Video at link is also good)

4. Obama to Hold Talks w/Taliban Leaders He Freed

 Members of the Afghan Taliban were due to hold direct talks with American officials in Qatar on Thursday, two senior militants told NBC News.

The delegation is led by Tayyab Agha, a close aide of Taliban supreme leader Mullah Omar, one of the sources told NBC News from Qatar. He added that it also includes five former Taliban commanders freed from Guantanamo Bay in a controversial exchange for American soldier Bowe Bergdahl in May 2014.

5. Not 100% sure but this is supposed to be an IS video showing a failed attempt on Al Baghdadi? Many corpses in it. Caution is advised for the squeamish.

6. Three ‘straight-A’ schoolgirls ‘flee Britain to become jihadi brides’ after contacting ISIS widow who advises British girls desperate to join the terror group

Three schoolgirls have fled the UK in a suspected bid to join Islamic State militants after contacting a female British member of the terror group who travelled to Syria to marry a jihadist.

Shamima Begum, 15, Kadiza Sultana, 16, and an unnamed 15-year-old, all from east London, flew to Istanbul in Turkey from Gatwick airport on Tuesday without leaving any messages behind for family or friends.

Scotland Yard detectives today appealed for any information about the missing girls, who all go to the Bethnal Green Academy school and were described as ‘three normal schoolgirls’ and ‘straight-A students’.

Just two days before their disappearance, Shamima is understood to have been in contact with a female British ISIS member who now advises those desperate to join the terror group.

Thank you Draculea, M., Don C., and many more and much more to post. Stand by. And thanks for your attention so far.

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17 Replies to “Geopolitics of islam and the US: Links 2 on Feb. 20 – 2015”

  1. #2.

    This is NOT “laxism” (as “they” tell us) by the French Government – this is, if not “orders” so at least implicit approval from “above”. The enemy sits right in the Heart of their government:

    Christine Taubira, the anti-white racist France-hater (yes I mean that!) whose first act when being elevated to the post of MINISTER FOR JUSTICE was to emasculate the French Police, and not only in numbers, the Interior Minister CAZENEUVE who has been manipulating French Patriots (e.g. Riposte Laique) into not being able to demonstrate after the Paris Charlie/Kosher Shop massacre while giving the green light to the Tard-demos at the same time and who (in)famously said: “Jihad is not a crime”, and then, the most important post in any country: the Ministry of Education – (the control of the future) given to that Arab/Muslim double agent (sorry double nationality) Belkacem.

    Sorry if I sound nasty, but my “giving them the benefit of the doubt” has expired 2 years ago if not longer !

    PS: lets not forget, This fully corrupt Hollande Government has been agitating intensively for a law that would give “foreigners” (including illegals) the right to vote!

  2. #6.

    *Not feeling very ‘generous’ this muggy, hot and humid Australian morning*

    These idiots deserve everything that’s coming to them!

    *going into hiding now after my unkind outbursts*

  3. #3 OMG !!!!!

    I just saw this item incl. video: WHAT WILL IT TAKE FOR ALL TO SEE THAT O B A M A and his Muslim Brotherhood infested White House not only “abet” the enemy, but that THEY ARE THE ENEMY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Massive fire engulfs Dubai Marina Torch residential tower

    A massive blaze has engulfed the ‘Marina Torch’ skyscraper in Dubai, forcing thousands of people to flee the 336-meter-high tower – one of the tallest residential buildings in the world.

    The fire started in the middle of the tower, rapidly spreading across some 15 floors, according to photos and videos from the scene.

  5. The Generals family has served in the US military for generations, they have fought in all of our wars so it is not surprising that he is working to save the US from our Moslem President.

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