1000 muslims pay homage to dead terrorist in Denmark and Boko Haram rejected cause they are black: Links 1 on Feb. 20 – 2015

1. Channel4 interviews the fellow who did the 10 hour walk as a conspicuous Jewish person in parts of Paris.

(While I find the confrontational nature of the interview to be a very good way to get a guest to fully express their position, I found the tone of this one oddly tilted towards reframing the interview with muslims as the victims of this experiment despite the fact that they were in all cases the aggressors. The Blaze discussed this here)

2. Five charged over Jewish grave vandalism in France

(You can read that story over and over as often as you want and this critical fact will not be in it)

3. It is well worth revisiting this Sept. 2014 article on the predictions of the Islamic State

…a jihadist who called himself Abu Bakr Naji, the book posits a world in which the superpower halo of the United States has disappeared and the Muslim world within the colonial boundaries known as the 1916 Sykes-Picot agreement has descended into chaos — “savagery,” as the author bluntly puts it.

4. US Official: ISIS Will Not Join Boko Haram Due to Racism

(So much for the ole’ ‘Islam isn’t racist’ narrative)

A U.S. intelligence officer told NBC News the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) will not likely team up with Nigerian radical Islamic group Boko Haram in any official capacity due to the group’s racism against black Africans.

“The Arab world is incredibly racist,” the officer explained. “They don’t see black Africans as equivalent to them.”

Boko Haram has repeatedly praised the Islamic State and showcases its flag in many videos, but the Islamic State has not shown any brotherly love towards their comrades in Africa, other than reports indicating that the groups are in communication. The officer also said there is no evidence that the two groups will merge soon.

5. Bombs in Mogadishu, apparently targeting Turkish delegation.

6. 1000 muslims pay homage to the terrorist killed by police in Copenhagen as he was committing an attack of mass slaughter.

(Suggest you not have eaten recently. Here is a video homage to the killer)

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, CB Sashenka, Brian of L. and many more. More to come soon.

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32 Replies to “1000 muslims pay homage to dead terrorist in Denmark and Boko Haram rejected cause they are black: Links 1 on Feb. 20 – 2015”

    • Yucki, I strongly recommend her last book “the One State Solution” is its title, I think, cannot find it atm. I bet you have read it anyhow. This Woman is the hope for the side who want a strong hand for Israel and the cessation of the “giving them the benefit of the doubt” modus operandi.

      • She was the first to come out and say ‘One-State’ in public discourse. It’s all they say privately. But it’s too soon.

        I’ve been archiving the last 15 years of Israeli defense files. Hard years, Hezbollah, Lebanon, Intifadas. Young soldiers doing stuff they still haven’t integrated into their lives. Caroline scares those people and their parents.

        She scares people into thinking of a future as a never-ending occupying force. Jews don’t do occupation well. They’re doctors and inventors; they’re extremely reluctant soldiers.

        You want your kid policing a mob, outnumbered, in an annexed West Bank? Where one slip have those animals at your throat, literally tearing you to pieces?

        Let the kid “toughen up”? Not good for the kid, he’ll make a sharp LEFT turn. There are young Israeli voters who served in those places; too many vote WRONG.

        Moreover, her demographics are a stretch, an optimist’s fantasy. If the numbers don’t work, way out-numbered disaster.

        Plus, she’s counting on ALL the Jews to act in their own self-interest. We all know they don’t. The media is more solidly left-wing in Israel than here. Herzog & Livni should be running for dog-catchers in Beirut, but in Israel, running against Bibi, they’ll get a respectable number of votes.

        So Caroline’s brilliant, and eloquent, and gutsy, and her heart’s in the right place. She does an incredible job liaising with Congress and American Jews – and Jew-Lovers! – but she scares too many Israelis.

        • “She was the first to come out and say ‘One-State’ in public discourse. It’s all they say privately. But it’s too soon.”

          I know it’s easy for keyboard warriors like myself (*), and I fully bow to your obviously deep and concrete knowledge of the problem, but I fear that, rather than being “too soon” – with the increasing success of the nasty global Jew-hatred propaganda it fear it will soon be “too late”. The goodies will get no brownie points for being even DECENT, let alone generous.

          As to the personal – I understand justified fear and even cowardice all too well, practising it myself. 🙁

          I am so angry because I see no solution other than violence – at least VERBAL.

          Re demographics: the way “they” bread, I too feel Caroline Glick’s stance a little on the optimistic side, especially as we help them to outbreed us – e.g. it has just been announced on the local Australian news that 99 % of the Paper-Australians, the vermin who left from here to fight for islam, have not only been living on benefits here, but have been paid these benefits while they decapitaed men, raped and crucified children and enslaved women “over there”. How do you spell: “Jiizza”?.

          • I’m thinking in purely selfish terms. Israelis shouldn’t bite off more than they can chew. And it’s irresponsible to encourage them.

            Think of your Gideon. Now think about what the IS monsters did to those three Syrian soldiers – was it yesterday? – or to the Jordanian pilot.

            I talk tough when we’re talking abstractions. But I know people who’ve interred the desecrated body parts of their children. And been grateful for that small mercy.

        • Yucki I am glad to see you say (much more eloquently) what I have been saying, Israel has limited resources, including soldiers and while the one state solution to the entire holy land sounds good in practice it would it would soak up too many resources and too much military force.]

          Remember the old saying that is partially true: Amateurs study tactics, professionals study logistics. In reality professionals study everything, but logistics is a major study for them. In WWII the main reason so many German forces made it out of France was that we out ran our supply lines. The same thing happened in Gulf War 2 during the march to Baghdad, in both cases the enemy was losing faster then our supply train could let us win. Now think of the logistics nightmare of trying to keep large numbers of Israeli troops supplied in areas where the Arabs outnumber the Jews, probably by at least one order of magnitude.

          • To complicate matters, not only have you’ve got fewer soldiers, but vastly different individuals.

            They’re not like the savages that flock to militia groups and the IS. They’re conscripts and reserves, not exactly battle hardened – to say the least. We all love the IDF, but they’re no longer the tough guys their parents and grandparents were. They fight with all they’ve got, but their limitations must be acknowledged.

            It’s infinitely easier for me to look back at history than at the immediate situation, with emotional semi-detachment. Since I’m not sitting with the decision-makers, I have that luxury.

            At present, I’m looking at the early WWII North African campaign. Now that we’re witnessing North African campaign, Part XYZ.

            • The original Israeli fighters remembered WWII and the way it was fought, their kids heard their stories, the current fighters are products of the modern civilization that says don’t be mean to your enemies.

              When you are through with the WWII North African campaigns read up on the war with the Barbary Pirates. The Pirates were the navy’s of the various North African nations, we need to remember our history and repeat it, especially the battle cry “Millions for defense but not one cent in tribute.”

              The modern US navy is said to have been birthed by the officers who were captured and who schooled the midshipmen in captivity.

      • No, these newspapers are the most popular in the state.

        It hurts me because I really like people I met in Egypt. I only wish them well. I think they liked me too.

        Hard to believe they could hate me so much. Or not regard me as human. That’s the worst.

        • The Muslim Brotherhood Left-overs in Egypt might be (numerically) superior to people who “walk upright, morally and intellectually”. Those whom you liked and who liked you, still do, those who regard you as “not human” are psychologically PROJECTING.

          I keep a folder with quotes that tickle my fancy, this one comes from this blog itself:

          Centuries of inbreeding in the Petri dish of Arabia have produced some nasty mutations (Don C on Vlad Tepes)

      • All media in these places is state-owned or vetted.

        Sisi will work with Israel, but he’ll always detest Jews. He’s going to cover that cooperation as much as possible in front of his people. He’ll lose his mandate otherwise. Same’s true of King Abdullah of Jordan.

        That’s true of all Arabs. Not necessarily true of Turks or Persians, but Arabs hate them too.

        Arab hatred of Jews is profound. We’re not human. Worse than apes and pigs, we’re shape-shifting demons. Primitive, superstitious peasants in a world grown complex.

        • A marriage of convenience in a mutual interest between Egypt and Israel? Such marriages can work. Was Sadat genuinely pro-Israel, or only politically (I was not interested in politics then but remember him as a “goodie”).

          “… Not necessarily true of Turks…”
          Give Adolf Erdogan just a bit more time and you will see some ugly mutations there too, I have looked in their eyes, when they came by busload from Germany to Paris, to protest against the PLAN of a LAW recognising that Turkey murdered over a million Armenians.

          And now I must away – it was so nice to talk nearly in “real” time. YOU TAKE CARE !! THAT’S AN ORDER 😉

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