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  1. What good can come from this… Hmm…

    U.S. allows armed drone sales to allies (CNN, Feb 17, 2015)

    “The United States will begin allowing sales of armed drones to friendly foreign countries, allowing allies to widen their arsenals with a tool increasingly used by the American military.

    The State Department announced the new policy on Tuesday, saying it will green-light the sales only on “rare occasions” and if the purchasing governments make a series of commitments on how and when they’ll use the drones.

    Among those commitments: Foreign governments can only use the drones when there’s a lawful basis to do so, such as self defense, and cannot use them to conduct illegal surveillance against their own populations….”

  2. Niger police arrest 160 suspected Boko Haram militants (CNN, Feb 17, 2015)

    “Authorities in the landlocked African nation of Niger have arrested 160 suspected Boko Haram militants allegedly involved in deadly attacks near that country’s border with Nigeria, a national police spokesman said Tuesday.

    The arrests happened over the last two days in Niger’s Diffa region, which borders Nigeria. Those taken into custody include Kaka Bunu, who police spokesman Adil Doro said was “involved in the recruitment of (Boko Haram) members.”

    Some of the suspects fled south, only to be arrested while on the run or in “their hiding places,” said Yakubu Sumana Gawo, the governor of Niger’s Diffa region.

    Members of the Nigerien police’s anti-terrorism unit are interrogating the suspects, all of them Niger citizens.

    Cameroon, meanwhile, is holding hundreds of suspected Boko Haram militants in prisons in its Far North Region.

    Two Cameroon security sources said more than 1,000 alleged terrorists are in custody in the central prison in the town of Maroua. Col. Joseph Nouma, commander of Cameroon’s special military operation targeting terrorists, offered a more conservative number of more than 600 detained.

    Nouma said his forces squared off Monday with Boko Haram fighters and beat them decisively.

    The battle in Gnam-Gnam, which is 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) from the Nigerian border, began when Cameroonian soldiers on a reconnaissance mission “were ambushed by the terrorists,” the Cameroonian colonel said.

    It ended a few hours later with at least 100 militants and five Cameroonian soldiers dead, according to Nouma. He said Cameroonian troops also seized an armored vehicle, two machine guns and a large amount of ammunition.

    Even with these mass arrests and reported military victories, though, no one is under the illusion that Boko Haram is finished…..”

  3. ISIS fighters are desperately trying to obtain VIAGRA, spending money on kinky underwear for their ‘wives’… then subjecting them to ‘brutal, abnormal’ sex acts according to doctors in Syria (dailymail, Feb 17, 2015)

    “Militants fighting for the Islamic State in Syria are seeking medical attention to improve their sexual prowess and subjecting their wives to ‘brutal, abnormal’ sex acts, according to local doctors. In an interview with activist group Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently, who are based in the terror group’s de facto capital, doctors anonymously revealed details of the jihadis’ warped sex drives. Despite their claim to be ultra-conservative Islamic extremists, many of the militants are spending part of their monthly salary on kinky underwear for their wives and for the hundreds of young women and children they kidnapped and now keep or sell as sex slaves.

    Details of the Sunni extremists’ twisted sexual appetites emerged in a report by Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently into the terror group’s brutally oppressive treatment of women. ‘A large section of ISIS members suffer from sexual anomalies and brutal instinctive desire for sex,’ the report reads. It goes on to list the key reasons young women and girls particularly fear the militants’ vehement sexual advances, stating that many females are too terrified to leave their homes due to the fighters’ threats to subject them to ‘sexual practices of a brutal and abnormal manner’.

    Other so-called ‘perversions’ detailed in the report include ISIS fighters ‘buying strange underwear for their women, desperately searching for ‘blue pills in order to increase their strength to have more sex’, and medical reports detailing injuries sustained by women due to the fighters’ violent sex acts. The activists also claim that the fighters take numerous wives to satisfy their demand for sex, and spend large amounts of time searching for ‘sabaya’ – kidnapped women and children, some of them as young as nine, who have been sold into sex slavery.

    The near constant threat of rape and sexual assault has forced many of the women in Raqqa to fear walking the streets. ‘The houses became their current tombs, because of fear from falling into the arms of the soldiers of the Caliph,’ the report states…”

  4. Judge slams ‘social engineering’ by council that took baby away from his father over ties to racist EDL and teenage sex caution (dailymail, Feb 17, 2015)

    “Social workers were accused by a senior judge of ‘social engineering’ after trying to take a child for adoption because his father was involved with the English Defence League.

    They decided that the far-Right political group was ‘barbaric’ and the 25-year-old man’s views were ‘immoral’.

    He should not be allowed to bring up his child because the boy needed ‘an environment that supports difference, equality and independence’, they said.

    But Sir James Munby, the country’s most senior family judge, blocked the adoption, ruling that the father’s failure to be a good role model did not justify taking his child away.

    The toddler was placed in foster care at birth when Darlington Borough Council raised concerns over his father’s ties to the English Defence League and a sex caution he received as a teenager.

    Social services staff said they found the man to be ‘immoral’ and should therefore not be given custody of his child.

    But the judge yesterday criticised the council, saying it should not see itself as ‘guardians of morality’.

    In a written ruling, he stated the father could be ‘immature’ and ‘irresponsible’ but said there was a risk of ‘social engineering’ if the toddler was to be permanently removed from his care…”

        • That it did with the British SAS being formed to run around behind German raising hell, in the 1960s there was a 2 or 3 season TV show the Rat Patrol stealing the Brits glory with Americans doing the running around behind the lines.

        • A lot of people like to cut Ike down as not being a combat soldier, but he was a true professional, versed in the operational arts (granted he never commanded small units in combat) as well as in logistics and was a politician that could hold a coalition together.

          The North ‘African campaign before Ike was pretty much a shambles, if General O’Conner hadn’t been captured the African campaign would have been a lot shorter.

  5. Tanzanian albino boy found mutilated (BBC, Feb 18, 2015)

    “An albino toddler missing since Sunday has been found dead in northern Tanzania with all his limbs hacked off.

    Yohana Bahati, aged one, was snatched from the house of his mother, who was cut with a machete.

    His body was found a few miles away. Two people have been arrested in connection with the killing…..

    Witchdoctors are prepared to pay $75,000 (£50,000) for a complete set of albino body parts according to the Red Cross….

    Albinism is particularly prevalent in Tanzania with one in 1,400 affected according to a 2006 BMC Public Health report. This compares with one in 20,000 in Western countries.

    The higher rate is thought to be due to inbreeding.”

  6. Four kidnapped polio workers are found dead in Pakistan (BBC, Feb 17, 2015)

    “Four members of a polio vaccination team have been found shot dead in south-west Pakistan, four days after being abducted.

    Police said that the bodies of a health worker, his driver and two security guards were found in the region of Balochistan.

    The team were seized on Friday by Taliban militants, security officials said.

    Militants say polio teams are spies or that the vaccine causes infertility.

    The shootings are the latest in a series of attacks on Pakistani polio teams. The violence has claimed the lives of at least 70 polio workers over the last four years.

    Local media report that the polio team went missing in the Zhob district of Balochistan, near the border with Afghanistan.

    Their bodies were found early on Tuesday morning.

    The relatives of the victims have taken to the streets in the city of Zhob to protest against their deaths, according to local reports….”

  7. Bangladesh Islamist sentenced to death for 1971 war crimes (BBC, Feb 17, 2015)

    “A leading member of Bangladesh’s main Islamist party has been sentenced to death for crimes committed during the 1971 war of independence with Pakistan. Abdus Subhan, 79, is the ninth leader from the Jamaat-e-Islami party to be convicted by a war crimes tribunal set up in 2010 to investigate the war.

    He was convicted of killing some 400 villagers in northern Bangladesh. Human rights groups have criticised the war crimes tribunal, saying it does not meet international standards. While many Bangladeshis welcomed the work of the tribunal, Jamaat supporters say it is a politically motivated attempt to eradicate its leaders…”

  8. Afghanistan civilian casualties up 22% in 2014, UN says (BBC, Feb 18, 2015)

    “The number of civilian deaths and injuries in Afghanistan rose by 22% in 2014, the United Nations says.

    A total of 3,699 Afghans killed and 6,849 injured made 2014 the deadliest year since the UN began keeping records in 2009.

    For the first time more people were killed in battles between the Taliban and government forces than by roadside bombs, the figures show.

    Foreign troops formally ended their combat role last December.

    Fighting between government forces and the Taliban accounted for just over a third of civilian casualties, while roadside bombs were responsible for 28% of civilian deaths and injuries, UN Special Representative Nicholas Haysom said, presenting the latest figures in Kabul.

    Intensified ground fighting is also reflected in the latest figures published by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

    In 2014, the Red Cross transported 37% more wounded combatants from the battlefield to health centres, while it more than doubled its recovery of bodies….”

  9. Nigeria attacks kill dozens as Boko Haram releases video (BBC, Feb 18, 2015)

    “Dozens of people have been killed in suicide attacks in Nigeria. Twenty people died following explosions at a military checkpoint outside the north-eastern town of Biu. Troops present at the checkpoint fired back, killing 17 of the insurgents. It is believed they were from Boko Haram.

    On Tuesday the group released a video in which Boko Haram’s leader, Abubakar Shekau vowed to disrupt Nigeria’s elections at any cost. The 15-minute film was released via the group’s newly created Twitter account, prompting some analysts to question whether they had been influenced by Islamic State. Previous Boko Haram videos were of a lower quality and distributed to journalists on DVD.

    Also on Tuesday, a suicide bomber killed four and injured five at a restaurant near a military checkpoint in Potiskum, north-eastern Nigeria. Meanwhile an attack at an opposition rally in the south of the country killed one police officer and injured four others, while a reporter covering the event was stabbed, according to news agency AFP.

    The attack targeted a rally by the All Progressives Congress (APC) – Nigeria’s main opposition – in Okrika, a small port town south of Port Harcourt in the heart of Nigeria’s oil-producing region. APC members were waiting for the rally to begin, witnesses said, when there was several explosions and gunfire. It was not immediately clear who was responsible for the attack. Boko Haram is not known to operate in the region….”

  10. Is my eye falling out or something…

    Canada Will Increase Immigration 8% in 2015 (nextbigfuture, Feb 17, 2015)

    “Immigration Canada reports that Canada has admitted about 250,000 immigrants per year for the last five years.

    The 2015 immigration plan unveiled by the government of Canada last week sets a target of between 260,000 and 285,000 new permanent residents next year, an increase of about 20,000 people from the goal for 2014.

    Canada’s increased immigration levels, coincides with the implementation of a new Express Entry immigration system which processes immigrants to Canada under Economic Class programs.

    The Express Entry immigration selection system came into operation in January, 2015

    This could end up a bit above the medium population projection. Immigration was 269,000 to 275,000 in the 2014-2016 medium population projection. Canada usually comes within 5000-7000 of the to the high end of the immigration targets.

    The High population projection from 2012 had 326,000 to 331,000 immigrants in the 2014-2016 timeframe.

    Businesses and national newspapers in Canada are pushing for immigration levels of 350,000 to 400,000…”

  11. Hello there……its me again……..Don Laird…

    There are extremely disturbing encroachments on our privacy and the latest can be found in a 4-3 Supreme Court of Canada decision that allows police officers to search your cell-phone and laptop upon your arrest.

    The decision citation is R V. Fearon and it has set off alarm bells across Canada.

    Consider the information that is kept on a cell-phone, in many cases its virtually the entirety of a persons life.

    Caution must now be used as the Police State is making massive strides forward. This is in lock-step with recent legislation, “anti-terror” legislation, that has set even more bells ringing. The Privacy Commissioner of Canada, Daniel Therrrien, has reserved full comment but has stated he is “very concerned” with Harpers latest grab for private aspects to our lives.

    Here are a couple of video links. I couldn’t find anything on YouTube. While I despise PressTV they provide a good commentary on the legislation.




    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  12. Hello there……its me again……Don Laird….

    There is a series of commentaries, essays if you will, on the Chinese Communist Party. They have been compiled into a book called “The Nine Commentaries of the Communist Party”

    It makes for very interesting reading.

    Here is a quote from “Commentary 8″…..

    ……….”During the Cultural Revolution, Li Lisan, once a CCP leader, was driven to the limit of his endurance. At 68 years of age, he was interrogated on average seven times per month. His wife Li Sha was treated as a “Soviet revisionist” spy, and had already been sent to jail; her whereabouts were unknown. With no other choice and in extreme despair, Li committed suicide by swallowing a large quantity of sleeping pills. Before his death, Li Lisan wrote a letter to Mao Zedong, truly reflecting the “sense of Party nature,” according to which a CCP member does not dare to give up, even on the verge of death:


    I am now stepping onto the path of betraying the Party by committing suicide, and have no means to defend my crime. Only one thing, that is, my entire family and I have never collaborated with enemy states. Only on this issue, I request the central government to investigate and examine the facts and draw conclusions based on truth……..

    Li Lisan
    June 22, 1967 [13]

    Here is the book on a website and in a downloadable PDF


    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

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