Islam is like a ‘competitive evil’ contest between groups and sects: Links 2 on Feb. 18 – 2015

1. The Atlantic appears to have published a long essay in which they state the obvious about the Islamic State, which is to say it is thoroughly and demonstrably islamic. They used several thousand words to do so, which one can understand as it is taking a leap off the media cliff to say anything true today which is in opposition to the Obama and Obama friendly broadcast media narrative. I have not read it all yet but feel it should be represented here as a few people have written in recommending it.

2. RT: Islamic State plans to invade Europe via Libya

(I really don’t get that, I thought they already did, they just haven’t triggered the attack yet)

Libya “has a long coast and looks upon the southern Crusader states, which can be reached with ease by even a rudimentary boat,” an Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) propagandist says in the letters seen by Quillum, according to the Telegraph.

That information originates from an IS supporter using the moniker Abu Ibrahim al-Libim. The propagandist is believed to be a strong force in IS recruitment online, with a focus on Libya.

The Telegraph could not independently confirm his identity, but the online recruiter is believed by analysts to be a great inspirer of troops and is widely-read.

3. CIA and Mossad are behind Boko Haram and ISIL, says Sudan president


4. Daniel Greenfield: There Is No Modern Islam

Like math and the Midwest, ISIS confuses progressives. It’s not hard to confuse a group of people who never figured out that if you borrow 18 trillion dollars, you’re going to have to pay it back. But ISIS is especially confusing to a demographic whose entire ideology is being on the right side of history.

5. Vandals hit 2 more French cemeteries, overturn crucifixes

PARIS (AP) — Dozens of gravesites have been vandalized in a two small-town graveyards in France, a discovery that came the same day five teens faced preliminary charges in massive destruction at a Jewish cemetery in eastern France.

France’s Interior Ministry said crucifixes were overturned and gravesites disturbed in Tracy-sur-Mer, a tiny town next to the D-Day landing beaches, and in Saint-Beat, in southwest France. Swastikas were found in two other widely separated towns, the ministry said Wednesday. The discoveries came after 250 Jewish graves were desecrated last weekend in the eastern French town of Sarre-Union.

(Checking out video now for possible translation. In essence, the locals are upset)

6. Female ISIS captives endure ‘brutal and abnormal’ sex

Perverted ISIS militants are trying to score Viagra to fuel their lust for “brutal and abnormal” sex, according to a shocking report from activists in the terror group’s main Syrian stronghold.

The supposedly ultra-conservative Muslim fundamentalists have been forcing women in the city of Raqqa to marry them and engage in savage sex acts that result in hospital treatment, the report says.

The jihadists also buy kinky lingerie — described in the report as “strange underwear” — for their reluctant brides, according to the “Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently” activist group.

“A large section of ISIS members suffer from sexual anomalies and brutal instinctive desire for sex,” the group wrote on its website.

Several families have reportedly fled the city — and one girl committed suicide — to avoid the lusty ISIS terrorists’ clutches.

7. ISIS Arrests Woman over Exposed Eyes

The Islamic State’s (ISIS/ISIL) established “morality police” reportedly attacked a woman in eastern Syria because her eyes were exposed.

Women under the caliphate must dress conservatively, following the protocols issued in various ISIS publications concerning the behavior of women. This includes a full face veil. The majority of women shown in pictures and videos are covered from head to toe in all black. The ISIS morality gangs in Albuhamai, Syria, found a woman wearing a full face veil that they deemed to have left her eyes too exposed. The police also arrested two men who attempted to protect her.

8. ISIS rules for women now include double veil, ‘guardian’

(ANSAmed) – LONDON, FEBRUARY 17 – The Islamic State (ISIS) is now imposing a harsher dress code on women in its territory, as well as requiring them to travel only in the company of a male ‘guardian’. The Guardian reported the news after interviewing a number of residents of the cities over the phone and on Skype for an article published Tuesday. Major cities under its control include the Syrian cities of Raqqa and Deir Az-Zor and the Iraqi city Mosul.

Female inhabitants are required to wear double-layered veils and gloves to prevent any part of their body from being seen in public

9. Muslims plan to make a ring around an Oslo Synagogue to ‘protect’ it.

(I believe this is what is known by historical example as, ‘a siege’)

Thank you Yucki, Draculea, Richard, M., Don C., Tundra T.  and many more. And it isn’t even noon yet.

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  1. #9 Muslim security/siege at Oslo synagogue
    The phrase “Lipstick on a pig” comes to mind. Do these alleged ‘muslims’ honestly believe they hold any sway amongst/against the defenders of ISIS/IS/ISIL/Daesh? Last week, despite his impressive size at six and a half feet, Dan Uzan of Copenhagen didn’t manage to intimidate Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein nor did his height defy his lethal head shot . Quote from the Hope not Hate web link:

    “Muslims want to show that we deeply despise all types hatred of Jews, and that we are there to support them.”

    Such sentiments are welcome. Those who understand the doctrine of Islam also understand that such sentiments render these alleged ‘muslims’ apostates worthy of the death penalty.
    An apostate rich security perimeter creates a target (en)rich(ed) environment for determined, devout believers of Islam.

  2. NYT – Islamist Faction in Libya Now Strikes From the Sky

    CAIRO — The Islamist-backed faction in Libya’s civil conflict said Tuesday that it had carried out its first airstrike, targeting opponents in the town of Zintan in an escalation of the violence tearing the country apart.

    The extent of the damage was unclear. But the attack on Tuesday raised the possibility of an air war between the rival Libyan factions and diminished hopes for United Nations-sponsored talks about ending the conflict.

    on this page :

    Libya’s Islamist militia strike from the sky

    A Tripoli-based Islamist militia in Libya carried out their first airstrike late Tuesday on a western Libyan town allied with a rival force headed by renegade general Khalifa al-Haftar, Al Arabiya News Channel reported.

    Haftar’s forces, based mainly in the eastern part of the country, have used the air force to pound Islamist positions in Tripoli and other parts of the country. The Islamists have not had similar capabilities, and their first airstrikes have raised fear of possible escalation to air warfare between the two.

    The airport of Zintan, the target of the Islamist airstrike, issued a statement saying: “A warplane conducted an air strike on the airport of Zintan while passengers were about to depart. Two flights were canceled for security [reasons].”

    Limited damage was caused near the runway and there were no casualties, according to a Reuters report.

    on this page :

  3. Egypt drops UN bid for Libya military intervention: ministry

    Cairo: Egypt said Wednesday a draft UN Security Council resolution on Libya submitted by Arab states makes no mention of the international military intervention against jihadists that Cairo originally proposed.

    “There is no call for foreign military intervention,” the foreign ministry said of a proposed resolution that would lift a UN embargo on arms sales to Libya for the benefit of the country’s internationally recognised government.

    The announcement comes after Western powers balked at taking on the local branch of the Islamic State group, which recently beheaded Egyptian Christians in Libya, stressing instead the need for a political solution to the unrest there.

  4. Islamic State plans to invade Europe via Libya:

    Yep, great idea ISIS – invade Europe from Libya. Those US tanks you are driving – they’ll make the distance. They are amphibious. So are the Toyota pickups. Rome is just a thousand kilometres away – but with allah behind you, you can easily do it in the comfort of your Infidel made weapons of war.

    I say – go for it! Yay ISIS!

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