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6 Replies to “Vandals set fire at Florida church, write ‘Allahu Akbar,’ draw swastika”

  1. The Police are hired to enforce the law and to protect the public. Some cops, unfortunately, take that to mean that they are the only adults in the room, and that all people not belonging to the Police union are easily frightened children, who must be lied to lest they pee their pants and cry and become inconvenient. Someone needs to tell these cops to learn their place. They’re not the boss, they are the security guards. If people need to get upset about savages burning their churches, then let them get upset, don’t just tell them lies and hope they go back to sleep…

    • The left has spent a lot of time and money instilling that attitude in the police and a large segment of the public. The thinking members of the population are sick and tired of this attitude as well as the Judge Dread attitude of way too many cops these days.

  2. Looks like the Islamic population of Florida has reached the point they are starting to drive other religions out of the state.

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