Every Friday from now on we will pray for Omar

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From Jyllands Posten:

Monday’s unofficial commemoration of the alleged assailant, Omar Abdel Hamid el-Hussein, escalated in a very short time.  Every Friday from now prayers will be said for him.

Terror in Copenhagen – Nola Grace Gaardmand

42-year-old Bilal Gurleyek kneels down and puts a note on the ground.   He puts it in front of the many flowers that passers-by had, throughout the day laid on the ground in front of the place where the 22-year-old Omar Abdel Hamid el-Hussein Sunday night was shot and killed by police.

On the note Bilal Gurleyek writes that this place will be a meeting place for the country’s many Muslims.

“I take great distance from his actions, and I have a big problem with Islamists. But I have come here today because he was born a Muslim, and he died as a Muslim and as a Muslim I feel it is my duty to come here and pray for him, ” says Bilal Gurleyek who knew the presumed perpetrator, and who will now start a new tradition in Nørrebro’s Northwest district of Copenhagen:

Every Friday he intends to invite other Muslims from the neighborhood to come and pray for Omar Abdel Hamid el-Hussein’s “Muslim soul”.  Already, Bilal Gurleyek has spoken with numerous men from the neighborhood, who also intend to make Svanevej a place of prayer every Friday.

We will not distance ourselves

Throughout the whole day the street was teeming with journalists, police and local residents. Some of those present knew the alleged offender, while others just came by to show support for the family of the deceased.

While the vast majority of observers who Jyllands-Posten spoke with during the day, took strong exception to Saturday’s terrorist act, there were other attendees who explicitly did not want to distance themselves from the act:

“Why don’t you distance yourselves from Jews who kill our children and rape our women in Palestine? Why should we Muslims distance ourselves” said one of those present to Jyllands-Posten before continuing with raised voice and big arm movements, until he finally was yelling very loudly:

“We will not distance ourselves.  It is our duty as Muslims to stand together. No, a Muslim does not distance himself from one who loves the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, saws sallam (peace and blessings be upon him, ed.). This man has felt pity for the suffering of Muslims in Palestine, he has a heart of gold.  Look, there are lots of flowers – it is proof that people are proud of this man, because he sacrificed his life for what he believed in” he said.

‘Allahu Akbar’

From 4 pm. and for the following half hour the number of participants more than doubled as a group of 30 young, hooded and masked men joined them.  Around 4:30 pm, with tempers flaring, they raced from the corner of Nørrebrogade and Svanegade to the spot where the 22-year-old Sunday night was killed.

In one clearly orchestrated movement they gathered the flowers and threw them down the street. This supposedly because it is against Muslim tradition to lay down flowers at a place where a person has died.  Instead they stuck a white sign on the wall whereupon one could read  “Rest in peace.  May Allah be merciful to you”  before they went down on their knees in front of the site of the killing.

With their hands up beside their ears they prayed to God before they together stood up and shouted “Allahu Akbar” with their fists thrust into the air. None of the young men wanted to talk to Jyllands-Posten, but the rumour amongst the observers was that one of the young masked men was the 22-year-old’s brother.

Whether this scene will be repeated every Friday in the future, none of those present would talk with Jyllands-posten about.   But Bilal Gurleyek is cocksure:

“I definitely think that this will be a new gathering place for Muslims in Copenhagen.  And so it should be, because it is our duty to pray for another Muslim, “says Bilal Gurleyek.

Even after what he apparently has done?

“Only Allah can pass judgement on that”

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5 Replies to “Every Friday from now on we will pray for Omar”

  1. If you were to go to Denmark with a truth machine and ask every young male Muslim you see how he feels about Islamic Jihad and ISIS and the recent shootings, I wonder what you would discover. I have a horrible feeling that, instead of a tiny minority of jihad-supporters, you would find that pretty well every man jack of them was on the other side – one way or another. I say that, not out of prejudice, but as a reaction to the defensive, peevish response I always see from “moderate” Muslims when confronted with Islamic horror. They always act guilty… No matter what the circumstances or personal opinions of those involved, a Muslim will always stand with a Muslim against the hated Infidel because it says quite clearly in the Quran that they will make Allah very angry if they don’t. It’s that simple…

    Allowing Muslims to immigrate to non-Muslim countries has got to be the stupidest thing that anyone would ever do. If you were to describe to Queen Isabella of Spain, the policies we are following today, she would be certain that you were lying because she would think that nobody could be that stupid…

  2. They are that stupid, Chris. And greedy and short-sighted and they’re digging their own graves. I suggest they NOT put tombstones on those graves. That will mark them as urinals for Muslim marauders.

  3. You are going to hold prayers at the site of a man that was gunned down by police after killing two and wounding five?
    What a bunch of sick f##ks you are…
    And, when someone comes for you, what will you say?

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