More on the ongoing attack in Denmark: 3 shot near synagogue

Shots fired within the last few minutes at a Synagogue in Copenhagen and a major railway station is being evacuated

1 person shot in the head and 2 police officers right by a synagogue!!! Right by Nørreport Station, our main S-train hub.


Live feed here


The shooter is still at large, police says “Central Copenhagen cannot be considered safe”.


And, in contrast to the shooting at the Vilks event, this is the core of Copenhagen. The very center.




Unconfirmed: The Danish army seems to be in central Copenhagen.


From 54 seconds to the end in English:

Another English link on whats going on in Denmark

(Video at site as well)

A large area in central Copenhagen is cordoned off after a second shooting in the Danish capitol in just 10 hours.

Shots has fired near the synagogue in Krystalgade in Copenhagen, the Copenhagen Police informs.

One person is hit by shots to the head and two policemen are hit by shots respectively in the arm and a leg. A man has been seen running from the scene of the crime – and armed police are serching through the area while citizens are asked to stay indoor.

A civilian around 40 years old has died during a shooting in Copenhagen, Denmark, where the Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks and French ambassador François Zimeray were speaking at a free speech event Saturday, Danish police reports.

Three police officers are injured as a result of the who

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  1. This is puzzling.
    Lecturer bans use of Jewish phrase
    Exam proctors instructed not to write ‘Besiyata Dishmaya’ on board, igniting anger among students

    A lecturer at Israel’s largest public college stirred controversy Wednesday after instructing proctors not to write a common religious phrase on a class board during an exam.

    The instructions were made public after a student photographed and uploaded to the Internet an envelope apparently containing exams for a politics course at Sapir College near Sderot, on which “Please do not write BS”D on the board” was handwritten.

    BS”D, an acronym for the Aramaic phrase meaning “with the help of heaven,” is traditionally written by practicing Jews at the top of every written document.

  2. I wonder if potus will designate this one a “random act” as he did the paris Kosher incident….or “workplace violence” as their appear to be roadworks outside the latest incident.

  3. Zimbabwe all the way?

    South Africa’s Zuma outlines land reform plans (BBC, Feb 14, 2015)

    “Foreigners will be banned from owning land in South Africa under new proposals outlined by President Jacob Zuma.

    Locals will have limits set on the size of their farms under the proposals.

    Mr Zuma first announced them in a state of the nation speech on Thursday overshadowed by violence in parliament.

    Two decades after the end of apartheid, land is still concentrated in the hands of a largely white minority, and remains a sensitive issue.

    The government is under growing pressure to put more land in the hands of the country’s black majority…..

    But the governing African National Congress is looking for votes, and is wary of being outflanked by more radical voices calling for white-owned land to be seized without compensation, he adds….”

  4. Nigeria troops repel Boko Haram attack on city of Gombe (BBC, Feb 14, 2015)

    “Nigerian troops have repelled a Boko Haram attack on the north-east city of Gombe, officials say.

    Soldiers and a fighter jet were used in a counter-attack after Islamist fighters overran a checkpoint on the edge of the city.

    The insurgents were retreating towards their stronghold in the neighbouring state of Borno, witnesses said.

    Nigeria postponed elections due to be held on Saturday due to the insurgency in the north-east.

    Before they left, the militants scattered leaflets urging people not to vote in the elections.

    All roads in and out of Gombe have been blocked and a 24-hour curfew imposed, reports the BBC’s Abdullahi Kaura Abubakar in Abuja.

    Gombe – capital of Gombe State – has previously suffered suicide attacks but correspondents say this was the first time Boko Haram launched a direct assault on the city.

    Reports said militants first attacked the town of Dadin Kowa, about 40km (25 miles) from Gombe.

    Ground troops with air support then battled to keep the insurgents from entering the city, as residents fled into the bush and nearby hills.

    Its insurgency has become a regional crisis with the four affected countries – Nigeria, Niger, Chad and Cameroon -agreeing to form a regional military force to try to contain the threat….”

  5. Tribal leader: Iraqi troops in Anbar could ‘collapse within hours’ (CNN, Feb 15, 2015)

    “An Iraqi tribal leader said Saturday that ISIS militants are gaining ground in Anbar province, predicting a “collapse within hours” of Iraqi army forces there if tribal forces withdraw.

    Sheikh Naim al-Gaoud, a Sunni Muslim leader of the Albu Nimr tribe, called for more U.S. intervention — including ground troops, arming tribes directly or at least pressuring the Iraqi government to give the tribes more firepower.

    While U.S. officials have said that ISIS, which calls itself the Islamic State, is on the defensive in Iraq and Syria, al-Gaoud says that’s definitely not the case where he is.

    “In Anbar, we are losing ground, not gaining,” he said.

    Thousands of families had been under siege in the town of Jubbat al-Shamiya until getting help Friday from U.S.-led coalition airstrikes and Iraqi forces, according to al-Gaoud.

    But he said Iraqi troops had pulled out of Jubbat al-Shamiya on Saturday, at which time ISIS was shelling the town.

    If the Islamist extremist group’s fighters go in, al-Gaoud predicted a massacre….”

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