Australian Prime Minister brings Oz. to the club of the rational

It would seem that there are just a handful of rational nations left on Earth. Canada, The Czech Republic, possibly Egypt and Australia.

It does sound a bit though like setting up a totalitarian state with Islam as the motivating factor.

H/T James B.

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  1. After seeing the terrible damage that Barack Obama has done to the United States, I am terrified that Justin Trudeau is going to get elected in the fall and take Canada out of that group of “rational counties”. Let’s see now…how about bringing in a couple of hundred-thousand furious Muslim Brotherhood jihadi refugees from Syria for a start? Then we can get really on board with climate change, cripple all our industries, and give all our money away with cap-n-trade. Oh, then he can lose the Arctic to the Russians when Vlad smells fish blood. I worry and worry and worry about Justin Trudeau…

  2. Great. One mistake – leaders will have to stop referring to the ‘Islamist’ death cult and call it what it is – ‘ the Islamic’ death cult. Or even more succinctly – ‘Islam’.

    Nevertheless what he’s had to say is a good start.

    • more succinctly – ‘Islam’.
      We are closing in on that description.
      Much progress has been made of late and we are finally in the Age of Peak islam!

      Indeed, our numero uno problem in the West
      is lack of education about islam.
      Numero dos: islam.

      Thanks for the educational part Vlad!

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