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13 Replies to “BREAKING NEWS! Valentine’s Day Shooting At Copenhagen Free Speech Event”

  1. Now let’s watch the media spin this around and turn the victims into villains, and villains into victims.
    Will we get #I’ll ride with you?
    Soon they’ll roll out the imans and priests to say it’s not real.
    Then the politicians will announce they’ll give more money to invading mohammedians.

  2. Additional enhanced photos of shooter at ekstrabladet.dk

    Google translate from comments at above link:

    “Emergency services arrived in Borgervaenget where the alleged offender left the getaway car. According to Ekstra Bladet troops on the ground, it appears that the armed bomb experts are ready to examine the vehicle for explosives.”

    “Divers jumped into the water at Kildevaeld Sea. Presumably to look for a weapon”

    Via UK Mirror updates:
    8:29 pm ‘The reason for the attack is to shut down any conversation, any open discussion in an open society like Europe’
    Polish artist Agnieszka Kolek told ITV News: “The reason for the attack is not just to kill us, it is also to shut down any conversation, any open discussion in an open society like Europe,” she said.

    She added that those who said the event should never have taken place was a “bigger threat to us than anyone coming and waving a gun”

    10:10 pm”After the shooting subdued everyone started to come together. “We decided to continue with the presentation.

    “Everyone thanked us that we continued. “We will not surrender; they cannot kill all of us.”

  3. Stephanie was an eyewitness to the attack **Bartender: He suddenly took up a machine (google translation)

    COPENHAGEN / OSLO (AP) Stephanie Halberg was an eyewitness to that a man walked into the cultural center and opened fire.

    – We suddenly heard many shots and we initially thought it was fireworks. When we looked we saw two men. One had weapons. Then they run away. The one opens the door and shoot into the venue, said Halberg VG.

    – Then comes lots of people running out of the room and into here in the cafe, she says.

    – It was scary. This is a quiet area with lots of families. It is very scary that this happens in broad daylight.

    Stood face to face with the perpetrator

    Bartender Jesper Christensen Frimand was also at work behind the bar at “Krudtt√łnden” when attacked Copenhagen happened.

    – I’m a little shocked right now. It happened almost exactly the. says Frimand Christensen Danish TV2 .

    – Can you tell us a bit more about what you saw, ask anchor during phone interview?

    – I stand at the bar and watching a normally dressed man pulling up a machine gun. He fires so several shots at where I stand.

    Further he says that those who are at the bar, around six people, prostrate on the floor.

    – Then it gets quiet, says Frimand Christensen.

    Staying close by ISOLATED: The two study girlfriends Linn Elise Stenseth (left) and Regine Mobech can not leave their apartment. They can not get visits. Photo: PRIVATE

    Norwegian Linn Elise Stenseth and Regine Mobech, both 21, live right
    next kulturhuset in Copenhagen where tens shots were fired and one
    person killed Saturday.

    They have now been told by the police not to move out of the apartment.

    – It’s pretty disgusting, says Stenseth VG.

    Furthermore, the two students that there are police with dogs who walk the streets at the apartment where they reside.

    – Bygarden we live in is adjacent to where the shots were fired. But we never heard anything bang, so it shows we are the little wonder, says Mobech.

    She was earlier today for jogging.

    – When I ran out of the door I was greeted by what looked like a slosskamp. There were two men who yelled at each other. And shortly afterwards came a mass police cars, says Mobech.

    The two girls studying daily at the Copenhagen Business School (CBS)
    and tells VG that they will not be allowed to receive visits.

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