World War 1 expands in scale and potential. Tempo next: Links 1 on Feb. 13 – 2015

I am referring to the current set of conflicts as WW1 because I believe this is in fact the first conflict which is truly global in scale. No continent will be untouched and no populated center as I would be willing to bet before this is over, that the US government will fund a mosque at a US outpost in Antarctica. The first two large scale wars called ‘WW1′ and WW2’ seemed more about Western interests with some spillage to Africa etc. although granted, WW1 had the Caliphate to deal with which was massive and Japan did control over 50% of the world in WW2 at one point if you include the oceans it possessed.

But this one will not leave a single city or village untouched.



1. Member of the Politburo calls CFRA to congratulate Canada on the loss of SUN TV

2. Steve Malzberg Show with Robert Spencer – parking space rage vs. rape jihad

3. Norwegians take command in ISIS, pose threat to Norway – security official

Some Islamist fighters from Norway are believed to have taken leading positions within Islamic States, according to the Norwegian Intelligence Service chief. A hundred and fifty Norwegians are thought to be fighting along terrorists in Syria and Iraq.

“We believe that some of the Norwegians in Isil [Isis] have risen to middle-management functions,” Kjell Grandhagen, the head of the Norwegian Intelligence Service, told Dagbladet newspaper.

“There are still several Norwegians who hold leadership positions in Isil,” Grandhagen told the newspaper.

He gave the example of ISIS commander Bastian Vasquez, a Norwegian of Chilean extraction who was reportedly killed in the fall, and an unnamed Norwegian of Eritrean parentage also known as an ISIS commander. A hundred and fifty Norwegians have joined ISIS according to the police authorities, Dagbladet reports. […] Kjell Grandhagen claims Norwegians fighting for the ISIS were radicalized in the Profetens Ummah group which is active in eastern Norway close to the capital Oslo.

(Norway will not have to feel neglected by muslim terrorists much longer I suspect)

4. Raw: Car Rams Gates of US Consulate in Shanghai

5. ISIS seizes town of Al-Baghdadi

6. US Air Force sends tank busters back to Germany

US European Command announced that a wing of specialized anti-tank aircraft would be sent to Germany, as tensions mount in eastern Europe over the Ukraine crisis.

“While in Germany these aircraft will forward-deploy to inks anocations in eastern European Nato nations,” US Navy Captain Greg Hicks, US European Command spokesman, said in a statement on Tuesday.

The 12 A-10 “Warthog” ground-attack planes, along with 300 pilots and ground crew and their equipment, will be sent to Spangdahlem Air Base in Rhineland-Palatinate.

It is not yet known where they will be sent after Germany.

Designed to attack large formations of Soviet tanks during the Cold War, the heavily-armoured planes are armed with a 30mm rotary cannon and can carry a variety of bombs and missiles.

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  1. @6 The more things change the more they stay the same, in the late sixties when I was in the army we were in Germany to keep the Soviets out, now we are redeploying personal and equipment to keep the Russians out. My problem with this is that while 12 warthogs can do a lot of damage to any attacking armored unit many more are needed to prevent a full invasion.

  2. Hello there…… me again……..Don Laird…..

    I loved Dimitri…………nice coup Vlad, getting an interview with the great commie Dimitri…… 🙂 😉

    Sun TV dead……….now what?

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  3. If Pakistanis in the UK interpreted kafir-girls as being their slaves by right to whom they had promised freedom eventually, but who were then taken from them by the kuffar, they could apply this bit of ‘international law:’

    Chapter III – Acquisition of Muslim Property Earlier Taken Away by Non-Muslims as Booty

    56. When a Muslim enters the Territory of War with a permission of security and he has a slave-girl of his own in their possession, I would not like him to take possession of her by force or other illegal means or to have sexual relations with her. But if she is a mudabbar or umm walad I would not disapprove of it. If someone is a prisoner with them I would not disapprove his taking possession of his slave-girl by force or any other means or even stealing her. I would not disapprove that he kill from amongst them whom he can and take from their property whatever he can.

    mudabbar – a slave promised freedom on the death of the master

    umm walad – literally ‘mother of the child,’ means a slave girl who gives birth to the child of her master

    from Shaybani’s Kitab Al-Siyar Al-Saghir (The Shorter Book on Muslim International Law)

    • Or this is simpler:

      65. If a Muslim enters [the Territory of War] with a permission of security and buys a slave-girl who is a [Person of the Book], he can have sexual relations with her while still in that territory provided [he checks to make sure she is not already pregnant].

  4. said, “WW1? and WW2? seemed more about Western interests”

    Why does so few people understand how WWI started really?

    A very shot brake down. When the Ottoman Empire was falling they raised the Jizya tax (non-muslim tax) they couldn’t pay it which made them fugitives. Serbia went to war to help the Christians and take a port. They did poorly the Austrians moved in took the port raised the duty tax Serbia was upset with that which resulted in the black hand and WWI.

    The very poorly made Treaty of Versailles is what started WWII.

    • Im going to concede in advance that I know less than 1% of what I should know about WW1.

      I am perhaps trying to make a point with inaccurate dramatizations of history. Perhaps I should not have done that. But I do feel the amount of geography in this current conflict will be more than either of the two previous ones.

      • I just googled the assassination of Archduke Fernande and it was a Bosnian Serb who shot him, the incidents mentioned could be why he was killed. I was taught he was killed by separatists but the incidents mentions probably helped the separatists sentiments build to the point an assassination was considered the only way.

      • What about the “Nikki” – “Freddie” – “Alex” letters?
        The royal houses were all intermarried, related via Queen Victoria and others. Disarray at the top, couldn’t dial it back.

  5. Raping kids in the UK. Robert please stop stating that there are moderate muslims. Muslims are muslims who follow a killer . enough of moderate nice muzzies. Please when are you going to call a spade a spade . There could be hundreds of nice Muslims but nothing will be done by them, so are they nice muzzies?

  6. Raping kids in the UK. Can people please stop stating that there are moderate muslims. Muslims are muslims who follow a killer . enough of moderate nice muzzies. Even prominent ant islam people keep on abouth moderates. Please when are you going to call a spade a spade . There could be hundreds of nice Muslims but nothing will be done by them, so are they nice muzzies?
    Every time I try to post on a so called anti muzzie site in the states my comments do not appear. So freedom of speech anyone .

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