SUN TV to close permanently tomorrow and more: Links 3 on Feb. 12 – 2015

1.Australia ‘saved from an imminent terrorist attack’: Abbott

2. Islamic State says it’s holding “Israeli spy” in Syria

3. Female suicide bomber kills 7 at crowded Nigeria market

Kano, Nigeria (CNN)A female suicide bomber attacked a crowded market in northeastern Nigeria’s Borno state on Thursday, killing seven people and seriously injuring 20 others, residents and a hospital source said.

The bomber, wearing a hijab, detonated her suicide vest in the midst of shoppers at a weekly market in the town of Biu around 3 p.m. at the peak of business, witnesses said.

“We have evacuated eight bodies, including that of the bomber, to the hospital along with 20 people injured in the attack,” Bukar Maina, a trader at the market, said.

A nurse at the Biu General Hospital confirmed the number of dead.

No claim of responsibility was immediately made, but the Islamist militant group Boko Haram has terrorized northern Nigeria regularly since 2009, attacking police, schools, churches and civilians, as well as bombing government buildings.

4. Durban University of Technology’s SRC calls for expulsion of Jews

The Durban University of Technology’s student representative council has called for the expulsion of all Jewish students who do not support the Palestinian cause, according to a report.

The demand was sent to the university management, according to the Daily News newspaper.

The newspaper quoted SRC secretary Mqondisi Duma as saying: “As the SRC we had a meeting and analysed international politics. We took the decision that Jewish students, especially those who do not support the Palestinian struggle, should deregister.”

The university’s vice chancellor Prof Ahmed Bawa told the newspaper the demand was “totally unacceptable”.

(I guess this will go to the US next)


5. Sun News Network to shut down permanently: sources

(But don’t worry Canadians, you will still have to pay for the CBC!)


Thank you Wrath of Khan, ML., M.,

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  1. Islamic State militants attack Iraqi town near US base (BBC, Feb 13, 2015)

    “Islamic State (IS) militants have launched an attack on a town in Iraq’s Anbar province, close to an airbase that is home to some 300 US marines. The militants attacked the town of al-Baghdadi, 5km (three miles) from the Ain al-Asad base, where the US forces are training Iraqi troops. Heavy fighting was reported around the town, west of Anbar’s capital, Ramadi.

    The US is spearheading an air campaign against the militants, who seized large parts of Iraq and Syria last year.
    The US military says its aircraft carried out several strikes on IS positions in Iraq on Thursday, mostly concentrated around the Iraqi towns of Mosul and Kirkuk.

    IS militants advanced upon al-Baghdadi early on Thursday, according to Reuters news agency, sparking fierce clashes with Iraqi government forces. A Pentagon spokeswoman, quoted by Reuters, said there had not been any direct attack on the nearby air base. It is unclear if the militants are in control of al-Baghdadi.

    The London-based Al-Sharqiyah News channel reports that IS militants were repelled in the area by Iraqi security and tribal forces, backed by US jets.”

    • is there any more details on why sun is closing their doors? Why couldn’t they get their viewers? I only watch clips of the network. those where great but what about the rest of the show?

      Thank you

        • FWIW, I tried the link on the far left column of this page to view Blazing Cat Fur’s thread(s) on this topic and instead got this warning :

          BLOGGER Content Warning
          Some readers of this blog have contacted Google because they believe this blog’s content is objectionable. IN general, Google does not review nor do we endorse the content of this or any blog. For more in formation about our content policies, please visit the Blogger Terms of Service.

          Between SunNews shut down, Obama’s illegal power grab of the internet and now Google content warnings…this has been a devastating week for first amendment rights.

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