One MILLION British children forced into sexual slavery by muslims. a million.

Child sex abuse gangs could have assaulted ONE MILLION youngsters in the UK

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Rotherham’s Labour MP Sarah Champion describes it as a “national disaster” and is demanding a taskforce to fight the “horror”


There could be up to a million victims of child sexual exploitation in the UK, it is feared.

Rotherham’s Labour MP Sarah Champion describes it as a “national disaster” and is demanding a taskforce to fight the “horror.”

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mirror the shaken MP has told how she ‘nearly lost her mind’ after victims turned to her for help – unable to trust the police or local council.

She is currently getting an average of 10 victims a week coming to her for help.


One Million Child Victims of Muslim Rape Gangs in the U.K.?

In a gut-wrenching development, it may turn out that last year’s report detailing a decade-and-a-half of sexual exploitation inflicted on at least 1,400 children from Rotherham, England—and the PC-driven effort to cover it up–may represent the proverbial tip of the iceberg. The city’s Labor MP Sarah Champion believes as many as one million children may have been victimized, describing it as a “national disaster” that requires the establishment of a task force to deal with the “horror.”

(Frankly, I think of the father of any one of those girls were to go to the locations where they had his 11 or 12 year old daughter and take down as many as he could, and then get arrested, he would be within his natural rights and justified to demand that the judge and all court officials be in the defendant’s box and he himself should be holding the gavel. At what point is the judiciary not just ineffective, but actually complicit in these crimes? And considering that it now emerges that a significant amount of the constabulary itself was in the pay of, or actually participating in this apocalypse of childhood innocence, the people of England have some serious thinking to do in terms of the real relationship between the leadership and the people. Did not an entire city council in Rotherham step down over this? Is there a precedent for that? Is that sufficient punishment for these overpaid bureaucrats who clearly knew and did nothing to save these families?)

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15 Replies to “One MILLION British children forced into sexual slavery by muslims. a million.”

  1. 97% of readers think the government should do more. The question should have read, “Do you think the government has done enough harm already?”

    And where is all the video evidence? These idiots film everything else, beheadings, stonings, crucifixions. Surely they would have had their phones out for their gang rapes. And since they’re so heavily networked, wouldn’t they share the files? Or even try to sell them? With a mean national IQ of 84, there have to have been thousands of Pakistanis dumb enough to do that.

    • This goes back to Eeyore’s statement about politicians, Judges and Police being part of the group. There can be no other explination.

      • No there wouldn’t be tapes. They know they’re breaking the law. People don’t film themselves with prostitutes. And if they saw a pornographoc cideo, they wouldn’t admit it publicly.

        Furthermore, because of their culture’s attitudes about sexual transgressions, like sex out of wedlock or using prostitution, they have dual identities.

        That is to say a Pakistani man has a daytime self and a nighttime self. What the nightime self does has nothing to do with the daytime self.

        So he would not want his nigjtime self filmed because his daytime self might then have to see the footage and he’d have to admit to himself that he did it.

  2. “the judiciary not just ineffective, but actually complicit in these crimes? ”

    The judiciary were complicit.

    McLoughlin points out that by 2008 an academic was pointing out that the laws existed to make it easy for these victims to testify by video link (the law went back to the 1990s). The courts NEVER gave the victims this option, instead the CPS refused to prosecute, saying under cross-examination, with the rapist slave-masters in front of them, the girls folded.

    When the head of Tell Mama testified in court, he did so by video link, so “scared” was he of the man who had done no more than mock him on Twitter. Meanwhile, raped schoolgirls were specifically NOT offered the same degree of protection he was offered.

    See “Easy Meat”, Section 5.4

    Thanks to Tommy Robinson & the EDL’s long struggle in forcing public awareness of this horrific abuse.

    • Absolutely. Say what you like about him but Tue timeline is incontrovertible. No investigations started until after the edl started screaming bloody murder in the streets.

      And considering what happens the the victims of such abuse in the long term wake of this sort of abuse, he literally has saved hundreds of thousands of lives. The lives of young girls who would have been ruined by continued police inaction.

      He ain’t perfect but he’s still a real hero.

  4. Eeyore the British subjects need to face the facts that the Government so corrupt that they will never act on the Moslems actions, the Government must be removed and replaced with one that will not only prosecute the Moslems but the government officials who helped cover up the crimes of the Moslems.

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