One cannot accuse muslims of having divided loyalties: Links 2 on Feb. 7 – 2015

1. Birmingham school said to have sent £1million of public money to Pakistan is revealed to have £3million in debts

(A proper study of the meaning of “Al Hijrah” should have tipped everyone off to what this place is. In fact they clearly still do not know. Read ‘the Hidden Trojan Horse’ by Sam Solomon and the full meaning of Hijrah will be clear)

A troubled Islamic school which is alleged to have sent £1million of public money to construct a sister establishment in Pakistan is in debt to the tune of almost £3million, Birmingham City Council has revealed.

New leadership was brought into Al-Hijrah School last year, after the council forced out the old governors and sacked its headteacher amid claims of financial irregularities and poor standard of education.

The scale of the voluntary-aided school’s financial woes have been laid bare by Birmingham City Council which said auditors now believed the school’s estimated deficit by the end of this financial year would be ‘in the region of over £3million’.   

It comes as a council inquiry continues into allegations £1million of public money sent to the Bordesley Green school found its way to funding construction of a school in Pakistan.

2. EDL clash with self titled, ‘Anti fascists’ in Dudley

3. Rotherham sex abuse victims ‘complained about PC Hassan Ali’

Two child sex abuse victims complained about a South Yorkshire Police officer before he was fatally injured in a car crash, their lawyer has said.

David Greenwood, of Switalskis Solicitors, said two clients asked him to complain to South Yorkshire Police about PC Hassan Ali.

PC Ali died nine days after being hit by a car in Sheffield on 28 January.

Mr Greenwood said the complaints were about PC Ali’s “unwillingness to pursue complaints of exploitation”.

A report published by Professor Alexis Jay in August said about 1,400 children were abused by gangs of men, mainly of Pakistani origin, from 1997 to 2013 in Rotherham.

4.  Nigeria, Neighbors to Send 8,750 Troops to Fight Boko Haram

(The neighbors are smart enough to want to fight Boko Haram on someone else’s turf. Only Canada and Jordan so far seem equally clever)

.Details of the proposed deployment were revealed at the end of a three-day meeting in Cameroon in a statement read out by officials, including Issaka Souare, African Union adviser for Mali and the Sahel.

The plans call for Chad and Nigeria to contribute 3,500 troops each, while Cameroon and Niger would contribute 750 each and Benin would contribute 250. The force would be headquartered in Chad’s capital, N’Djamena.

Nigeria’s conflict with Boko Haram has taken on an increasingly regional dimension in recent months, with the extremists staging attacks in Cameroon and Niger in the last week alone.

Nearly 100 people were killed and some 500 wounded in an attack on the town of Fotokol in Cameroon on Wednesday and Thursday that saw Boko Haram fighters raze mosques and churches and use civilians as human shields, Cameroon officials said.

5. ISIS putting price tags on Iraqi children, selling them as slaves, U.N. says

(CNN)ISIS has stepped up the use of children in its bloody campaign of terror, the United Nations says — subjecting them to horrors that include putting price tags on them to sell as slaves.

A report released this week focused on children in Iraq, as well as the responsibility of that nation’s government for ensuring the safety and security of young civilians in the conflict. But it certainly doesn’t preclude similar things happening in Syria, where ISIS is also entrenched and also has been blamed for various atrocities.

In reference to Iraq, at least, the U.N. report found that the terrorist group is resorting more and more to brutal acts such as enslaving, raping, beheading, crucifying and burying people alive. Some of those affected are children.

Thank you M., Richard, Wrath of Khan, and all who sent in material, I may have lost track of a couple, busy day here, but thank you all.

Recently I saw Dracula Untold. Its an interesting take on the famous horror legend. In this movie, Dracula is a sympathetic character famous to his people for killing Ottoman Turks. to avoid paying a tribute of a thousand boys to be made into Janisaries. (Historically I think it was 2000 a year) While the movie goes to great pains to make sure that the evil muslim turks look neither muslim nor Turkish, they did manage to sneak in one reference to what actually motived the bloody slave trading pirates who terrorized and humiliated Europe for centuries.

Untold Dracula contract

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