Continuing a fine tradition of muslim horror and supremacy, links 1 on Feb. 7 – 2015

1. A teacher at France’s only state-funded Muslim faith school has quit his job, writing in a leading newspaper that the establishment was riddled with anti-Semitism and was “promoting Islamism” to pupils.

Philosophy teacher Sofiane Zitouni wrote in left-leaning daily Libération on February 5 that the Averroès Lycée (high school) in the northern French city of Lille was a hotbed of “anti-Semitism, sectarianism and insidious Islamism”.

Zitouni, who is of Algerian descent and began teaching philosophy (which is compulsory for all high-school students in France) at Averroès in September, wrote that he could no longer tolerate the school’s alleged contradictions with France’s strictly secular “Republican values”.

“The reality is that Averroès Lycée is a Muslim territory that is being funded by the state,” he wrote. “It promotes a vision of Islam that is nothing other than Islamism. And it is doing it in an underhand and hidden way in order to maintain its [80 percent] state funding.”

2. School suspends 9-year-old after considering his ‘Lord of the Rings’ toy a ‘terroristic threat’

3. Bishop Jackson To Obama: ‘Frankly Sir, You Ought To Close Your Mouth’

4. Historians Weigh in on Obama’s Comparison of ISIS Militants to Medieval Christian Crusaders

“I don’t think the president knows very much about the crusades,” Thomas Madden, a historian at the University of St. Louis, told ABC News.

“He seems to be casting them as an example of a distortion of Christianity and trying to compare that to what he sees as a distortion of Islam in the actions of ISIS,” Madden said. “The initial goal of the Crusades was to give back lands to Christians that been conquered, due to Muslim conquests.”

The Crusades, which began in 1095 with the call of Pope Urban II to recover Jerusalem from Muslim rule, were a series of wars that lasted nearly two centuries. Although no reliable estimate of casualties caused by Crusaders exists, the massacre of over 2,700 Muslim prisoners by Richard the Lionheart outside Acre during the Third Crusade has been well documented and is remembered in the Middle East to this day.

5. Waqf’s New Weapon: Screaming Girls

The Temple Institute reported on its Facebook page Tuesday that the “Muslim supremacists who dominate the Temple Mount” have come up with a new weapon against Jewish visits to the Mount – in the form of young girls.

“Their latest gambit, paying men and women to inhabit the Temple Mount during the hours that it is open to Jews and follow the Jewish worshipers every where they go on the Temple Mount, screaming curses and allahu akbars at the top of their lungs, got a flat tire when the Israel police and security services shut down the organizations which were funneling the money from Hamas to the agitators,” explained the Institute.

Thank you all for sending in these links. I am still a little despondent about the cemetery story about the Gypsy being exhumed from a public cemetery on the complaint on behalf of one dead muslim. It is very discouraging, that this kind of lopsided power can be wielded with no blowback. It is worse than many of the stories we post even though its less spectacular and more subtle. But in meaning it is worse.

More to come and thanks UK Pete, M., Tundra T., and many more.

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  1. CANADA – QUEBEC CITY – Bail denied for Muslim accused of threatening to burn wife’s genitals, rape

    QUEBEC CITY – There will be no bail for a Quebec City man who is accused of threatening to burn his wife’s face and genitals with acid, forcing her to have sex and citing the Koran to justify beating their children.

    The 40-year-old man was arrested on Jan. 26 after his wife filed a complaint with police, alleging that he had threatened her in a Walmart.

    “The accused is possessive, he feels his wife belongs to him. He invokes the Koran when he hits his children. He tells his wife that if she leaves him, he will burn her face and genitals with acid. Today, his wife has left him, and she in danger because of it,” Judge Bernard Lemieux said in his ruling Friday.

    In ordering that the accused remain behind bars, Lemieux cited alleged threats by the man that he would flee to Morocco with his children.

    After the initial complaint was filed, the man allegedly emptied the joint bank account and took the family’s passports and the children’s health insurance cards.

    “Although the accused has said the money would be used to pay the mortgage and that he did not know where the kids’ papers are, the court does not believe him,” said Lemieux.

    In her statement to police, the woman said that since her husband’s arrival in Quebec in 2003, she has repeatedly been a victim of his violence, including being forced to have sex every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. She also said he had repeatedly struck their children as a form of punishment.

  2. CANADA – OTTAWA – Muslim student group faces scrutiny after arrests

    The trial of alleged terrorist recruiter Awso Peshdary promises to turn a spotlight on the Algonquin College Muslim Students Association.

    […]One member of the association, who spoke the Citizen on the condition that his identify remain protected, said he was aware that several of the association’s members were on a Canadian Security Intelligence Service “watch list” last year.

    He did not know the identity of those of interest to the authorities, he said, only that there were concerns expressed after a March 2014 event known as Islamic Awareness Week.

    “I was informed after that there were several people who were heavily involved in that event that were on the watch by CSIS,” he said.

    […]In the U.S., the student associations came under intense scrutiny in the aftermath of 9/11 as potential sources of radicalization.

    The New York Police Department regularly monitored MSA websites and placed undercover officers at student association events for more than a decade after the terror attacks. In 2012, NYPD spokesman Paul Browne defended the approach by noting that 12 people arrested or convicted on terrorism charges in the U.S. had once been members of Muslim student associations.

  3. US accuses 6 Muslim immigrants of helping Islamic State group

    ST. LOUIS (AP) – Six Bosnian immigrants have been accused of sending money and equipment to terrorists oversees, including fighters with the Islamic State group and al-Qaida in Iraq, the U.S. attorney’s office announced Friday.

    An indictment unsealed Friday in St. Louis said the defendants donated money themselves and in some cases collected funds from others in the U.S. and sent the donations overseas. It says two of the defendants used some of the money to buy U.S. military uniforms, firearms accessories, tactical gear and other equipment, which was shipped to people in Turkey and Saudi Arabia who forwarded the supplies to terrorists.

    The supplies and money eventually made their way to fighters in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere, according to the indictment. Money also was sent to support family members of people fighting in Iraq and elsewhere, the indictment says. All of the defendants knew where the money and supplies were going, the indictment says.

    The indictment alleges the conspiracy began no later than May 2013 and that the defendants used email, phones and social media websites including Facebook to communicate using coded words, such as “brothers,” ”lions” and “Bosnian brothers.”

    All six people who are charged are natives of Bosnia who were living in the U.S. legally. Three are naturalized citizens; the other three had either refugee or legal resident status, according to the U.S. attorney’s office.

    The indictment names Ramiz Zijad Hodzic, 40, his wife, Sedina Unkic Hodzic, 35, and Armin Harcevic, 37, all of St. Louis County; Nihad Rosic, 26 of Utica, New York; Mediha Medy Salkicevic, 34, of Schiller Park, Illinois; and Jasminka Ramic, 42 of Rockford, Illinois.

    All face charges of conspiring to provide material support and resources to terrorists and with providing material support to terrorists. Rosic and Ramiz Hodzic are also charged with conspiring to kill and maim people in a foreign country.

    The indictment says that last July, Rosic tried to board a flight from New York to Syria to join the fight.

    The U.S. attorney’s office said five of the defendants have been arrested; the sixth is overseas, but the Justice Department would not say exactly where.

    Online court records do not list defense attorneys for any of the defendants. According to court records, the Hodzics had a first appearance before a U.S. magistrate judge in St. Louis on Friday and the court said it would appoint attorneys for them.

    In a news release announcing the charges, the U.S. attorney’s office said charges of conspiring to provide material support and providing material support carry penalties ranging up to 15 years in prison. Conspiring to kill and maim people in a foreign country carries a penalty of up to life in prison.

  4. The actions of the modern Moslems are how war was fought during the 7th Century, while the actions of the Crusaders were how war was fought during the two centuries they lasted. The current actions are no longer how wars are fought but if we allow the Islamic conquest to continue long enough the barbarity will become common enough that people will start retaliating in kind.

  5. EDL and anti-fascists clash in Dudley as police try to keep groups divided

    There were angry exchanges, shouting and taunts between rival demonstrators ahead of today’s rally by the English Defence League in Dudley.

    Tempers appeared to be fraying among protesters in the town where members of Unite Against Fascism were planning a separate rally at the same time.

    A heavy police presence was determined to keep the groups apart and stop a repeat of serious violence when the EDL visited the town in 2010.


    Hello there……its me again…….Don Laird

    I picked these up from BCF…..(HatTip)

    This guys channel, “Daylight Disinfect” has quite a few good videos.

    This one is of the walking, talking human garbage putting pressure on a school board to begin Somali indoctrination of students……

    Human fucking garbage……utter human fucking garbage and the treason of the Leftist/Liberal as they sodmize Western culture……

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada


      FUCKING GROTESQUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Regards, Don Laird
      Dogtown Bastard
      Alberta, Canada



        HOLY FUCK !!!!!!!!!!

        Regards, Don Laird
        Dogtown Bastard
        Alberta, Canada

      • Yes, the one he’s going to give on the gallows as he is hung for treason. found guilty in a court martial held by the US Armed Forces……

        Regards, Don Laird
        Dogtown Bastard
        Alberta, Canada

  7. O’Reilly Talking Points –

    ‘The yogurt I had for BREAKFAST had MORE intellectual STRUCTURE’ – Col. Ralph Peters SLAMS Susan Rice

    • Excess cheese?……..

      I had a girlfriend years ago that had a little “excess cheese” problem…….but then she visited the clinic and through the wide world of anti-biotic therapy……..the “cheese” was reduced to normal levels and we were back on the Humpa-rama Superhighway lickity-split!!!

      Just saying,

      Don Laird

    • Oh by the way……….

      The distribution of free cheese is a racist hate-crime plot hatched by White Farmers to subjugate the poor oppressed black folk……… feeding them so much cheese it slams their colons shut so that they spend most of their lives on the toilet grunting and straining………

      Just saying……..

      Don Laird

  8. Hello there…..its me again……Don Laird……

    Here is an excellent op-ed on the state of South Africa…….

    Once a thriving, civilized, economically sound, balanced, peaceful and forward moving country…….

    Now a failed state, a vulgar toilet imploding under the weight of a failed economy, rape of its assets, soaring crimes rates, ravaging of its agricultural base……absolutely sickening….going the way of Rhodesia….the sickness of White-Guilt.

    (make sure you read the interesting comments above)

    The same thing is happening in most major Canadian cities as they bear the burden of Harpers lunatic immigration policies……..I know, I drive through these culturally diverse enclaves, little more than hostile festering sores in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon and Regina……sickening.

    “I’d like to buy the world a Coke”……

    “Multiculturalism!!!….Its the real thing!!!!….what the world wants today!!!!!”

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

    PS, get yer barf bags out!!!!!

  9. DAIL MAIL – Birmingham school said to have sent £1million of public money to Pakistan is revealed to have £3million in debts

    – Al-Hijrah School in Birmingham in debt by almost £3million, council reveals
    – It’s alleged to have sent £1million to build sister establishment in Pakistan
    – School has been in special measures since damning Ofsted report in 2013
    – Previous leadership failed to introduce a new national curriculum last year
    – Pupils ate on floor so new staff had to spend £12,000 on tables and chairs

    on this page :

  10. Hello there…..its me again……..Don Laird

    Walking it like he’s talking it…..

    Meet Rupert Jones from Atlanta, Georgia

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  11. Marine Le Pen: Leaders ‘cowardly’ over immigration (BBC, video, Feb 6, 2015)

    “The leader of the French far-right Front National party has claimed that controlling immigration is essential in the fight against Islamist extremism.

    Marine Le Pen rejected accusations of racism from protesters outside the Oxford Union where she spoke on Thursday night, and in turn accused the demonstrators of being the enemies of liberty and free speech.

    She has enjoyed strong support among French voters over the past year and her current poll ratings suggest she might be a serious candidate for the presidency in 2017.

    She spoke to the BBC’s Huw Edwards.”

  12. Iraq: Baghdad bomb blasts kill more than 30 (BBC, Feb 7, 2015)

    “At least 34 people have been killed in three bomb attacks in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, police say.

    The explosions came just hours before a long-standing overnight curfew was to be lifted.

    In the first attack, a suicide bomber blew himself up in a restaurant in the predominantly Shia New Baghdad area, killing 22 and wounding at least 50.

    More people were killed in attacks on two separate markets, one in the centre and one in the southwest of Baghdad.

    Interior ministry spokesman Brigadier General Saad Maan said he did not believe that the blasts were linked to the decision to lift the curfew….”

  13. Nigeria, Neighbors to Send 8,750 Troops to Fight Boko Haram (abcnews, Feb 7, 2015)

    “Nigeria and its four bordering countries announced plans Saturday to deploy an 8,750-strong force by next month to combat the growing regional threat posed by Boko Haram.

    Details of the proposed deployment were revealed at the end of a three-day meeting in Cameroon in a statement read out by officials, including Issaka Souare, African Union adviser for Mali and the Sahel.

    The plans call for Chad and Nigeria to contribute 3,500 troops each, while Cameroon and Niger would contribute 750 each and Benin would contribute 250. The force would be headquartered in Chad’s capital, N’Djamena.

    Nigeria’s conflict with Boko Haram has taken on an increasingly regional dimension in recent months, with the extremists staging attacks in Cameroon and Niger in the last week alone.

    Nearly 100 people were killed and some 500 wounded in an attack on the town of Fotokol in Cameroon on Wednesday and Thursday that saw Boko Haram fighters raze mosques and churches and use civilians as human shields, Cameroon officials said.

    On Friday, Boko Haram attacked two towns in Niger, killing four soldiers and wounding 17. Niger’s defense minister said 109 Boko Haram fighters were killed after Chad and Niger troops responded to that assault, but the figure could not be independently verified…”

  14. ISIS putting price tags on Iraqi children, selling them as slaves, U.N. says (CNN, Feb 7, 2015)

    “ISIS has stepped up the use of children in its bloody campaign of terror, the United Nations says — subjecting them to horrors that include putting price tags on them to sell as slaves.

    A report released this week focused on children in Iraq, as well as the responsibility of that nation’s government for ensuring the safety and security of young civilians in the conflict. But it certainly doesn’t preclude similar things happening in Syria, where ISIS is also entrenched and also has been blamed for various atrocities.

    In reference to Iraq, at least, the U.N. report found that the terrorist group is resorting more and more to brutal acts such as enslaving, raping, beheading, crucifying and burying people alive. Some of those affected are children.

    “We have had reports of children, especially children that are mentally challenged, who have been used as suicide bombers, most probably without them even understanding what has happened or what they have to expect,” said Renate Winter, an expert with the U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child.

    Some as young as age 8 are getting training to become soldiers, she said.

    “Children of minorities have been captured in places where the so-called ISIL has its strength, have been sold in market with tags, price tags on them, have been sold as slaves,” Winter said….”

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