No, it is not impossible to understand the leaders of the Islamic State

“It’s impossible to understand the minds of its leaders”

It is only “impossible to understand the leaders of ISIS” if you never listen to them once. If you actually do listen to them and then check their sources, check the relevant and related scripture and history on whatever issue is at hand, it becomes so easy to understand them you can predict them very accurately. The public should be insulted to outrage by statements like that, designed to actually deflect from the Islamic root of the Islamic State’s actions and misinform for the purpose of protecting the doctrine which is causing so much strife around the world today.

Once again, the media and government:

scrubbing islam out of terror DONE

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14 Replies to “No, it is not impossible to understand the leaders of the Islamic State”

  1. Source: ISIS wants more hostages (CNN, Feb 7, 2015)

    “An ISIS outfit based in northeastern Syria has been drawing up plans since at least the middle of last year to kidnap Westerners and others in neighboring countries, a Middle East security source told CNN on Friday.

    The source said the terrorists want to go into countries such as Lebanon and Jordan and bring hostages back to Syria, where they could be used in ISIS propaganda videos, according to intelligence gathered on the planning.

    After producing at least seven highly publicized clips in which hostages were beheaded, ISIS may believe it needs to kidnap more people….”

  2. In that TDB article on no such thing as radical Islam, the argument made is the KKK is not considered a Christian group though they think themselves so ISIS is no more Muslim than the KKK. Then they deny Islam needs reforming because would you reform all of Christianity because of the KKK?

    There is no one who is calmly and logically point out the fallacy of this argument that is strongly being pushed in order to disassociate Islam with Islamic terrorists and Islamic state.

  3. Clueless or complicit, it’s hard to make a judgment about each unfamiliar talking head individually. But stringing all the pseudo-experts together like that, as if presenting an assortment of views, but all of them spouting the same disinformation, is a propaganda technique that really ought to outrage anyone who still watches CNN.

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