And yet more islamic enrichment for Feb. 6 – 2015 links 5

1. Excellent interview with Mark Steyn. One of the best.

2. Police release CCTV images after army cadets were ‘threatened with beheading’

The two men are described by the girls as being:

    • Man 1 – Passenger, black or asian, in his 30s, with short black hair and stubble.
    • Man 2 – Driver, black or asian, in his 40s, of plump / muscular build, black bushy beard and dark clothes.

3. Phyllis Chesler writes on the new Islamic State manifesto for women. Once again, a deafening silence from feminists over a credo far worse than the Nazi one for women.

4. How I was branded racist for exposing the truth: SUE REID reveals how she was accused of ‘making it up’ after warning of young girls being traded as sex slaves in provincial towns

5. Updated: Ottawa gang member, bank robber shot dead

Yusuf Ibrahim, who goes by the street name “Grinch,” was shot in the back and legs inside the living room of a Forestglade Crescent townhome Friday morning in what police say is a targeted killing. Frightened neighbours called police when they heard the gunshots around 9:30 a.m. Paramedics tried unsuccessfully to revive him.

Yusuf Ibrahim, who goes by the street name "Grinch," was shot in the back and legs inside the living room of a Forestglade Crescent townhome Friday morning in what police say is a targeted killing.

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  1. #5 I bet he was a pillar of the local hive of ragheads too. I’m glad he is dead. May some raghead friends of his take revenge on the ragheads who did it….rinse and repeat.

  2. 3/ ‘If anything can wake up Western academics, liberals, leftists, and especially feminists, this Manifesto should do it.’

    Maybe some of them would like to change their tune at this point, but it would mean admitting they have spent their careers singing the wrong song.

    • There’s something criminally wrong with Western feminism. And trying to transplant it to a place like the KSA is a fool’s errand.

      The appeal to women in the West pretends to ask, “What do women really want?”, a title tease you’d find on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine or many others at the supermarket checkout line.

      Something’s wrong with women’s lib, though to my knowledge nobody’s asked the “silent majority” of women. The very idea that a collective social issue could be considered without the input of the other half – the men – is simply absurd. Yet feminism has become a tenet of the distortion of the enlightenment everybody’s calling PC.

      I can’t think of any more obscene example of Western cultural imperialism than to foist the cultural Marxist gender mess on hard-core Islamic societies. Women there differ only in degree from Orthodox Jewish women who’ve been navigating in these waters for a couple generations already.

      • I don’t know any Orthodox Jewish women to compare Muslim women to, but I can’t help but think it must be a difference in kind as well as degree in this area of life too, since Islam conditions such deep differences in every other area.

      • Western feminism seeks to destroy the traditional relationship between men and women, to an extent they have succeeded but are losing ground among many of the age groups because of the mess they have created.

  3. See the two would be beheaders are classed as “asian” or “black”……no,call them what they are,bearded savages of the muslim persuasion.I see Ireland is now stepping up it’s security due to infestation by the “asians”……

    • Steyn somehow read the contents of my mind and applied his brilliant skills of expression to present the result here. Good thing.

      Not only am I lazy, I’m reluctant to take up this issue in mixed company. I even shudder when I see the word “antisemitism” or “jew” in a thread title. I’ve been there.

      Within the context of the counterjihad there’s a world of specific issues. This one in particular is more for me than one among many. I’m living inside it, the others play critical supporting roles.

      Yes, you’re rooting for the canary, and I’m grateful. But when the spotlight falls on the bird herself, she sees every one of her own flaws and hopes you won’t.

  4. 4/ Always weird reading such stories in the Daily Mail. Working class British girls raped by Muslims on the left side of the page, British glitterati sexying themselves up on the right. ‘Glowing: Fresh from her recent holiday in Dubai, the 27-year-old looked a lovely shade of mahogany, making her enviable pins look longer and leaner than ever.’ A different experience of Islam for the jet set.

    • A couple times I was seduced over there, and spent days finding out who Paris Hilton and Justin Bieber and Lindsey Lohan and the Duchess of York were. Then weeks following them around with the paparazzi.

      Wasting time = a sin against myself.
      Now I cover the right column, or to block it with setting preferences.

  5. SYRIA – Rocket attacks on Damascus kill 10 after Islam Army warning

    Rocket attacks killed 10 people in Damascus on Thursday and wounded at least 50, a monitoring group said, in the second heavy bombardment by Islam Army insurgents in less than two weeks.

    The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which monitors violence in Syria, also said the army had responded with at least 40 air strikes in the Eastern Ghouta district, where Islam Army is based, and that 57 people had been killed.

    Islam Army was formed by a merger of rebel factions in 2013. It follows an Islamist doctrine and has in the past received backing from Saudi Arabia.

    Syria’s state news agency, SANA, said five people had been killed in what it said was a bombardment by “takfiri terrorists”. “Takfiri” is a term used to describe hardline Sunni groups who consider other people infidels.

    A witness in Damascus heard more than 30 blasts in quick succession and said they appeared to come from shells fired from the east.

    Damascus, Syria, Wakes Up to Massive Rocket Attacks

    Residents of Damascus, Syria, awoke Thursday morning to rocket attacks in the center of the city, apparently by the Jaysh al-Islam (Army of Islam), the second attack in as many weeks.

    videos on the page :

      • New militia battles Islamist rebels near Damascus

        Beirut (AFP) – Former rebel militiamen who have switched sides and joined Syria’s regime forces are engaged in a fierce battle against Islamist insurgents near Damascus, sources said on Sunday.

        According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, pro-regime Jaysh al-Wafaa launched its “fiercest battle yet” on Saturday night against Jaysh al-Islam fighters near the rebel bastion of Douma, east of the capital.

        “The fighting is ongoing now,” Observatory director Rami Abdel Rahman told AFP on Sunday.

        Jaysh al-Wafaa, whose name in Arabic roughly translates as “The Loyalists’ Army”, was formed some three months ago, more than a year into a suffocating regime siege of the Eastern Ghouta area, which includes Douma.

        The militia’s task is to confront Jaysh al-Islam, the best-armed opposition group in the Damascus area, according to the Observatory and activists in Douma.

        President Bashar al-Assad’s regime “is financing and arming Jaysh al-Wafaa”, Abdel Rahman said.

        “Among its ranks are armed men who, after more than a year under siege, handed themselves in to the regime,” Abdel Rahman told AFP.

        “Because of the siege, some people prefer to evacuate their children and have a chance at survival, rather than stay put and die either from hunger or because of the bombings.”

        He said Jaysh al-Wafaa “provides a way for fighters to be free both from the regime siege, and from (Jaysh al-Islam chief) Zahran Alloush”, who is notorious for his abuses.

        Douma, which emerged early in Syria’s conflict as an important anti-regime bastion, is now under Jaysh al-Islam’s control.

        Tens of thousands trapped in the siege suffer from food and medical shortages, as well as deadly regime bombardment.

        A source close to Assad’s regime and a Jaysh al-Islam spokesman both confirmed to AFP that a battle was taking place.

        “Jaysh al-Wafaa was set up three months ago by people from Douma and former rebels,” the pro-government source said.

        “Yesterday (Saturday) they attacked Jaysh al-Islam and killed 12 of its fighters.”

        A spokesman for the Islamist group said rebels also killed an unknown number of the enemy.

        The Observatory was not in a position to confirm tolls, but said loyalists were backed by Lebanese Shiite Hezbollah fighters on the ground, as well as by regime artillery.

        Syria’s war began in March 2011 as a peaceful movement demanding democratic change but later morphed into a brutal civil war, after Assad’s regime unleashed a crackdown on dissent.

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