Islam is like Prometheus except setting man on fire instead of giving it to him. Links 3 on Feb. 1 – 2015

1. Two newspapers link ‘Jihadi John’, the Islamic State executioner on many videos with a particular individual.

1a. The Telegraph:

1b. The Daily Mail

ISIS militant: Nero Saraiva, a 28-year-old Portuguese national from east London, has been posting several images of weapons similar to those carried by British ISIS fighter Jihadi John

ISIS militant: Nero Saraiva, a 28-year-old Portuguese national from east London, has been posting several images of weapons similar to those carried by British ISIS fighter Jihadi John

2. Iraqi Shia militia spotted with Abrams tank

(The source on this is Janes. That lends considerable authority)

In an apparent reflection of the growing power of Iraq’s pro-Iranian militias, an M1A1 Abrams tank has been spotted in videos showing a large convoy of vehicles operated by Kataib Hizbullah.

The videos were released on 25 January on YouTube channels that are supportive of Kataib Hizbullah, a Shia militant group that emerged as a major threat to US and British forces during the 2003-11 period and has been fighting alongside the Iraqi Army against the Islamic State militant group in recent months.

The same convoy appears to have been the same one that was seen in a photograph released by Iran’s AhlulBayt News Agency on 16 January. The news agency reported that it was taken in the Al-Rahhaliyah area in the western province of Al-Anbar, which is largely controlled by Sunni militant groups.

The convoy was made up of at least 130 vehicles, almost all of them flying the group’s distinctive flag.

3. Berlin Imam: Women Should Be Confined to the Home and Never Say No to Sex with Husband

4. Jeanine Pirro: Bergdahl 5-for-1 Deal Stunk from the Git-Go!

5. Multiculti in Berlin: Turk Incinerates 19-Year-Old Pregnant German

(WARNING: This story is harsh even by the standards of those familiar with the tactics and culture of islam. It may not be suitable for the recently fed)

Multiculti in Berlin: Turk Incinerates 19-Year-Old Pregnant German

For the lying press [Lügenpresse] and our courts, German people are second-class citizens. Once again this is easily shown to be true as of now. In Berlin, a Turk from Neukölln is reported to have incinerated a 19 year old German, in a late stage of pregnancy, and while she was still alive. Once again, our politicians and leading media simply look away. One thing is already clear: the perpetrator will receive an Islam-penal-rebate.

by Udo Ulfkotte, 25 January 2015

Source: Kopp Online
Translation: Rembrandt Clancy

A few days ago [16 December 2014], a German motorist in Braunschweig “lightly grazed (a Muslim woman) on the knee”[1]. At that point, the occupants of the vehicle are said to have shouted anti-Islamic epithets. Immediately the headlines across the country read in unison: “Suspected racists ran into a Muslim with their automobile” [Die Welt]. Although the police have not yet investigated the facts of the situation, there were silent marches, light-chain demonstrations lights and statements of outrage from politicians.

Very different is the case of the 19-year-old German, Maria, who as of now is reported to have been burned alive by Turks in Berlin [on the evening of Thursday, 22 January 2015]. Now our lying media collectively look the other way; in any case, they do not identify the background of the perpetrator. After all, it is only an “isolated case”.

Please click through for the balance of this horror story

(We are checking into a video report of this as well)

Lets end this with something cute if a tiny bit ominous at the end. A recent election campaign advert for Benjamin Netanyahi, usually called by a nickname, ‘Bibi.

Thank you Draculea, M., Don L., GoV., and all who sent in materials. More to come shortly.

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  1. Islamic State builds links with al-Qaeda lands (BBC, Jan 30, 2015)

    “The Islamic State (IS) group has forged links with militants across North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, embracing regional franchises that have pledged allegiance to the group.

    The latest branch was announced in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region, on 26 January.

    The first new branches beyond the group’s strongholds in Syria and Iraq were announced by IS leader Abu-Bakr al-Baghdadi in November when he accepted pledges of allegiance from jihadists in Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

    Some of those pledges came from existing groups which went on to re-brand themselves as new IS “provinces”, or wilayat, such as the Egyptian Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis and Algeria’s Jund al-Khilafah.

    The most prolific branches have been those in Libya and Egypt, which have tapped into the IS media network to publish a steady flow of propaganda, highlighting attacks and publicising their attempts at governance.

    Others have maintained a shadowy presence. For example, the IS Yemeni and Saudi provinces have yet to claim any activities or establish propaganda channels.

    But the impact of the IS expansion has nevertheless been felt by its jihadist rivals in al-Qaeda, which has branches in many of the areas IS has moved into.


    The IS branch in Egypt, Sinai Province, was essentially a re-branding of an existing group known as Ansar Beit al-Maqdis, which first emerged in 2011 in the wake of the Egyptian revolution.

    Sinai is the highest-profile established jihadist group to be accepted into the fold by Baghdadi and has kept up the tempo of its operations following the change in November.

    The group swiftly changed its name and re-branded its media to reflect the new affiliation, adopting a new logo reminiscent of IS branches in Syria and Iraq.

    Its activities are focused on the Sinai Peninsula (where it launched a deadly attack on soldiers on 30 Janaury) but it has also claimed attacks in Cairo and Egypt’s western desert, suggesting it might have some ability to link up with the IS branch in Libya.


    The Libyan branch of IS has been the most active since it was formally embraced in November and its propaganda output has most closely resembled that of IS branches in Syria and Iraq.

    Three distinct Libyan IS “provinces” were announced in November – Barqah in the east, Tripoli in the west and Fazzan in the south.

    Since then, most activity has been centred on the country’s coastal strip, reflected in a steady stream of propaganda highlighting the group’s attempts at governance alongside brutal attacks and executions. Only one attack has been claimed by Fazzan Province.

    Barqah Province, active mainly in the eastern urban centres of Darnah and Benghazi, appears to have grown out of the jihadist group Majlis Shura Shabab al-Islam, which pledged allegiance to IS in October.

    The branch’s highest-profile operation took place in the west – the 27 January attack on the Corinthia Hotel in Tripoli, which left at least nine people dead including five foreigners.


    Little has been heard of the Algerian branch of IS since the pledge of allegiance from Jund al-Khilafah was accepted by Baghdadi in November.

    The group, which broke away from al-Qaeda’s North Africa branch (AQIM) last year, later restyled itself as the Algeria Province of IS.

    The group rose to prominence in September when it beheaded French tourist Herve Gourdel.

    But it has been largely silent since then, failing to comment on reports that its leader Khalid Abu-Sulayman (aka Abdelmalek Gouri) was killed by Algerian forces in December.

    It has not claimed any activities.

    Yemen and Saudi Arabia

    IS drew the ire of al-Qaeda’s Yemen branch (AQAP) when Al-Baghdadi unilaterally announced new “provinces” in Yemen and Saudi Arabia in November.

    Although the new branches have not claimed any activities or set up any propaganda feeds, the move represents a symbolic challenge to al-Qaeda, which is competing for ascendancy in the leadership of the global jihad.

    When IS originally declared its caliphate in Syria and Iraq in June 2014, al-Qaeda restricted itself to veiled criticism.

    But the gloves came off after the expansion into al-Qaeda territories in November, with various al-Qaeda branches issuing angry and explicit condemnation.


    The new Afghanistan-Pakistan branch of IS is the only franchise to have been formally announced since the November flurry of allegiances.

    The leader of the new province is said to be Hafiz Sa’id Khan, a former Pakistan Taleban commander.

    Two weeks earlier, Khan appeared in a video which showed 10 jihadist commanders from Afghanistan and Pakistan pledging allegiance to IS under his local leadership. That film included the beheading of a Pakistani soldier.

    The new branch has taken the name Khorasan Province, after the historical term jihadists use to refer to the region, and covers Afghanistan, Pakistan and “other nearby lands”, according to IS.

    The move amounts to another major challenge to al-Qaeda and the Taleban, which have been the main jihadist operators in the region.

    Other regions

    While IS has made no further declarations of new “provinces” elsewhere, there have been reports that other groups of jihadists around the world have pledged allegiance to IS.

    The group recently signalled in its English-language magazine Dabiq that new announcements may be in the pipeline.

    The November edition, issued after Baghdadi’s expansion declaration, acknowledged that other unnamed groups in the Caucasus, Indonesia, the Philippines, Nigeria and elsewhere had also pledged allegiance and that IS had accepted them.

    But it said further conditions needed to be met before new “provinces” were formally announced.

    The mention of Nigeria could be a reference to Boko Haram, whose propaganda output has recently received a boost – apparently with help from IS media operatives.”

  2. Even though I loathe Israeli politics, this is a really cute video.

    You’d trust Bibi to babysit your kids, right? Of course.
    Tzipi Livni? — Yikes! She’d forget the kids and wander off. Her running partner’s a crook who’d sell everything down to the carpets [territores].
    Tzipi Livni?! changes parties so often it’s hard to keep track. She was Likud (center-right). Now she’s drifted left toward Labor (or whatever they’re calling it now, names keep changing). Media’s more left-wing than ours, so she’s a media-darling.
    In this incarnation she’s anti-Zionist, adores Kerry. Two-State Solution: one Judenfrei-Palestine, the other an “Israel” which is NOT a JEWish state.

  3. Pakistani Teachers Arming Selves in Wake of School Massacre (abcnews, Feb 2, 2015)

    “When Pakistani Taliban militants stormed a Peshawar school and massacred 150 children and teachers, nobody could fight back. Shabnam Tabinda and some of her fellow teachers want to change that — and are practicing how to shoot terrorists.

    Government authorities in Pakistan’s northwest frontier have given permission for teachers to carry concealed firearms in response to the Dec. 16 attack in Peshawar that became one of the deadliest terrorist strikes in Pakistani history. Many educators reject the idea of arming teachers as reckless and counterproductive, reflecting the kind of arguments in U.S. school systems overshadowed by their own occasional mass shootings.

    But for teachers like 37-year-old Tabinda, going to work unarmed no longer feels like an option. She and 10 other female teachers at the Frontier College for Women are taking pride in their newfound marksmanship with handguns, and plan to carry them to help protect their students aged 16 to 21.

    Asked whether she felt confident of killing a terrorist at her school, Tabinda was emphatic in reply: “Yes. Whoever kills innocents, God willing I will shoot them.”

    Mushtuq Ghani, the higher education minister in the Khyber Paktunkhwa provincial government based in Peshawar, says its Cabinet supports the arming of teachers as a logical measure given the reality that the region’s 65,000 police are stretched too thin to provide a first line of defense to nearly 50,000 schools.

    Terrorists need to know that schools aren’t defenseless, and armed teachers could potentially hold off gunmen and buy time for police reinforcements to arrive, he said. Teachers would need to provide their own legally licensed firearms, which many already possess to defend their homes…”

  4. Interesting election advert in Israel preying on the fear of exterminaion of their children. You sure get the mental state of the population.

    Similary, such adverts are appearing in the UK precisely because putting your thumb into the wound and applying pressure to get people to buy what harms them in the long run, works.

    The ninja is the jihadist and the offence is to brush along side.

    The Socialist mantra coming into the host population that sales corporations can’t ignore the button to cowardice and submission. Like picking dhimmis off a shrub.

    You know your European Zone.

      • Yes, Yucki, just submit and don’t upset the Chihuahua, because that is all these Islamists, Communists and Sex-pests are. Pushing for your decency not to offend.

        On another note, I was hit by a dense stroke in December and in this present hospital, ordering Kosher food to support the community which I will do when discharged. I’m not keen on religion but it is foolish to not keep the canary in the country.
        What are your thoughts to provide solidarity with our brothers and sisters?

        • I’m so terribly sorry.
          and just when his writing’s becoming intelligible to me

          The Psalms of healing are good, but the most efficient prayer, requires your mother’s first name: So-and-So, son of _____, + the rest. Post it and we’re good to go.

          Canaries thrive in Canada, despite the wind-chill factor. With full-throated specimens like Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn, they’ve brought their unique voice to the True North Proud & Free.
          little Ezra is so sexy when he gets riled up

        • The Hebrew rehabilitation centers around Boston are among the best in the world. Though longevity is a genetic trait, we do stumble along the way, so there’s a communal need for such facilities. Of course they’re open to the general community as well.

          I don’t know much about kosher food because I’m a vegetarian [actually, ovo- lacto- pescatarian], which pretty much obviates the dietary laws. My parents started us off that way to keep a low profile,* then continued because it made life so much easier.

          *The low profile is a long story.

        • Perfectchild, I’m sorry to hear you’re down with such a serious health issue. I’d hoped you were giving more time to writing a book. Get well soon.

        • Dear Perfect Child:

          I am deeply upset to hear about your medical situation. Sadly. I tend to skim comments, especially on busy days because I don’t have time to really read them all so I missed this one as I was pretty sure you didn’t say anything that needed deleting.

          I hope the type and nature of the stroke you had is the kind from which people fully recover and please try and say hi now and again as you feel able as people here miss you and rely on your insight and unique analysis as do I.

      • Thank you Yucki for your kind thoughts- quite an experience and making me a boring expert on the subject. They play on the Bobath Concept and making me an “Active Learner” which should be 24/7 – their game is 9-5/5. And this where their rehab unit (in name only) falls down: I’m in a supermarket filled with different staff – the are all excessively polite to the customer, but know their customer, and none of them are “Active Learners” like we are.
        From total left side paralysis, in four weeks I am walking, talking and small movement on my hand. When I got out of my home-made bed routines to crawl on the floor (shock horror from staff) I could move like a baby, the primevil neural development in us all. Gotta find a pool too.

        I am not Jewish. Only the same genetic ancestry of all mankind who invent themselves. Which is fine, but don’t get stuck like my contemporaries are still in their beds believing the MDs know what they are doing.

        • I meant hospital staff ‘do not know’ the customer – because they each deal in parts, in specialized roles each jealously guard and are ignorant of the other.

        • Ghastly. Your brain’s ok?
          maybe improved? less sex-junk complicating commie-socialist junk

          No chance I’d fall for that. Too many doctors in the family, I know better.

        • Uh, no; that’s why they call it a stroke 😉

          If my writing get’s easier to understand – that’s a bonus… like saying to a Moderate Muslim:
          “Why do you love Moses and Jesus but hate their followers, while we hate Mohammad but love Muslims?”

          Your inference to my left arm not being recovered is noted.

        • Been thinking… I suppose it’ll work if I say, “‘Perfectchild’, son of [your mother’s first name] + [prayer].”

          What’s important is your Mom’s real name, not your online handle.
          i think

          It’s ok, though. I’ll go ahead without it until you get back to me.

    • I’ll betcha anything there’s a hardcore of absolutely lethal Japanese special forces guys who are at this moment jumping up and down shouting “Banzai!” at the prospect of grinding up a few ISIS guys just for the Bushido of it. Same goes for practically every non-Muslim country on earth I suspect, but that’s another story.

      No need for the draft. The young Samurai will be jumping into the boats to get into this one. I honestly don’t think Mr. Baghdadi is aware of who he is dealing with. The Japanese are every bit as “exceptional” as the Americans and twice as nasty when they’re angry. And they can pay for a few bullets, recession or not. The Muslim supremacists have just gone and challenged the honorable Japanese to a duel…

  5. UK – Muslim thugs are jailed for 15 years for battering US student

    Mr Hounye suffered a fractured eye socket and was left needing 23 stitches after being kicked repeatedly in the head by the five men, who also grabbed a bottle of Jagermeister liquor from his hand and smashed it over his head.

    According to police, Mr Hounye was assaulted simply because he was ‘obviously not local’.

    Samad Uddin, 25, Shaleem Uddin, 21, Shadhat Hussain, 20, Kamrul Hussain, 23, and Masoom Rahman, 22, were today jailed at Snaresbrook Crown Court for the attack.

    on this page :

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