Israeli Media runs damaging and fictitious post about ‘far-right’ antisemitism in London

Both the Jerusalem Post and Israel National News are running an important story which I will present the evidence showing is likely 99% whole cloth fabrication.

The name of the person they quote as a source on this story is Joshua Bonehill. Let’s have a look see as to who this man is:

1. The site he runs: Daily Bail News

2. Yeovil ‘internet troll’ Joshua Bonehill-Paine used website to spread ‘web of lies’ about other social media users

3. ‘Moronic’ hoaxer Joshua Bonehill-Paine spared jail

A “moronic” hoaxer who claimed a pub had banned military personnel to avoid offending the immigrant population has been given a community order.

The Globe, in Leicester, had to close temporarily after people threatened to firebomb the premises and kill or assault staff.

Joshua Bonehill-Paine invented the claims on his website the Daily Bale.

The unemployed 21-year-old must do 180 hours of unpaid work after admitting a charge of malicious communication.

Bonehill-Paine, of Hudson Road, Yeovil, will also be supervised by the probation service for two years.

This is one giant problem. Major Israeli Media like the Jerusalem Post copies a story out of whole cloth from a man convicted of news fraud. INN gets it closer to the truth but either way they have done something I view as tremendously damaging, which is to deflect away from the truth, that antisemitism and danger to European and British Jews comes pretty much 100% from muslims, and tries to rekindle the government narrative that it is a problem of ‘extremists of all kinds’ in order to avoid actually doing anything effective at all about the problem long term.

I hope they remove the story. At least it will indicate it was a mistake rather than part of a larger deception. And if Paris can sue FOX for mildly exaggerating a story which is true, then London should certainly sue these guys for this.



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8 Replies to “Israeli Media runs damaging and fictitious post about ‘far-right’ antisemitism in London”

        •  It’s getting worse by the day!
          All the online major outlets are poisoned to greater or lesser degree. That’s money talking. Left/ ENEMY money.

          It’s extraordinary. Reliable columnists are either not posting or they’re speaking to other issues. An occasional “extreme right-wing” columnist like Caroline Glick is published, but those are widely seen as outliers. They’re getting retired generals with political aspirations [many] to Trash-Talk even military expenditures!

          The Wall Street Journal beats Israeli media. The better Arab outlets that have English versions are good. Plus the superb Israeli think-tanks, all solid intel with diplomatic credentials.

  1. Years ago, when I ran an EDL group, we banned Bonehill from posting anything to our pages. We pointed out that he was dealing in lies. Tommy Robinson used to challenge him and expose him on Twitter.

    Bonehill is probably in the pay of the government, like Anjem Choudary.

    • I have had a few run ins with him, the FB followers he has are all faked, he makes out he is an army, talks about himself in 3rd person. total whack job. can’t believe he wasn’t sectioned during his last court appearance.

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