More horror and the reasoning of leftists and savages: Links 2 on Feb. 1 – 2015

1. Bardhaman blast accused made bombs in burqa factory

(One of the central points this site tries to make is that a mosque is not a Church of any kind, nor temple, but a Beachhead in all but name and where some religious rituals are practiced, but for the purpose of motivating the troops to achieve victory. This appears to be the case even for something as benign seeming as a ‘burka factory’. So we can extend justifiable suspicion on the activities, not just of mosques and ‘islamic community centers’ but also to anything which is at its core, of islam)

NEW DELHI: The Bardhaman blast accused were not just using madrassas as training centre for terrorists but even assembling bombs in the garb of running burqa (veil) stitching units.

National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Wednesday arrested four Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) operatives in connection with the October 2, 2014 blasts. The accused have revealed to NIA that they had set up a burqa stitching unit as a front for assembling bombs in Beldanga, West Bengal. This unit was also being used to recruit people for terror activities and training them.

2. Milan’s New ‘Anti-Mosque’ Law

(The Daily Beast has decided that Islam is a race and monitoring of mosques etc. is blatant racism. Of course they would not say the same about monitoring KKK club houses even though in fact, the KKK are nearly certainly going to all be one race)

Right-wing politicians in the Lombardy region have passed a provisionary law that would make it almost impossible for new mosques to be built—and that would heavily monitor existing Islamic houses of worship.

ROME — Blatant anti-Islamic racism was bound to happen sooner or later as fear continues to spread across Europe after the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris. And there is nothing subtle about a new measure being considered in Italy’s often-xenophobic northern regions.This week, the northern Italian region of Lombardy passed a provisionary measure to limit the building of new houses of worship for all religious entities that do not have official agreements with the Italian state.   And since the only major religious entity in Italy that falls under that category is Islam, the measure is being called the “anti-mosque law.”

3. RT Christian Patrols in muslim areas of London

4. Cathy Newman ‘ushered out of mosque’ on national open day

(This might be read in conjunction with an earlier link today, about how UK mosques are having a day of openness to the public to assuage fears of terrorism and the usual horror islam brings everywhere)

Cathy Newman, the Channel 4 News presenter, was ushered out of a London mosque, despite being “respectfully” dressed on Visit My Mosque Day, she has revealed.

The journalist expressed surprise that she had been turned away and explained that she was there to mark the nationwide event organized by The Muslim Council of Britain.

She revealed on Twitter that she had later been given a “warm welcome” at another mosque nearby.

A number of mosques across the country have opened their doors to the general public for Visit My Mosque Day.

It is not clear whether the mosque in Streatham, south London, which turned Miss Newman away, was participating in the event.

5. Syria: Explosion destroys bus carrying pilgrims in Damascus

6. Israel thwarts two potential stabbing attacks in Hevron

7. How does Hizb’allah manage to store all those missiles in South Lebanon?

Thank you M., Draculea, Don C. Don L., Richard, Yucki and all who left comments and links.

Post script:

The Daily Beast will not allow me to post a comment it seems for one reason or another, whether it be technical or policy.

So here is what I attempted to leave at their site under their preposterous hyperbole about ‘racism’ in Italian anti-mosque legislation:

How is monitoring a building where sedition and genocidal hatred is advocated as a divine imperative every single day “blatant racism”? If the FBI monitored KKK or Neo-Nazi club houses and community centers I feel confident this site would not refer to that as racist although it is a near certainty that both KKK and Neo-Nazis would in fact all be one race, unlike islam which is ideological and belief based in all.

This article is a flight of fancy and an attempt to use hyperbole to link unlink-able things in the minds of the readers who may not even take a moment to realize how the taxonomy used is clearly a deliberate distortion from any reality based one.

I recommend to all readers here at Vlad about Islam to start an open ended document for yourselves where you keep a list of links to where you leave comments, and the comments themselves so that as we are selected for deletion we can establish policy at these sites, even though they may deny them, and make those comments available elsewhere. This is not the first time one of my comments was not allowed or an account not allowed to be created or a comment I did make, which was popular, gets deleted from a newspaper site on the infinitely interpretable, ‘community cohesion’ laws.


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  1. There are certain words if in your comments that may prevent your comment from being posted. This is the case for TDB and other sites. You may have to figure out by trial and error which word or words in your comment prevents your comment from being posted.

  2. Iraqi Shia militia spotted with Abrams tank

    In an apparent reflection of the growing power of Iraq’s pro-Iranian militias, an M1A1 Abrams tank has been spotted in videos showing a large convoy of vehicles operated by Kataib Hizbullah.

    The videos were released on 25 January on YouTube channels that are supportive of Kataib Hizbullah, a Shia militant group that emerged as a major threat to US and British forces during the 2003-11 period and has been fighting alongside the Iraqi Army against the Islamic State militant group in recent months.

    The same convoy appears to have been the same one that was seen in a photograph released by Iran’s AhlulBayt News Agency on 16 January. The news agency reported that it was taken in the Al-Rahhaliyah area in the western province of Al-Anbar, which is largely controlled by Sunni militant groups.

    The convoy was made up of at least 130 vehicles, almost all of them flying the group’s distinctive flag.

    Most of the vehicles are civilian pick-ups, minivans and trucks, some converted into weapons platforms, as well as supporting tankers and ambulances.

    It also included eight Iranian-made Safir jeeps, the majority of them carrying 107 mm multiple rocket launchers, as well as several Humvees and mine-protected armoured vehicles.

    At least six M113 armoured personnel carriers and a lone M1A1 tank were carried by heavy transporters at the rear of the convoy.

    While Iraqi militias have been seen operating Humvees, M113s and Soviet-designed tanks before, this is the first time that one has been seen with an M1A1, a type that is only operated by the Iraqi Army’s 9th Armoured Division.

  3. Hello there…….its me again…….Don Laird

    I have no words………..

    Wait………I have two…………

    HOLY FUCK!!!!

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  4. History Channel Knows How To Have A Lot Fewer Problems And Jews

    ”And the Middle East would have a lot less problems if it weren’t for the Balfour Declaration of 1917”

    Well, yes, if by “problems” you mean Jews (and Christians) then yes, I’m sure there would be fewer Jews in the middle east today were it not for the existence of little Israel, the only oasis of sanity in the Middle East today.

  5. Report: Hezbollah–Iranian Rocket Strike Against IDF Was Part of Bigger Coming Attack

    A lethal anti-tank rocket attack on IDF forces last Wednesday on the Lebanon border by Hezbollah was originally intended to be the opening salvo of a far-larger operation against Israel in February and March, and was not “merely” a revenge attack for an earlier Israeli strike which killed over 10 Hezbollah and Iranian military officials on Jan. 18th in Syria, Israel’s NRG News reported Sunday.

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