Three new newspeak items we all must hear and obey

1. Taliban not a terrorist group, White House deputy press secretary says

2. White House Taliban Not A Terror Group – The Kelly File

3. And now, courtesy of the Guardian, the single funniest thing i have read in a week, swallow your milk be fore you read further: …

Tarik Kafala, the head of BBC Arabic, the largest of the BBC’s non-English language news services, said the term “terrorist” was seen as “value-laden” and should not be used to describe the actions of the men who killed 12 people in the attack on the French satirical magazine.

Get that? We should not apply any terms laden with ‘judgment’, on people who murdered a dozen artists and employees who work at a magazine, and interestingly they failed to mention the attack at the Jewish grocer in another part of town where they killed another four. I guess the term, ‘small lead object kinetic engineers’ would be OK though.

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  1. Definitely not a terrorist group… lol

    Latest Taliban Attacks Across Afghanistan Kill 17 (abcnews, Jan 29, 2015)

    “A spate of Taliban attacks across Afghanistan overnight and on Thursday morning killed at least 17 people, officials said, the latest violence that comes as insurgents increasingly target local police and Afghan forces after most foreign combat troops withdrew at the end of last month.

    The deadliest of the attacks took place late Wednesday in the central Ghazni province, where Taliban insurgents attacked a checkpoint in Andar district, killing 11 members of a pro-government militia that was manning the post and wounding six.

    As the militia fought back, six insurgents were killed and seven were wounded, according to Mohammad Ali Ahmadi, deputy governor in central Ghazni province.

    The province’s deputy police chief, Asadullha Ensafi, said the insurgents had inside information from one of their own who had managed to infiltrate the volunteer militia last year.

    In a message, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid claimed responsibility for the attack on the checkpoint…”

  2. PM: Slovakia is Christian, No to Muslims and Mosques

    “Since Slovakia is a Christian country, we cannot tolerate an influx of 300,000-400,000 Muslim immigrants who would like to start building mosques all over our land and trying to change the nature, culture and values ??of the state,” said Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico.

    Slovakia is the country that had its commemorative Euro coin depicting two Christian saints, Cyril and Methodius, at first rejected by the European Commission, which told Bratislava it would need to re-design the coins and remove Christian symbols, including halos and a cross-adorned stole. Eventually the Slovakia Euro was issued with halos and crosses.

    This is the umpteenth demonstration of an obvious historical and contemporary fact: the stronger a country’s attachment to its Christian heritage, the more robust, intelligent and informed its fight against Islam, as Mr Fico’s strategy well exemplifies.

    Read more:
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    Read more:

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    Slovakia is the place to be.

  3. No More Mosques in Lombardy Region, Italy, from Today

    First Massimo Bitonci, the mayor of the city of Padua, in the region of Venice (Veneto), Northern Italy, simply and clearly said: “No more mosques in Padua. The city council will not grant any more public space for the building of mosques and Islamic places of worship.”

    Padua’s councillor Marina Buffoni sent the city’s police to Muslim meeting places, to confiscate posters and images of women in burqa. She said: “These posters showed women completely covered by a burqa, you could only see their eyes. It’s unacceptable for an organisation to display such images, in defiance of principles of true integration, especially regarding the status of women. True integration doesn’t just mean respect of Italian law, but also of the customs of our tradition. The burqa is a symbol of slavery and subjugation of women and will never be welcome in the city of Padua.”

    And now, the Lombardy Region, Italy’s richest and most populated, whose main city is Milan, has today approved an “anti-mosque law”.

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    Read more:
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  4. Startling revelations: IS operative confesses to getting funds via US (tribune, Jan 28, 2015)

    “ISLAMABAD: Yousaf al Salafi – allegedly the Pakistan commander of Islamic State (IS) or Daish – has confessed during investigations that he has been receiving funds through the United States.

    Law enforcing agencies on January 22 claimed that they arrested al Salafi, along with his two companions, during a joint raid in Lahore. However, sources revealed that al Salafi was actually arrested sometimes in December last year and it was only disclosed on January 22.

    “During the investigations, Yousaf al Salafi revealed that he was getting funding – routed through America – to run the organisation in Pakistan and recruit young people to fight in Syria,” a source privy to the investigations revealed to Daily Express on the condition of anonymity.

    Al Salafi is a Pakistani-Syrian, who entered Pakistan through Turkey five months ago. Earlier, it was reported that he crossed into Turkey from Syria and was caught there. However, he managed to escape from Turkey and reached Pakistan to establish IS in the region.

    Sources said al Salafi’s revelations were shared with the US Secretary of State John Kerry during his recent visit to Islamabad. “The matter was also taken up with CENTCOM chief General Lloyd Austin during his visit to Islamabad earlier this month,” a source said.

    Al Salafi also confessed that he – along with a Pakistani accomplice, reportedly imam of a mosque – was recruiting people to send them to Syria and was getting around $600 per person from Syria….”

  5. The White House may have been reading Takuan Seiyo’s “Laws of Designated Minorities’ Role in Liberal Society” in his excellent new essay, Oppression Instead of Admission, Part II at Gates of Vienna, specifically the means of undermining former norms, traditions and standards:

    4c.2 A preponderance in the blanket of formal lies of the most obviously absurd, gross lies, e.g. “Diversity is Our Strength,” “Islam is a religion of Peace” and compelling obeisance to humiliate the ruled masses and flaunt their powerlessness.

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